Who Makes Member’s Mark Shampoo? (All You Need To Know)

With everything from trail mix to grills to hair care products like shampoo, it seems as if Sam’s Club’s private label brand, Member’s Mark, sells everything you could desire.  

But you may have some questions about Member’s Mark shampoo. For example, what company manufactures Member’s Mark shampoo? And is it worth buying?  

Here is everything about Member’s Mark shampoo that I have discovered through my research!  

Who Makes Member’s Mark Shampoo?

Member’s Mark shampoo is rumored to be made by Suave. While there is no evidence of this claim, some Sam’s Club customers have noticed similarities in the quality and scent between the shampoos. Additionally, both Member’s Mark and Suave shampoos are made in the USA.

To learn whether or not Member’s Mark shampoo is of high quality and worth purchasing, keep on reading! 

Where Is Member’s Mark Shampoo Made?

Member’s Mark does not provide any specific information about what company is responsible for producing its shampoo.

However, according to Sam’s Club’s website, Member’s Mark shampoo is manufactured in the United States (which has some speculating that Suave could make it).  

Additionally, Sam’s Club states that its Member’s Mark brand is composed of 20 proprietary brands, with each brand focusing on quality as the central focus.  

What Brands Of Shampoo Does Sam’s Club Sell?

If you are looking for a different brand of shampoo besides Member’s Mark, Sam’s Club carries several other brands.

Some of the popular shampoo brands that Sam’s Club sells include: 

  • Pantene 
  • Head & Shoulders  
  • Dove  
  • OGX 
  • Tresemme 
  • L’Oreal  
  • Aussie  
  • Aveeno  

In addition to its massive selection of shampoos, Sam’s Club also offers other hair care products.

For example, Sam’s Club sells conditioner, dry shampoo, hair and scalp treatments, and products designed for styling specific hair types.  

So, whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, Sam’s Club has the hair care products you need to keep your hair healthy and styled right!

Is Member’s Mark Shampoo Good?

Is Member's Mark Shampoo Of High Quality

Because Member’s Mark shampoo is so inexpensive, you may wonder if it is effective.

Member’s Mark shampoo proves to be of high quality based on member reviews and the quality of ingredients used in the product.  

For example, Member’s Mark shampoo is a top-rated product by members.  

Additionally, Sam’s Club customers who purchased Member’s Mark shampoo in the past rate the product highly, earning the hair care item an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 available.  

Another aspect of Member’s Mark shampoo that makes it a high-quality product is its ingredients.  

According to Sam’s Club’s website, Member’s Mark shampoo is salon-quality and is infused with passionflower, monoi extracts, argan, and coconut oils to ensure your hair is moisturized and soft.  

Member’s Mark shampoo is also made responsibly and is both a paraben and cruelty-free product. All of these qualities make Member’s Mark shampoo safe for color-treated hair, leaving it light, clean, and easy to style.  

Can You Buy Member’s Mark Shampoo Online?

If you do not want to drive all the way to your local Sam’s Club or cannot find the time to take a trip to the store, shopping online is a convenient option.  

Member’s Mark shampoo is available to purchase on Sam’s Club’s online store for curbside pickup or delivery.  

You can also find Member’s Mark shampoo on Amazon for most of the year and on Instacart, a grocery delivery service available at Sam’s Club. For each company that sells Member’s Mark shampoo online, there are added delivery fees.  

The only exception to delivery charges is for Plus-level members that order Member’s Mark shampoo online at Sam’s Club. One perk of being a Plus member is that online orders have no delivery fees.  

What Types Of Member’s Mark Shampoo Does Sam’s Club Carry?

Currently, Member’s Mark only produces one type of shampoo called the Color Safe moisturizing shampoo.

In addition to shampoo, Member’s Mark also sells its own conditioner, which is a top-rated product.  

How Much Does Member’s Mark Shampoo Cost?

Like all of the products available through Member’s Mark, its shampoo is very affordable compared to other shampoo brands.

With that, a bottle of Member’s Mark shampoo costs around $6. The size of the bottle is 33.8 fluid ounces.  

Now that you know about Member’s Mark shampoo, you might also be interested in reading up on who makes Member’s Mark laundry detergent, diapers, and cookware.


Although the origins of Member’s Mark shampoo are not currently available to the public, it is known that the product is manufactured in the United States.  

Member’s Mark produces high-quality shampoo, earning it an average of 4.6 stars from customers who purchased it in the past. Additionally, Member’s Mark shampoo is a top-rated product at Sam’s Club.  

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