Who Designs Apple Products? (All You Need to Know)

Apple is one of the most well-known tech companies in the world and has several products on the market. However, you may be wondering: who designs Apple products?

Well, I have been researching this question and have all you need to know below, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered! 

Who Designs Apple Products in 2024?

Apple products are designed by the Apple Industrial Design Group, which is led by Peter Riering-Czekalla in 2024. Furthermore, Peter Riering-Czekalla was previously the Chief Design Officer for Molekule. Before 2019, the chief design officer was Jony Ive, who was part of Apple for decades and worked alongside Steve Jobs to design and produce many of the iconic Apple products.  

Do you want to know even more details about Apple product designs? If so, don’t stop reading because I have even more to share with you! 

Who Are Apple’s Main Designers?

Peter Riering-Czekalla is one of the main designers for Apple and leads the Apple Industrial Design Group, which consists of multiple designers since Apple has multiple products. 

Also, there are additional Apple designers that work on products, including Evans Hankey, who is a hardware designer. 

Additionally, Richard Howarth, Alan Dye, and Shota Aoyagi are also designers for Apple.  

Further, there have been several designers over the years, with the most notable being Jony Ive, who worked alongside Steve Jobs and was responsible for many Apple products. 

However, he left in 2019, and so did other designers, including:

  • Daniele De Luliis 
  • Rico Zorkendorfer
  • Julian Honig
  • Marc Newsom 
  • Miklu Silvanto 

Who Leads Design at Apple Now?

The Apple Industrial Design Group is headed by Peter Riering-Czekalla, and he works alongside both Alan Dye and Evans Hankey who are also part of the top design team at Apple. 

Does Apple Have Product Designers?

Apple has a ton of product designers who are responsible for designing various Apple products, including digital product designers for Mac, iOS, and the web. 

Furthermore, digital product designers are an important part of Apple since they help research, prototype, and design hardware and software for a better user experience. 

Does Apple Have a Design Team?

Apple does have a design team that’s also a part of the Apple Industrial Design Group. It’s the job of this team to both design and create the best user experience possible. 

For example, the design team has to conceptualize and design Apple accessories, products, and services. They must create an intuitive, useful, and aesthetically pleasing experience. 

Which Design Tool Does Apple Use?

Which Design Tool Does Apple Use?

Apple uses a variety of design tools, including XD templates, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch, among many others. 

How Do I Become a Product Designer for Apple?

Product design is a key component of Apple. Anyone who wants to work for Apple in product design must have qualifications, including the following: 

  • Understanding of Apple’s design aesthetic 
  • More than 5 years of working in product design on multiple platforms 
  • Superior knowledge of principles in visual design and user-focused design 
  • Have clear communication skills so that prototypes, wireframes, sketches, and comps can be completed 
  • Excellent skills working with Illustrator, Keynote, Photoshop, and Sketch 
  • Great attention to detail 
  • Innovative problem-solving skills 
  • Must have presentation skills, written skills, and verbal skills
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Ability to work in a team and collaborate at a high level 
  • Expertise in documenting the interaction and visual design specifications
  • Ability to be flexible, creative, productive, and a problem solver 
  • Feeling comfortable working on multiple projects at the same time 

Who Invented the Apple Logo?

One of the most iconic designs from Apple is the Apple logo, which was created by Rob Janoff. 

Janoff designed logos for corporations, television commercials, and printed advertisements, but the Apple Logo is one of his most well-known creations.

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Apple products are designed by the Apple Industrial Design Group, which is currently led by  Peter Riering-Czekalla. Also, Evans Hankey and Alan Dye are two of the top designers at Apple and work beside Peter Riering-Czekalla. 

However, Jony Ive was the main product designer at Apple up until 2019 when he left, and he had been with Apple for decades designing iconic products alongside Steve Jobs. 

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