Who Manufactures Apple Chips? (All You Need To Know)

A lot of people own Apple products but don’t know much about the company, such as who manufactures Apple chips, and it’s an important detail about Apple you should know. 

Fortunately, I have been looking into this topic and have details about who manufactures Apple chips, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered! 

Who Manufactures Apple Chips In [currentyear]? 

Apple chips are mainly manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which is known as TSMC in [currentyear]. Furthermore, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is responsible for making almost all of the cutting-edge chips worldwide. However, some chips had been previously made by Samsung. That being said, Apple retains the responsibility of integrating these computer chips with both its software and hardware. 

Are you looking for even more details, such as where are Apple chips manufactured? If so, don’t stop reading because I’ll tell you even more about Apple chips below! 

Where Are Apple Chips Manufactured? 

Apple chips are mostly manufactured in Taiwan since its main supplier of chips comes from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Further, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company makes the chips for the iPhone and also is responsible for making Mac chips, along with most other Apple products. 

Will Apple Manufacture Its Own Chips?

It’s believed that Apple wants to make its own chips and move the production of all components in-house, although it’s unknown when this will happen or if it’s possible. 

Therefore, while the goal is for Apple to manufacture its own chips, it will take time for this to happen.

So, until then, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will remain the majority chip producer. 

Does Samsung Make Apple Chips?

Samsung has made some of the Apple chips for Apple products and has supplied Apple with the Cortex A9 14 nano chip.

However, Samsung is no longer making chips for Apple.  

When Did Apple Stop Using Samsung Chips?

Apple stopped using Samsung chips in 2015, which meant Apple began exclusively using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to produce chips for its products. 

Who Makes Apple A15 Chip?

The A15 chip that Apple uses is made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which makes Apple chips and makes the processors for the iPhone A-series. 

Where Does Apple Get Its Semiconductors From?

Apple gets its semiconductors from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Furthermore, this company is the biggest computer chip maker in the world and makes the newest and most innovative chips. 

Is Apple Making Its Own Semiconductors?

Is Apple Making Its Own Semiconductors?

The goal is that Apple will begin producing its own semiconductors which would connect WiFi and Bluetooth, although a lot of this is still in the early stages of development. 

Who Manufactures Apple M1 Chips?

Just as with all Apple chips, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company produces Apple’s M1 chip. 

In addition, the M1 chip is comparable to the A14 chip but the M1 chip is more powerful and uses a 5-nanometer process for fabrication. 

Who Makes Apple Silicon Chips?

Apple silicon chips are manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, with a majority of the factories located in Taiwan. 

Furthermore, silicon chips have more than 3 billion transistors and use a fabrication process of 20 nanometers.

Who Manufactures Apple Displays?

Apple uses both LG and Samsung to manufacture its displays, including the display on the Mac and iPhone, although it used to use BOE to manufacture some of its displays.

Does Apple Use Intel Chips?

Apple previously used Intel chips but replaced the Intel chips with Apple silicon starting in late 2020, so now Apple silicon is what is used exclusively in the newer MacBook models. 

However, if you have an older MacBook, you will probably have an Intel chip inside of it.

Is The Apple Chip Better Than Intel?

Intel beats the Apple chip in terms of performance and speed, so when you look at processing power, the Intel chip is an obvious winner. 

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Almost all Apple chips are manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which is the world’s leading supplier of chips.

Furthermore, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company makes cutting-edge chips with innovative technology, and a majority of the factories are located in Taiwan. However, Apple previously used Samsung as an additional manufacturer but stopped in 2015.

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