Where Can I Buy Lowes Gift Cards? (Full List Of Stores)

When shopping for a gift for your favorite DIY-er, you may want to give the gift of a trip to Lowe’s! By choosing to give someone a gift card, they can choose their own gift, making a Lowe’s gift card the perfect choice.

If you’re looking for a Lowe’s gift card for that special someone, you might need to know where you can find Lowe’s gift cards! I’ve done some research, and here’s all I’ve found out!

Where Can I Buy Lowe’s Gift Cards?

Lowe’s gift cards are available in Lowe’s stores and online at lowes.com, ready to be loaded with your specified amount. Also, Lowe’s gift cards are available in other stores, like Kroger, Target, and Dollar General, and online with merchants such as Amazon and PayPal.

Now you know where to head for your Lowe’s gift card, check out the rest of my research to find out which stores Lowe’s gift cards are available and where you can buy Lowe’s gift cards online!

Can I Buy Lowe’s Gift Cards Online at Lowe’s.com?

Lowe’s gift cards are available to buy online at lowes.com.

With that, gift cards are available both in email format or as a physical gift card which will be mailed to you or the recipient upon purchase.

To purchase, simply choose a design, input the desired value of the gift card, add an optional message, and then choose your delivery option.

Can I Get Lowe’s Gift Cards at Walgreens?

Yes, Walgreens sells Lowe’s gift cards in some physical stores. However, Lowe’s gift cards do not appear in Walgreens’ online gift card selection.

You may not be able to find Lowe’s gift cards on Walgreens’ website because Walgreens is considered a competitor of Lowe’s.

Because it has a home improvement selection, Walgreens may be trying to direct traffic to its own home improvement products.

Can I Buy Lowe’s Gift Cards at Dollar General?

Yes, Dollar General appears to stock Lowe’s gift cards, along with a range of other gift and pre-paid cards.

Can I Buy a Lowe’s Gift Card at Walmart?

Can I Buy A Lowe's Gift Card At Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer Lowe’s gift cards online or in-store.

Walmart does not stock Lowe’s gift cards due to the competition between the two retailers.

By choosing not to stock Lowe’s gift cards, Walmart drives customers to its own home improvement products.

Does Kroger Carry Lowe’s Gift Cards?

Yes, Kroger does sell Lowe’s gift cards, both in-store and online.

To purchase a Lowe’s gift card from Kroger, add the recipient’s name, desired gift card values, and an optional message.

With that, you can purchase both e-gift cards and physical cards online at Kroger.

Can I Buy Lowe’s Gift Cards at Target?

You can buy Lowe’s gift cards online at target.com, though it would appear you cannot buy Lowe’s gift cards in-store at some physical Target stores.

Online, the Lowe’s gift card is available for email delivery only. So, if you want to purchase a physical Lowe’s gift card, you should shop elsewhere.

Does CVS Sell Lowe’s Gift Cards?

Yes, CVS does sell Lowe’s gift cards in its physical stores.

Unlike many other retailers, CVS does not stock third-party gift cards online, so Lowe’s gift card purchases must be made in-store.

Can I Get Lowe’s Gift Cards On Amazon?

Yes, Lowe’s gift cards can be purchased with Amazon; both email delivery and physical delivery options are available.

Can I Get Lowe’s Gift Cards Through PayPal?

Lowe’s gift cards are available with PayPal. However, it appears only email delivery is available when you purchase a Lowe’s gift card with PayPal.

If you want a physical gift card, you may need to shop elsewhere.

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