Where Are Lighters In Walmart? + Other Grocery Stores 

More than 30 million people enter Walmart’s doors searching for everyday essentials at a great value every day. But if you’ve been to Walmart, you’ll know they’re quite the maze! 

Lighters are a common household necessity that can be rather challenging to spot amongst Walmart’s stock; however, our trusty guide will lead you straight there!

Where Are Lighters In Walmart?

Walmart generally stocks lighters behind the kiosk counter along with tobacco and they are an age-restricted item. Alternatively, charcoal lighters designed to light fires are located by the BBQ grills within the outdoor furniture aisle.

Discover how you can pinpoint specific items such as lighters at Walmart and other grocery stores if you read on! 

Use The Walmart + App To More Easily Find Lighters In Store!

Walmart stores are vast locations, built to stock a massive variety of products to allow for maximum customer choice.

However, sometimes you just want one product, and the idea of hunting it down can be somewhat daunting!

Find your local Walmart store using the free Walmart + app, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.

Use the search bar to type in “lighters,” if the store you are searching under has adequate stock, you’ll be given the exact location.

If you do not possess a smartphone, you are welcome to ask a staff member to tell you where lighters are kept.

Where Are Lighters In Grocery Stores?

Grocery stores such as Costco, Kroger, Target, Meijer, Safeway, and Publix keep lighters behind the cash or kiosk counter as they are age-restricted. Alternatively, charcoal lighters are located along the outdoor furniture aisles by BBQ grills.

What Types Of Lighters Does Walmart Sell?

At Walmart, you can expect to find popularly branded lighters such as BiC, Scripto, and Zippo. Purchase packs containing 5-12 flip switch pocket lighters in an assortment of colors costing $2-$14.

Singular lighters are for sale. However, they cost only 30 cents less than Scripto’s pack of 7.

Alternatively, you’ll find a range of utility lighters with a long neck for improved safety. These lighters are suitable for gas stoves, BBQ grills, and bonfire lighting.

Similarly, you’ll find packs containing up to 5 utility lighters.

Customers can view Walmart’s full range of lighters online. 

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