Where Are Shein Clothes Made? (Locations, Quality + Other Common FAQs)

Shein is a fast-fashion retailer that sells trendy clothes at affordable prices. Therefore, you may wonder- where are Shein clothes made?

Well, we did some research, and here’s everything you need to know about Shein’s manufacturing process, including where the clothing is made and if it’s an ethical company.

Where Are Shein Clothes Made in [currentyear]?

Although most of Shein’s clothing is made in China, the company also has factories in locations such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in [currentyear]. Shein uses a global network of suppliers to provide materials for factories to create products rapidly. Additionally, Shein works with many emerging small businesses to develop products for its store.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the sourcing and manufacturing of Shein clothing, along with other related facts!

What Type of Retailer Is Shein?

Shein is what is known as a fast-fashion retail brand. Each day the brand turns out upwards of 10,000 new products for shoppers.

Fast fashion brands heavily rely on consumer demand, as indicated by feedback from aggressive online targeted marketing campaigns.

According to this article in The Guardian, less than 6% of inventory remains in Shein warehouses for more than 90 days.

As such, the company relies on low-cost labor to sustain the quick production and sales turnaround.

Where Does the Clothing From Shein Come From? 

Shoppers may be shocked to find that the clothing Shein sells comes from all over the world.

In fact, the company sources its clothes from countries like China, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.

Unlike similar online retailers, Shein primarily works with emerging and unknown designers.

Shein has a team of designers that work to create new styles for the store. 

In addition, Shein also collaborates with other small to medium-sized brands to bring you some of your favorite pieces.

How Are Shein Clothes Made?

Once the clothes have been sourced from suppliers, they are sent to Shein’s factories where they’re made.

Generally, the manufacturing process varies depending on the type of clothing.

For example, more complicated items such as dresses or blouses will take longer to make than simpler items such as t-shirts.

After the clothes have been made, they’re sent to Shein’s warehouses around the globe in locations like Dubai, New Jersey, and Sydney.

From there, they are shipped out to customers all over the world.

What Is the Quality of Shein Clothes?

What Is the Quality of Shein Clothes?

Often, the quality of Shein clothes is criticized because of the low prices. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for.

Due to their low cost and quick replacement business model, Shein clothes aren’t necessarily going to be as well-made as clothes that you would find at a higher-end store.

That being said, Shein’s clothes are still made with care and attention.

To assure the quality of products, the company has a team of quality control experts inspect each piece of clothing before it’s shipped, helping to ensure customer satisfaction.

Does Shein Still Use Child Labor?

In the past, Shein has been criticized for using child labor in its factories. 

According to The Guardian, fast fashion brands like Shein often operate in locations with questionable child labor laws.

In these locations, children as young as five may be targeted for low-skilled tasks like picking cotton. 

However, the company has since made changes to its manufacturing process, and no longer uses child labor.

As a rule, Shein is committed to ensuring ethical practices at all levels of the supply chain.

Therefore, the company has taken steps to ensure that all its employees are treated fairly and respectfully.

To support this commitment, the company has a team of audit experts who regularly visit the factories to ensure that Shein complies with all labor laws.

Furthermore, suppliers and factories must abide by a code of conduct that includes stringent policies against workplace harassment and discrimination.

In addition, all local labor regulations must be followed. Finally, Shein provides education and training programs covering these regulations for workers at all levels. 

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Shein is a global company that sources its clothes from suppliers all over the world. After the clothes have been made in factories found in China and other Asian countries, they are shipped out to warehouses in other locations around the globe.

As a company, Shein is committed to ensuring that all of its employees are treated fairly and no longer uses unethical practices like child labor in its factories.

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