Where Is McDonald’s Coffee From? (Region + Supplier)

A hot cup of good quality coffee can be hard to find at fast-food restaurants, but did you know McDonald’s coffee is more flavorful than even some of the more expensive coffee brands?

While sipping on their McCafe coffee, you’ve probably thought out loud to yourself, where is McDonald’s coffee from? We have the answer to that question and more, so keep reading to learn all about it!

Where Is McDonald’s Coffee From?

McDonald’s coffee is gourmet Arabica coffee grown in Brazil and Colombia. However, some beans are sourced from other Latin American countries. The coffee is supplied by Gaviña, which is a coffee roasting company located in California. The coffee is a medium-roast blend that hits just the right notes and contains a moderate level of caffeine.

There are so many other important details relating to McDonald’s coffee, so keep reading to learn more facts!

Who Supplies McDonald’s Coffee?

Gaviña supplies McDonald’s coffee and is a famous and family-owned coffee roasting plant located in Southern California.

Furthermore, it was started by Don Francisco Gaviña, who immigrated to America from Cuba and started his own coffee roasting business.

Additionally, the sons grew up watching and learning from their father, even helping out on the plantation.

On top of that, the company is dedicated to sustainability and even has a green coffee department.

Is McDonald’s Coffee Ethically Sourced?

McDonald’s coffee is ethically sourced and serves only Ethically Sourced Arabica beans that are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Additionally, the beans used for espresso in both the United States and Canada have been Rainforest Alliance Certified as well.

What Is the Brand of McDonald’s Coffee?

McDonald’s calls their brand of coffee McCafe, which was launched back in 2009.

Can You Get Decaf Coffee at McDonald’s?

Fortunately, you can get decaf coffee at McDonald’s, and you can choose decaf coffee for the McCafe coffee drinks on the menu.

Furthermore, if you’re trying to cut back on caffeine, you can also tell employees not to use espresso in any of the McCafe drinks containing both coffee and espresso, such as lattes.

What’s the Difference Between McDonald’s Coffee and Espresso?

What’s the Difference Between McDonald’s Coffee and Espresso?

McDonald’s coffee uses a blend of medium roast coffee for their regular coffee menu items, whereas espresso is roasted medium-dark.

Additionally, espresso contains notes of chocolate, which gives it that sweeter flavor and makes it perfect for a latte.

How Fresh Is McDonald’s Coffee?

McDonald’s coffee is extremely fresh, and a new pot of coffee is brewed every 30 minutes!

Furthermore, one reason that McDonald’s coffee tastes so good is because it’s not sitting for hours on a hot burner and getting stale.

What’s the Caffeine Content in McDonald’s Coffee?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s doesn’t list the caffeine content of their products online, and the caffeine content can vary from one store to another.

However, Caffeine Informer talked to McDonald’s customer service and was able to obtain some details, including:

Brewed Premium Roast contains 109 mg of caffeine for a small cup, 145 mg for a medium cup, and 180 mg for a large.

  • Decaf Premium Roast contains 8 mg of caffeine for a small cup, 11 mg for a medium cup, and 14 mg of caffeine for a large.
  • Espresso contains 71 mg for a single shot and 142 mg for a double shot.

On top of that, the cup sizes will vary if you purchase a cup of coffee outside of the United States, so there is no way to gauge the caffeine content worldwide.

Further, McDonald’s doesn’t have a standard company-wide policy when it comes to exactly how the restaurants should make their coffee, which impacts the caffeine content from one store to another.

Is Any Size Coffee at McDonald’s $1?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s only sells a small cup of Premium Roast coffee for $1, and you’ll have to pay more if you want a bigger size or different drink.

Additionally, a large Premium Roast Coffee is going to cost you about $1.50, and ice coffee is more expensive, with a large being $1.99.

However, if you are a senior citizen, you can get a discount at McDonald’s locations within the United States, which cuts the price down to $.50 for a small cup of Premium.

On top of that, McDonald’s does offer deals sometimes through the app or through coupons that allow you to get any size coffee for $1, but that’s not the regular price all of the time.

Can You Buy McDonald’s Coffee to Make at Home?

Fortunately, you can purchase McDonald’s coffee to make at home if you love the McCafe brand and taste.

Additionally, you don’t have to purchase just ground McCafe coffee since McDonald’s also offers whole beans and a packaged K-cup pod version.

Furthermore, there’s more than one flavor of McCafe sold in stores, which allows you to find the perfect McCafe blend to fit your taste buds.

What McDonald’s Coffee Flavors Can You Buy in Stores?

McDonald’s has multiple blends of coffee available to customers in retail and grocery stores so that you have variety and can find the perfect morning cup.

Furthermore, you can find the following McCafe coffee products at your local retail stores and grocery stores for a reasonable price.

Premium Roast

If you want a true McDonald’s experience, the Premium Roast is going to remind you of the regular coffee served at McDonald’s locations.

Further, Premium Roast is a blend of medium roast coffee that is both smooth and offers a deep aroma.

Premium Roast Decaf

The same medium roast blend of coffee that McDonald’s is known for serving customers is also found in a decaf version with Premium Roast Decaf.

Breakfast Blend

McDonald’s offers Breakfast Blend as a McCafe product sold in stores, which is a blend of brightly roasted coffee mixed with a citrus flavor.

French Roast

French Roast is a McCafe dark roasted blend that offers intensity in both aroma and flavor.

Furthermore, with French Roast, you’ll quickly notice the dark cacao taste with just one sip of this deliciously dark blend.


Colombian McCafe coffee uses a medium-dark blend of coffee that comes only from Colombian coffee farms.

Additionally, it’s both satisfying and contains a hint of fruit flavoring, but it’s not overpowering.


McDonald’s offers three different mocha flavors to give you a hint of chocolate notes mixed with another tasty hint of flavor.

Further, you can purchase either Salted Caramel Mocha, Chocolate Mocha, or Cinnamon Mocha.

French Vanilla

If you enjoy sweet coffee, McDonald’s also has French Vanilla McCafe in stores that you can make at home.

This blend is full of vanilla flavor and also will give you a smooth taste until the last drop.

Who Sells McCafe Coffee?

You can find McDonald’s McCafe line of coffee products at a variety of retail stores and grocery stores, including:

  • Kroger
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Dollar General
  • Walgreens
  • BJ’s
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target
  • Publix
  • Food Lion
  • Instacart
  • CVS
  • Meijer

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