Where Does Amazon Fresh Come From? (Food Sources, Warehouses + More)

Success is bound to breed competition, and when tech giant Amazon sees Instacart owning the grocery delivery market, it’s not surprising Amazon wanted to get in on it.

So where does Amazon Fresh come from? Where does the company get all the food it sells, especially perishables like meat and produce? Here’s what you need to know!

Where Does Amazon Fresh Come From In 2024?

Amazon Fresh food orders are assembled in and delivered from warehouses much like the company’s merchandise locations as of 2024. Food, both perishable and non-perishable, is also stored in these warehouses after being manufactured or sourced from the production of different plants and farms.

Let’s take a closer look at where some of Amazon Fresh’s food might be sourced from, if this is something you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Where Does Amazon Fresh Get Its Food?

In the 21st century, consumers are taking a deeper interest in the sourcing of their goods than ever before.

So it’s a fair question to wonder where Amazon Fresh, as a subsidiary of the largest retailer in the world, is getting its foods from. Let’s take a closer look at some examples.

1. Beef

If any item in your grocery store is sourced internationally, the labeling has to say so (e.g., “Product of Mexico” and the like).

Additionally, Amazon Fresh sources the majority of its meats from the U.S., and those that are not American-based will say so on the labeling and its product page.

Under the Fresh brand ground beef, someone asked what the source of the meat is, and they received this answer: the JBS Swift Beef facility in Utah.

Additionally, Amazon having a major manufacturer of beef as it’s partner would certainly make it easier for Amazon to expand it’s Fresh presence around the U.S.

2. Produce

It’s fair to assume that Amazon Fresh partners with major produce suppliers for their fresh fruit and veggies.

Other popular items include bagged salads, and the Fresh market sells a few different premade salad mixes from the 365 by Whole Foods brand.

(Amazon, of course, acquired Whole Foods in 2017.)

3. Shelf-stable Items

One of Amazon’s own “store” brands is Happy Belly, which includes a collection of shelf-stable groceries.

One such item is nuts and trail mix, which are manufactured by SunTree Snack Foods LLC out of Phoenix, AZ.

Additionally, the company also provides store-brand goods for chains like Harris Teeter and HEB.

Another manufacturer that provides goods for the Happy Belly brand is Treehouse Foods from Illinois, which produces mayonnaise for Amazon Fresh.

As you can see, while Amazon Fresh delivery operates out warehouses around the U.S., it’s food is sourced much like any grocery store with a generic home brand.

Is Amazon Fresh From A Warehouse?

Is Amazon Fresh From A Warehouse?

The foods that are delivered via the Amazon Fresh grocery service are indeed stored and shipped from warehouses.

This could also explain why the service area for Amazon Fresh is still so limited (only about 20 cities thus far).

If Amazon is using established warehouses, outfitting part of the space to accommodate food items – especially fresh and frozen – is a logistical challenge.

Are Amazon Fresh Trucks Refrigerated?

Amazon Fresh trucks are refrigerated, and the company also has a few other measures to ensure that fresh food does not arrive spoiled.

First, perishables may be specially packaged, especially frozen goods.

Second, Amazon Fresh requires customers to set a specific time for delivery.

Not only is this convenient for the recipients, but it also makes it easier to coordinate deliveries and keep groceries in the truck for the shortest time possible.

Is Amazon Fresh The Same As Whole Foods?

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods are not exactly the same, both are considered subsidiaries of the parent company, Amazon.

Additionally, Fresh is the grocery delivery service. While Whole Foods is a 2017 acquisition, that Amazon has used as it’s established entrée into both digital and brick-and-mortar groceries.

Amazon Fresh sells Whole Foods products, including the 365 by Whole Foods brand, a more affordable but still high-quality product line.

Where Does Amazon Fresh Food Come From In UK?

In addition to U.S. locations, Amazon Fresh operates in the UK, especially in London, England.

According to this article, Amazon is seeking out “artisan producers” to include with its grocery offerings, including brands like Gail’s Artisan Bakery and Paxton and Whitfield.

Some of the new partners for Amazon Fresh UK even saw their products go nationwide, while others stayed local to their originating area.

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Amazon Fresh sources its products in much the same fashion as any other grocery store, with wholesale suppliers behind it’s brands and those of Whole Foods.

Food is stored, orders are assembled and then deliveries are shipped out from warehouses, where they travel in refrigerated trucks before being brought to your front door.

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