Where to Get USPS Boxes (Full List of Stores)

The United States Postal Service permits the reuse of boxes, but it’s actually not recommended, as even one shipment can break down boxes to the point where they don’t do a great job of protecting what’s within. Therefore, getting new ones is the safest course.

Nevertheless, if you’re wondering where to get USPS boxes because you’ve always reused them, I have a list of stores for you, as well as answers to some commonly asked questions, so keep reading to learn more!

Where to Get USPS Boxes In 2024

You can find USPS boxes in a variety of national retailers and websites, but the most obvious starting places are the first two options below:

1. Post Offices

Naturally, if you’re looking for USPS boxes, you could head to your local Post Office and find exactly what you’re looking for.

However, note that Post Offices carry two different kinds of shipping boxes: Priority Mail boxes (and envelopes), which are free, and ReadyPost branded boxes, which are not.

The Priority Mail boxes are primarily kept in the open lobby area of the Post Office, which remains accessible even during off-hours in some locations.

Thanks to this, no matter what time of the day or night, you can always grab these free boxes (provided your location is accessible 24/7).

The boxes are easily recognizable because they say “Priority Mail” (or Priority Mail Express) on them and there are no barriers to obtaining them – they’re just out in the open.

Remember: to use Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express boxes, especially Flat Rate boxes (and envelopes) you must actually be using that shipping class.

For example, you can’t pay for Retail Ground postage and put your items in a Priority Mail box.

The other type, ReadyPost branded materials, is not free.

The Postal Service tends to create little Shipping Supplies nooks in its Post Offices.

Look further back in the buildings for the ReadyPost boxes for sale; this is done so that when they pull the security grate down at closing, those boxes can’t be taken.

2. The Postal Store

There’s also the Postal Store, a.k.a, the USPS.com online shipping supplies store, where Priority Mail and Priority Mail express boxes are still totally free.

Not only do you not pay anything for the boxes themselves at checkout, but they also get delivered for free!

Your mail carrier simply puts them on the truck, usually for the next delivery day, and drops them off with your letter mail.

Of course, there are also ReadyPost products that you can purchase, including boxes and bubble mailers.

However, the one downside about getting your USPS boxes online with the Postal Store, versus in Post Offices, is that you have to buy some of the boxes in “bulk.”

With the freebies, that’s not too bad, as long as you have somewhere to put them; but the ReadyPost boxes come in packs of 20 and can cost over $50.

3. Walmart

Walmart is one of those retailers that also sell stamps, so really, if you’re shopping for a gift, you can get the gift, the card, the box, and the postage all in one place!

Now, these are USPS branded boxes, and they can be used for a variety of different shipping classes, like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, Retail Ground, or Parcel Select.

They’re available in packs of 20, and in my area, the cubic 8x8x8 boxes sell for $23.14.

4. Office Depot

4. Office Depot USPS

Office Depot is great for both businesses and individuals who need all the materials to ship in one place (the company sells stamps, too).

Office Depot carries at least four different types of USPS-branded boxes in various sizes, including the 8x8x8 cube, and a 12x12x5.5.

There’s also a 12.25x3x17.625 and a 11x9x6 (at least in my area – the variety may be greater in yours!).

These are too big for First-Class Package, but they would suit other shipping classes, like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express or Retail Ground.

Plus (and this is really convenient), Office Max sells boxes individually; the most expensive one is $2.39 and the other three are priced at $1.79.

Additionally, Office Max offers free store pickup if you order online, so you can make your purchase and then go pick it up when it’s convenient for you.

5. Stamps.com

Stamps.com is the small business go-to for discounted postage, and the company also makes it easy to acquire USPS boxes through its website.

According to the info page, you can access the USPS shipping supplies by clicking on “Store” after you have signed into your account (or created one).

Next, you choose USPS Supplies. The order will get routed to the Postal Service, and the boxes will be delivered to you for free!

This is so convenient for current Stamps.com users because you can do everything – buy postage, get boxes, and other supplies – all in one place.

Are USPS Boxes Free?

USPS Priority Mail and Flat Rate boxes and envelopes are indeed free at both Post Office locations and online, via The Postal Store.

However, the ReadyPost brand boxes, as well as USPS-branded boxes from any retailer that is not the Postal Service, are not free; you’ll have to pay for them if you want to use them.

Can You Get USPS Boxes at Walmart?

You certainly can get USPS boxes at Walmart, though it’s up to your individual store’s inventory for what will be available.

However, you can almost always find USPS-brand boxes online at Walmart.com.

Can You Use Your Own Box for USPS Flat Rate?

You cannot use your own box for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate, but these boxes are always free at the Post Office or online via the Postal Store.

Not only are they free to purchase online, but USPS will also deliver them for free, and your postal carrier will bring them to your door on their next mail delivery!

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The easiest way to obtain USPS Priority Mail boxes and envelopes is to visit your local Post Office or visit the USPS.com Postal Store.

However, other retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online, like Walmart and Office Depot, sell a various assortment of boxes, in a variety of sizes.

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