Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards? (List Of Stores)

Among the wide variety of fast-food restaurants across the nation, Subway remains a favorite by its loyal customer base. Not only can you get a healthy meal at Subway, but the customizable and fresh ingredients also make it a great experience.

And what better way to share this experience than by giving gift cards to others or getting one for yourself? But at this point, you might be thinking to yourself—where can I buy Subway gift cards? I did some digging, and here is everything I found out about it!

Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards?

Subway gift cards are popular and available at many stores and online. For example, you can find Subway gift cards at Best Buy, Staples, Target, Walmart, and many others, where money denomination amounts vary. Additionally, you can get Subway gift cards by purchasing them at Subway restaurants or online at Subway.com.

If you’re interested in learning more about Subway gift cards, where you can find them, how much value you can put on them, and more, then keep on reading!

1. Amazon

It should come as no surprise that you can purchase Subway gift cards from Amazon.com, one of the top resellers in America—and in the world, for that matter.

With Amazon, you can also choose from various money values and even multi-packs of Subway gift cards.

Additionally, you can select from physical gift cards shipped to the address of your choice or an eGift card accessed by immediate email download.

2. Best Buy

Best Buy carries a wide range of gift cards, from entertainment to dining, including vouchers for use at Subway.

At Best Buy, you can opt between a digital or physical gift card with preset money values of $15, $20, or $25 when shopping online, or visit your local Best Buy store to select a gift card in person.

3. BJ’s Wholesale Club

Though Subway gift cards are available at BJ’s Wholesale Club, there are only two options for purchase. However, the prices for Subway gift cards are better than some other retailers!

For example, you can select a $20 gift card denomination or a three-pack of $10 gift cards, both priced under their total retail value.

4. Fred Meyer

One of the best options for preloading your Subway gift card is grabbing one for pickup or home shipment when shopping online at Fred Meyer.

When you buy a Subway gift card at Fred Meyer, you can put between $15 and $500 after activating your card!

5. Giant Eagle

5. Giant Eagle Subway

Also, you can grab a Subway gift card at Giant Eagle in preset amounts of $25, $50, $75, or $100.

Or, if you have a different value in mind, go to the gift card gallery at GiantEagle.com and enter a value between $5 and $250 for a customized money denomination.

6. Kroger

If you’re looking for a Subway gift card in the value range of $20 to $100, visit Kroger.com or your local store to pick it up.

If you opt for an online purchase, you can even add a personal message to your gift card!

7. Staples

Another great option is to visit a Staples store or look online at Staples.com to select Subway gift cards.

With that, these are available as eGift cards with email delivery to the recipient of your choice or a physical card shipped to you.

However, gift card values only come in preset values of $25, $50, and $100, so you don’t have too many value options when shopping at Staples.

8. Subway

Obviously, an excellent option is to get your Subway gift card right from the source and visit your local Subway restaurant to pick one up.

Alternatively, you can shop for gift cards at Subway.com and even reload the balance on existing ones.

9. Target

Among the wide variety of gift cards available at Target.com, you can also find Subway vouchers.

That said, you can choose between $15 and $100 values to preload the card and send it via email delivery.

Alternatively, you can find a range of physical Subway gift cards available in your local Target store.

10. Walmart

Walmart tends to carry everything, and Subway gift cards are no different. At Walmart, you can pick up a single gift card with customizable value or a multi-pack to make gift-giving even easier!

Also, physical gift cards and eGift cards are both available from Walmart in $15 to $50 increments.

What Denominations Are Subway Gift Cards Available In?

In general, Subway gift cards are available in money values between $1 and $500, including when reloading your gift cards with additional funds.

However, you can only reload gift cards with the currency it was originally purchased in, so you cannot switch between USD and CAD when adding funds to your gift card balance.

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