Where Is The Ronald McDonald House? (Full Guide)

The Ronald McDonald House is a well-known charity that offers room and board to families seeking medical care for their children. Initially, this charity started in Philadelphia as a place for parents to stay while their children were being treated for cancer.

However, the charity has since evolved substantially. It now performs many missions throughout the world. For information on where these Ronald McDonald houses are, keep reading!

Where Is The Ronald McDonald House In [currentyear]?

There are over 350 Ronald McDonald Houses in 64 countries, saving families $700 million in housing as of [currentyear]. The largest Ronald McDonald House is in Avondale, but the charity is continuously expanding its presence. Also, the Ronald McDonald House offers families a place to stay if their child is receiving treatment at a hospital.

For information on the charity’s other programs, keep reading!

How Many Ronald McDonald House Locations Are There?

There are currently over 350 different Ronald McDonald Houses spread over 64 countries. Initially, the first house was opened in Philadelphia in 1974.

However, the charity has since expanded substantially, as this statistic shows. Overall, this charity provides 7,200 bedrooms to families around the world.

Also, estimates suggest that this house has saved parents over $700 million in housing costs.

Furthermore, this company has 214 Ronald McDonald’s Family Rooms, providing housing for families that don’t meet the criteria to stay at a Ronald McDonald House.

Often, these families live too close to meet the requirements. But, they live far enough away to make travel back and forth between home and the hospital difficult.

Plus, there are 50 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles in nine different counties, providing healthcare for children at no cost.

Often, they are placed in low-income areas where healthcare is hard to come by.

Estimates suggest that these programs serve 100,000 children annually, saving families about $10 million a year.

Where Is The Largest Ronald McDonald House?

The largest Ronald McDonald House in the world is in Avondale. Recently, this house had a major renovation that cost $40 million.

However, the expansion added a lot of space and extra rooms. After this expansion was completed, this house became the biggest Ronald McDonald House in the world.

Still, the charity is constantly adding new buildings and renovating old ones. Therefore, it is possible that another house could become the biggest shortly.

Why Is It Called The Ronald McDonald House?

Why Is It Called The Ronald McDonald House?

Technically, the Ronald McDonald House is completely different from the McDonald’s fast-food company. The charity is related directly to the fast-food franchise, though.

Also, McDonald’s provides lots of funding to this company. Therefore, the company named itself after the fast-food giant.

However, Ronald McDonald House claims to have chosen the name because of the positive, fun-loving personality of Ronald McDonald.

Essentially, the goal was to support children and provide their families with a warm, happy place to stay. That said, the charity chose Ronald McDonald as its inspiration.

Likely, it was a mix of the positive attitude of Ronald McDonald and the company’s funding that led to the company’s name.

Who Came Up With The Ronald McDonald House?

The Ronald McDonald House was founded by several people, including Audrey Evans, Fred Hill, and Jim Murray.

Audrey Evans was a pediatric doctor who founded a variety of other not-for-profits, including the Ronald McDonald House.

Also, she worked at a hospital nearby and noticed that parents had nowhere to stay while their children were being treated.

Therefore, she participated in fundraising to bring in enough money to fund the first Ronald McDonald House.

Fred Hill had little background in medicine. Instead, he was a professional football player with a five-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with leukemia.

After his daughter’s successful treatment, he began a philanthropic program that raised money for the first Ronald McDonald House.

So, while he didn’t do much to help with the house’s running, his fundraising efforts seriously helped the house get started.

Finally, Jim Murray was the General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, who raised money for the first Ronald McDonald House.

Additionally, he successfully led a fundraising campaign to raise money for the house, working with Dr. Audrey Evans.

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When it was first founded, the Ronald McDonald House provided a place for families to stay while their children were treated at the local hospital.

However, the charity has expanded to over 350 houses, most of which are near major hospitals.

Now, you can find a Ronald McDonald House connected to most major hospitals that treat children.

Furthermore, the company takes part in many other charity programs.

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