Where to Buy Stamps (Full List of Stores + Online Options)

The thing about First-Class postage is that, while it’s cheap, it requires actual stamps. So where should you go to get stamps? You might actually be surprised at how many different locations – even types of locations – sell them!

Where to buy stamps, you ask? If you’d like to find out, see below for the many places, both physical locations and online, where you can obtain First-Class postage!

Where to Buy Stamps In 2024

Below is a list of physical locations where you obtain stamps, grouped by type. Let’s examine these in further detail:

1. Post Offices

The most obvious of all locations are Post Offices, naturally.

All major cities have multiples, and most small towns have at least one Post Office where customers can purchase postage.

Post Offices are where you can purchase not just sheets or books of Forever stamps, but the widest variety of stamps in general.

The post office sells stamps you may not have heard of, like two-cent stamps, extra ounce 20-cent stamps, and even stamps that cover Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipping.

What’s more, it is at Post Offices where you are reliably able to purchase individual stamps; most retailers below only sell sheets or books (20-count).

So, to find the closest Post Office to you, you can use the USPS.com locator; just make sure under Location Types you select Post Office.

An additional, Post Office-adjacent option is to ask your mail carrier if you see them.

Generally, it’s very likely they’re carrying, if not a few different stamp varieties on them, at least some Forever stamps that they can sell you.

To purchase stamps from a carrier, all you have to do is ask when they come to deliver your mail!

2. Retailers

There are a few national retailers that will sell you a book or sheet of stamps (again, that’s 20 of them), along with their regular merchandise.

Note that while these chains generally do sell stamps, individual stores may vary. However, if you’re unsure, you can always call ahead.

These retailers include the following:

  • Walmart – Walmart sells everything else you need to send mail, including supplies and a wide selection of cards, so why not stamps? In fact, Walmart even sells stamps online!
  • Target – A must-stop for shopping mavens, like Walmart, Target is a one-stop-shop, with stamps at many locations so you don’t have to make an extra trip somewhere.
  • Costco – The world’s fifth-largest retailer is so much more than just sheet cakes and affordable furniture.

Rather, you can find sheets and possibly even rolls of stamps, depending on your location, at Costco.

  • Sam’s Club – Another big box warehouse club retailer, it makes sense that Sam’s sells stamps since its parent company is Walmart.
  • Office Depot – One of the big three office supplies stores, Office Depot is a good stop for small business owners in a hurry.
  • Office Max – Just like Office Depot, Office Max has stamps on hand in-store.

(Note the major outlier here: Staples does not sell stamps.)

3. Grocery Stores

Supermarkets have so much added convenience when they sell stamps, saving you an extra trip to the Post Office.

In most cases, you’ll purchase at the customer service counter, but you can also ask your cashier to see where to purchase (they might sell them at each register, too).

Currently, the national and regional supermarkets that sell stamps include:

  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Albertsons
  • Wegmans
  • Meijer
  • WinCo
  • Giant Eagle
  • Hy-Vee
  • Food Lion
  • Winn Dixie
  • Hannaford
  • Tops
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • ShopRite
  • Bakers

Wherever you are in the U.S., there is a very good chance that a supermarket or grocery store chain that sells stamps is in your area.

4. Drug Stores/Pharmacies

Next time you’re shopping for cold medicine, picking up a prescription, or grabbing a last-minute birthday card, you can get stamps at many of the stores within the chains listed below:

  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Duane Reade (e Walgreens’ dedicated NYC drug stores)
  • Rite Aid

5. Banks

5. Banks stamps

The list below is by no means comprehensive, but it does include the major financial institutions that are known to sell stamps as part of their services to customers.

  • Wells Fargo – Wells Fargo banks are leading the way in terms of postage convenience.

According to USAStampGuide.com, this banking institution will most likely sell stamps, no matter where your branch is.

The bank also gives its customers variety – at least within branch locations, you can buy a book or a single stamp, and everything in-between.

Additionally, some Wells Fargo ATMs sell stamps, and because ATMs are available at all hours of the day and night, so are stamps.

  • KeyBank – According to USAStampGuide.com, Keybank doesn’t sell stamps at its ATMs, only within branches.

However, the company does sell stamps individually, so when you need just one or two, you won’t have to invest in a whole book from KeyBank.

  • Fifth Third Bank – With locations in 10 different states (and a strong presence in NYC), Fifth Third Bank is an excellent place to turn if you’re a customer who needs stamps.

Like some of the other banks on this list, you can purchase stamps from their ATMs, as well, but you do have to purchase them in slightly larger quantities.

More specifically, expect to buy sheets of 18, 36, 54, or 72 stamps at once.

  • Bank of America – One of the country’s most recognizable financial institutions, most Bank of American locations that sell stamps do so by the book.

However, your specific branch may still carry them individually; you’ll just have to ask, but be prepared to buy the book.

GroceryStoreGuide.com also recommends checking BOA ATMs, which have begun to sell stamps.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a BOA customer to get the stamps.

6. Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

They don’t call them convenience stores for nothing! The below chains may sell stamps in some of their locations.

Note that not every store or station will carry them, but if you’re in a rush, these are not bad places to drop in and check (and grab a slushie while you’re at it).

  • 7-Eleven
  • Circle K
  • KwikTrip
  • Texaco
  • Valero
  • Mobil
  • Chevron
  • Shell

7. Gift Shops

If you’re vacationing in an area that derives significant income from tourists, especially near the beach, small gift shops and local retailers are used to offering convenience to visitors.

One of those conveniences might include selling stamps, so that it’s that much easier to get a postcard out to Grandma (and that much more likely you’ll buy the postcard in the first place).

8. Hotels

In addition to making your reservations at a hot restaurant or sending your suit out for dry cleaning, the concierge (or just the front desk) in a hotel very likely has stamps on hand.

Now, whether they sell them or just give you a few is up to their discretion, but if you’re staying somewhere (particularly more upscale hotels), chances are good you can obtain them.

9. ATMs

I mentioned some of the major banking institutions whose ATMs are known to sell stamps, but if your bank – or any bank – wasn’t on the list, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

It pays to pay attention, so next time you’re at your bank’s ATM or an ATM you’ve never used before, explore some of the options on the screen.

10. Online

In addition to the many in-person locations where you can purchase stamps, you can also buy them online.

Here is the rundown on some reputable websites where you can purchase postage (sometimes at a discount):

  • USPS.com’s Postal Store – It makes sense that the people’s mail delivery service sells stamps online through their own store.

While you won’t find any deals or discounts here, you will find a wide selection of postage (though nothing is quite as good as the Post Office, in my opinion).

What I like about the Postal Store is that you are buying directly from USPS, so you’re giving this agency the financial support it needs right now.

As well, you can be confident that you’re not getting ripped off in the process, in a way that you can’t be so sure with some online dealers that look too good to be true.

The one downside of the Postal Store, however, is that you can’t buy just one stamp; you’re locked into purchasing a sheet, a book, or a coil.

So, if one stamp is all you need (and/or all you can afford at this time), some of the in-person options above are going to be better for your needs!

  • Amazon – Yup, the world’s largest retailer, in addition to millions upon millions of gifts, also has stamp sellers.

While The Penny Hoarder is quick to point out that you do have to dig a bit if you want to find deals, they do exist.

As well, the site mentions that in some cases the stamps are more expensive than at the Post Office.

So, to prevent paying more (unless you do so willingly because the shipping is faster on that item), be aware of the going rate of Forever stamps.

Pre-July 10, 2022, a Forever stamp costs 58 cents each. Post-July 10, 2022, they’re going up to 60 cents each.

Thus, you shouldn’t pay more than $11.60 or $12 for a sheet of 20.

  • Stamps.com – One of the most famous sellers of online postage, you do have to create an account and become a member to take advantage of the deals on Stamps.com.

Currently, the cost is about $18 a month, but you get $5 in free postage and a free scale to make printing postage at home a snap.

As well, The Penny Hoarder contends that Stamps.com currently also sells Forever stamps for just 47 cents apiece – that’s 11 cents cheaper than the Post Office!

Overall, Stamps.com is a terrific option if you’re the owner of a small business and ship packages frequently.

  • BuyDiscountStamps.com – This website is perfect for frequent mailers (again, looking at you, small business owners) or if you have a big event coming up, like a wedding.

However, I don’t recommend using this site if you’re an individual looking for a few pieces of postage, because the minimum purchase here is $500.

Nevertheless, because it deals in large-volume sales, the site can offer great discounts on Forever postage, in the range of 10 to 11 percent off.

  • Walmart.com – You can go inside stores for postage, but if online shopping is more your speed, Walmart does include stamps on its website.
  • Samsclub.com – As a subsidiary of Walmart, Sam’s Club also sells stamps in stores, but you can add them to your cart online, too.

Additionally, Sam’s Club participates with Instacart for home delivery, and I have seen stamps in the company’s Instacart store as well.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on how many stamps for 5 ounces, how many stamps in a roll, and if you can reuse stamps.


Buying stamps today is easier than ever, as they are now sold far and wide, and not just in Post Offices.

You can find stamps in many different grocery stores, banks and ATMs, office supply stores, and even online. But remember – oftentimes the best selection is going to be right in your own local Post Office.

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