Where Is Buttermilk In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores?

Buttermilk is an ingredient that is very rarely added to the shopping list. But when it is, it can be almost impossible to find huge stores like Walmart.

So if you want to know where buttermilk is in Walmart and other grocery stores, keep on reading!

Where Is Buttermilk In Walmart?

Walmart stocks buttermilk in the refrigerated dairy aisle and is typically located next to the milk and cream products. Additionally, some Walmarts stock buttermilk next to the butter products. Buttermilk powdered products such as pancake mix will be located in dry food sections along baking aisles in Walmart.

For other ways how to pinpoint buttermilk in Walmart and other stores, keep on reading!

Use The Walmart App To Find Buttermilk

Save yourself the hassle of scouring the shop floor for buttermilk products and download the Walmart + App to your Apple or Android smartphone.

All you need to do is find your local Walmart via zip code and then type “buttermilk” in the search bar.

If your desired Walmart has adequate stock, you will be given the exact aisle and shelf that buttermilk is positioned on. You’ll also need to create a Walmart account if you do not already have one to get started.

If you don’t have the Walmart + App, plenty of Walmart associates are stationed around the store, ready to help you.

Where Is Buttermilk In Grocery Stores?

In grocery stores like Publix, Kroger, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Meijer, Safeway, and Whole Foods, buttermilk can usually be found in the refrigerated dairy aisle next to the cream, yogurt, and milk products.

As traditional buttermilk needs to remain refrigerated, it can usually be found within the dairy section, whereas buttermilk powdered products are often located along the baking aisle.

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Buttermilk Products At Walmart

Walmart customers can purchase buttermilk brands such as Borden and Crystal Creamy at a great value from Walmart stores costing below $2 for 1 quart.

Alternative buttermilk products such as ranch sauces are top-rated, costing at little as $2-$7 for brands such as Hidden Valley, Kraft, and Ken’s. 

Powdered buttermilk products such as pancake baking mix are slightly pricier costing $4-$12, whereas 8oz standard buttermilk powder costs below $8.

Buttermilk can be tricky to access during an online shop at Walmart.com. However, there are plenty of powdered buttermilk products readily available. 

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