Who Makes Kirkland Sports Drinks? (All You Need to Know)

Kirkland Signature is a very well-reviewed brand that is owned and sold by Costco and is known for having great products listed at a much lower price than what you would see at other stores. The brand has everything you could want from clothes, food, and even sports drinks.

Basically, anyone who needs an extra boost of refreshing electrolytes should definitely consider picking up a case of Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks the next time they find themselves at Costco. But you may wonder- who makes these sports drinks? Keep reading to find out!

Who Makes Kirkland Sports Drinks in 2024?

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to figure out which company actually makes Kirkland Signature Sports drinks in 2024. The reasoning behind this is that the brand protects the identity of its manufacturers and distributors. This is most likely because either party does not want to lose out on sales.

 If you’re interested in learning more about Kirkland Sports Drinks, such as what flavors there are, where to buy them, and more, keep reading!

Which Company Is Responsible for the Kirkland Signature Sports Drink?

Surprisingly, the Kirkland Signature brand doesn’t have a factory where its products are manufactured and distributed.

Rather, the brand gets its products from other well-known manufacturers across the entire world.

So, unfortunately, at this time, we can’t be 100% sure of where it gets its products.

The brand makes it hard to know who makes Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks because Kirkland doesn’t purposefully disclose this information.

Really, the only way to get this information is if something has a recall on it, or if an insider leaks it.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Out Where Kirkland Signature Products Are Made?

As mentioned previously, sometimes it can seem impossible to figure out where Kirkland Signature products come from.

This is because Kirkland Signature protects the identities of the suppliers of its products.

This is done, not only because Kirkland does not want to miss out on sales, but also because Costco does its best to keep the prices of its Kirkland Signature products low.

This wouldn’t be easy to do if the information was released.

This is because other companies would want similar deals with such well-known products and companies, eventually resulting in fewer sales for both parties.

What Flavors of Kirkland Signature Sports Drink Can You Get?

The Kirkland Signature Sports Drink comes in a few different flavors in order to satisfy everyone’s tastes. These flavors are listed here:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange

Where Can You Buy Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks?

Where Can You Buy Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks?

Kirkland Signature is a brand whose products, including the Kirkland Signature Sports Drink, are most commonly found at Costco Wholesale stores, but can also be found online at Costco.com.

Surprisingly, Kirkland Signature products can also be found online at different third-party seller websites such as Amazon.com and Instacart.com.

Do Customers Like Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks?

There are many customers who actually prefer Kirkland Sports Drinks over other popular name brands.

In fact, one customer says that they find the flavors stronger and tastier than the competition and the price is hard to beat.

Another customer goes on to say that the Kirkland Sports Drink hits the spot when you need to replenish yourself after a workout session, being sick, or after a day in the sun.

This customer also believes that the price is reasonable and they too recommend this as an alternative to the name-brand sports drinks that are available on the market.

How Many Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks Come in a Case?

According to Costco’s business center website, the Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks come in a case of 24, with each bottle being 591mL.

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 flavors that come in the case, meaning there would be 8 of each flavor. These flavors are listed here:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange

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Although it’s not possible, as of currently to know where Kirkland Signature Sports Drinks are made, we do know that they are well-reviewed and this shouldn’t deter you from trying them the next time you find yourself at Costco.

As with its many great flavor choices, you will surely not be sorry that you bought them after a workout session or on a hot day where you have been sweating.

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