Who Makes LG TVs? (All You Need To Know) 

If you are interested in buying a new TV, you are probably doing all the research to find out which TV is the best. Therefore, you might also be wondering: who makes LG TVs? 

If so, continue reading to find out all the information that I have discovered! 

Who Makes LG TVs In [currentyear]? 

LG manufactures its own TVs and TV accessories through LG Electronics and LG Display in [currentyear]. Moreover, LG Manufactures the main parts of the TVs, such as the TV panels, in Korea and China and then ships them to other countries for production and sale. Furthermore, LG also manufactures OLED TV panels for companies, such as Sony, Metz, and Philips. 

If you want to learn more about how LG manufactures its TVs, which countries LG TVs are manufactured in, and much more, then please keep reading! 

Does LG Make Its Own TVs? 

Fortunately, LG does manufacture its own TVs and does this through its subsidiary companies, LG Electronics and LG Display. 

Furthermore, LG Electronics is used to produce and market all of the company’s TVs.

Additionally, it has become “a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile communications.” 

Moreover, LG Display is used to manufacture OLED R&D and OLED Panels.

This makes LG Display “the world’s leading innovator of display technologies” with its “cutting-edge OLED technologies.” 

Additionally, LG OLED panels are of such excellent standard that LG produces its OLED TV panels for other companies such as Sony, Philips, Metz, Loewe, Skyworth, and many more. 

Furthermore, LG Electronic Inc. and LG Display have helped make the company the second largest TV manufacturing company in the world. 

Where is LG TVs Manufactured?

Where is LG TVs Manufactured? 

LG Corporation was originally established in South Korea in 1958 after the Korean War, where LG quickly grew to become the second largest electronics manufacturer, behind Samsung. 

Moreover, because of LGs growth and success, the company decided to expand and place global operations in many countries worldwide, and as of 2020, LG had 128 global operations

Furthermore, LG’s global operation consists of research and development facilities, sales offices, and manufacturing and production plants. 

Additionally, each manufacturing and production plant has a different role. 

Therefore, the factories that LG uses to manufacture and produce LG TVs are in Korea, China, Poland, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, and India. 

Also, LG’s manufacturing and production plants in Korea and China are used for producing OLED TV panels and other accessories for LG TVs. 

Then, the parts are shipped to the factories in Poland, Mexico, India, etc. to finish being manufactured and sold. 

Additionally, each country then produces and distributes the LG TVs it manufactures to specific countries and regions. 

For example, the factories in Russia distribute the TVs it manufactures to Russia, Asia, and the Caucasus region, and so forth. 

Does Sony make LG TVs? 

LG TVs are not made by Sony; moreover, as stated before, LG manufactures its own TVs through LG Electronics and LG Display. 

However, there is a connection between LG and Sony because Sony gets most of its OLED TV panels manufactured from LG Display. 

“Sony has been involved in OLED research, development, and production for years”, launching “the world’s first PDA with an OLED display” in 2004 and “the world’s first OLED TV in 2007.” 

However, Sony now produces its OLED TVs using panels manufactured by LG Display. 

This is because as of 2018 LG Display is the only company that produces commercial OLED TV panels. 

Furthermore, as stated before, LG also supplies other companies with OLED TV panels such as Philips, Metz, Skyworth, and much more. 

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Fortunately, for LG fans, LG manufactures and produces its own TVs through its own company. Additionally, LG’s TV production is so good that it has become the second largest TV manufacturer in the world and even manufactures TV panels for other companies.

Furthermore, LG Corporation has grown so much that LG TVs are now manufactured and produced globally in China, Mexico, India, and more. 

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