Where Can I Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart? [Full Guide] 

If you want to get someone a gift card they can use on whatever they want, then a Walmart gift card is a great option!

But where can you buy Walmart gift cards besides Walmart stores? I did some digging, and here is what I found out.

Where Can I Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart?

Besides Walmart, customers can buy authorized Walmart gift cards from Sam’s Club and PayPal only. As Walmart owns Sam’s Club, they are the only non-Walmart store to buy Walmart gift cards. Customers can also buy Walmart E-gift cards on PayPal.com directly and send them via email or print off the gift card.

Want to know more about where to buy Walmart gift cards? Here’s all you need to know! 

Try Getting a Walmart Digital Gift Card Instead (Save The Trip To The Store)

Whilst there are limited places to buy physical Walmart gift cards (Walmart and Sam’s Club), there are other options on where to get digital Walmart gift cards.

The first point of call is to visit PayPal directly and opt to purchase a Walmart digital gift card which can be redeemed either in-store or on Walmart.com.

Once a digital Walmart gift card has been purchased, you will have the option to send the gift card digitally to your email, which can then be printed or forwarded to the recipient.

Alternatively, you can send the digital gift card directly to the email address of the person you would like to give it to!

Additionally, these digital gift cards can all be used either in-store or online and are redeemable at both Walmart and Sam’s Club.

However, they do have different limits on how much money can be loaded onto them ($500 max).

Are Walmart Gift Card Resellers Safe? 

While the only official Walmart gift card sellers are Walmart, Sam’s Club, and PayPal, some sites like Gyft, Amazon, or eBay may host secondary gift card sellers.

However, there is a chance these gift cards may be fake or invalid, so it’s better to stick to official Walmart gift card sellers to avoid being scammed.

How Do I Buy A Walmart e-Gift Card Through PayPal?

How Do I Buy A Walmart e-Gift Card Through PayPal?

To buy a Walmart e-Gift Card on Paypal, simply head over to the PayPal gift card section.

Once on PayPal.com, then choose how much money you want to load onto the card (from $10-500) and whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

If it’s for someone else, simply add their email, put in your name, and write them a short message if you want to, as well as the date you want it delivered.

All you have to do then is add it to your cart, check out, and the card will be loaded into the receiver’s PayPal wallet.

Additionally, you can also send it to yourself and print it off as a present to a friend or relative.

How Do I Buy A Walmart Gift Card Online At Walmart Or Sam’s Club? 

When buying a gift card online, you can choose either a physical gift card or an e-gift card. Physical gift cards can be loaded with up to $1000, while e-gift cards have a lower limit of $500.

Physical cards will be delivered as normal, but e-gift cards have the advantage of being delivered immediately.

Although there can be occasional delays, the longest you’ll have to wait should be around 4 hours.

Where Can You Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart In Canada?

Walmart stores in Canada have a similar policy regarding Walmart gift cards to stores in the U.S.

You will not be able to buy these gift cards from any store or chain other than Walmart itself or through the walmart.com website.

Does CVS Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

No, CVS does not sell Walmart gift cards at any of its stores.

Does Walgreens Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

No, Walgreens does not sell Walmart gift cards since it is a direct competitor.

Do Gas Stations Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

No, gas stations do not sell Walmart gift cards. However, they do sell a variety of other (non-Walmart) gift cards.

Does Amazon Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

No, Amazon does not sell Walmart gift cards through its e-commerce platform.

To learn more, you can also see my post on whether or not Walmart sells Amazon gift cards, if Walmart gift cards are reloadable, plus how you can exchange your unwanted gift cards on Walmart.com for a different one!


Unfortunately, you cannot buy Walmart gift cards at any chain or store besides Walmart itself. The only exception to this is Sam’s Club, which is owned by Walmart. You can either buy gift cards in-store or order them online through either the Walmart or Sam’s Club websites.

In-store cards are available for any amount up to $5,000, physical gift cards bought online for any amount between $10 and $1,000, and E-gift gift cards for any amount between $5 and $200.

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