Who Sells Lululemon Gift Cards? (Full List of Stores)

Are you looking to buy a Lululemon gift card? These cards make excellent presents since people get to choose what they’d like to purchase themselves.

So, if you need to know where to buy a Lululemon gift card, read on to learn about all the retailers currently selling them!

Who Sells Lululemon Gift Cards in 2024?

Lululemon gift cards can be found in Lululemon stores, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Great Eagle in 2024. Also, you can purchase digital or physical gift cards online from Lululemon’s site or Best Buy. Further, popular resellers such as Dundle, eBay, and Amazon also occasionally sell Lululemon gift cards. However, some customers have reported scams on reselling sites. 

If you need to know the best location to buy a Lululemon gift card, we have answers! Keep reading for a list of locations along with important gift card details!

Where Can I Buy Lululemon Gift Cards?

Lululemon does sell gift cards, and you can find them at several locations, including Lululemon stores, third-party retailers, and online. Let’s examine these options further below:

1. Lululemon Stores

You can buy Lululemon gift cards at Lululemon locations.

2. Third-Party Retailers

Some third-party retailers often sell Lululemon gift cards:

  • Giant Eagle
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Safeway

Some stores that do NOT sell Lululemon gift cards:

  • Kroger
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Rite Aid

3. Online

Lululemon gift cards are available online. When purchasing online, stores may offer a digital or physical gift card version.

Digital gift cards can be sent to an email immediately, and physical gift cards will be mailed to an address.

  • You can purchase digital and physical gift cards directly from the Lululemon site.
  • Best Buy. Best Buy offers both digital and physical gift cards online. However, physical cards are subject to availability in your location.
  • Dundle offers digital gift cards. Keep an eye out for any discounted cards to save yourself some money.
  • Some people claim that Amazon does not sell Lululemon gift card options. While it does not come up when searching on the Amazon site, you can find Lululemon gift cards on Amazon through a search engine. However, several customers have reported scams.
  • You can occasionally find resellers selling Lululemon cards on eBay.

Can You Buy Lululemon Gift Cards In-Store and Online?

You can purchase Lululemon gift cards in-store. 

As well, you can purchase Lululemon gift cards online through Lululemon’s website and Best Buy. As well, other reselling sites such as eBay or Dundle may offer Lululemon gift cards.

Are There Lululemon Gift Cards on Amazon?

There are Lululemon gift cards on Amazon. However, when searching on the site, options might not appear.

Fortunately, you can find a link using a search engine and typing “Lululemon gift cards on Amazon.”

It’s important to note that several reviews on reseller sites have reported scams.

Customers said the cards had zero balance when they received them. However, other reviews have reported no issues. 

Does Safeway Sell Lululemon Gift Cards?

Does Safeway Sell Lululemon Gift Cards?

Safeway sells Lululemon gift cards. These are subject to availability depending on your location, but you can find a list of Safeway store locations online.

Does Kroger Sell Lululemon Gift Cards?

Kroger does not sell Lululemon gift cards.

Are There Lululemon Gift Cards at Target?

Lululemon gift cards are not sold at Target.

Are There Lululemon Gift Cards at CVS?

CVS does not sell Lululemon gift cards.

Where Can You Use Lululemon Gift Cards?

You can use your Lululemon gift cards in-store or online.

Gift cards can’t be redeemed in concession stores like Harrods or Brown Thomas, from wholesalers, or on the Lululemon Like New website.

As well, gift cards must be used in the region they are purchased. Canada and the United States are considered the same region and gift cards can be used in either country.

However, if you buy a Lululemon gift card in China, it can only be redeemed in China.

Further, gift cards cannot be used in Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, or the UAE. 

Can You Use Lululemon Gift Cards at Outlets?

You can use Lululemon gift cards at Lululemon outlets. However, you can’t use gift cards on Lululemon clothing at outlets that aren’t operated by Lululemon.

Can I Use a Gift Card for Lululemon Like New?

You can’t use gift cards on Lululemon’s Like New website.

While you can buy trade-in e-gift cards on the Like New site, they can’t be redeemed there.

As well, you can’t combine gift cards purchased through Lululemon Like New with employee or community discounts. This includes the military, first responders, and the Sweat Collective.

How Do I Redeem My Lululemon E-Gift Card?

If you are in a store, show the e-gift card to the cashier. They should be able to scan it. If it doesn’t work, the cashier can enter the code manually.

Follow these instructions when redeeming your e-gift card online:

  1. Under ‘Payment,’ select ‘Add a Lululemon gift card.’
  2. Enter the card number and PIN, followed by Apply.
  3. Your balance will be applied to your order.

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Lululemon stores or the company website are the most reliable places to buy a Lululemon gift card. Depending on availability, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Giant Eagle also sell Lululemon gift cards.

Other online options include Best Buy or Dundle. Also, resellers such as Amazon and eBay occasionally sell Lululemon gift cards. However, some Amazon customers have reported scams. When purchased online, cards can come in digital or physical forms.

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