Does Lululemon Run Small? (All You Need to Know)

Whether you’re shopping online or in stores, it helps to know what size you are! While you probably have a ballpark idea, some sizes run big or small.

So, if you’re looking at Lululemon, you should know whether or not its clothing runs true to size. Therefore, read on to discover which Lululemon items run small, big, or just right!

Does Lululemon Run Small in 2024?

Generally, Lululemon clothing runs true to size, but some items run smaller in 2024. Lululemon bottoms and shirts tend to run true to size. Some pant materials are very stretchy, and you can get away with wearing a size smaller. However, bras, dresses, and jackets run small. Therefore, you may want to go up one size when buying these items. 

Lululemon sizing depends on the particular item and fit you want, so keep reading to know which items run small and which size you need!

Should I Size up or Down in Lululemon Clothes?

When it comes to Lululemon clothing, you should buy your size or one size up. Lululemon clothing tends to run either true to size or small, but rarely too big.

Pants, tops, and sweaters tend to run true to size.

However, bras, skirts, shorts, jackets, and dresses run about one size smaller, so expect to buy one size larger in these items.

Swimsuits, in particular, run small, so expect to go up one or even two sizes.  

What Are Lululemon Sizes Equivalent To?

Lululemon sizes generally run small. Sizing starts at 0, or XXXS, and works from there. Size 2 in Lululemon is equivalent to XXS, size 4 is equal to XS, and size 6 is equivalent to small. 

Lululemon sizes are more accurate from size 8 and above. Size 8 is considered a M, size 10 is L, size 12 is XL, and size 14 is XXL. 

How Do I Know My Lululemon Size?

Your Lululemon size depends on the particular clothing item. In general, Lululemon clothing runs small or true to size.

Happily, the online sizing guide can help you find the right size based on your measurements.

Also, note that Lululemon clothing has been preshrunk and does not stretch out with wear, so if it fits in the dressing room, you can expect it to stay that way.

If you’d like more insight as to Lululemon’s sizing, you can chat for free with a Product Expert online. They are trained to help you find the right size depending on the Lululemon product.

What Is a Size 6 in Lululemon Clothes?

Lululemon’s size 6 is considered a small. For women’s shirt sizes, a size 6 would fit a 34-inch chest. Lululemon women’s size 6 pants would fit a 26-28-inch waist and 36-38-inch hips.

Do Lululemon Leggings Run Small or Big?

Do Lululemon Leggings Run Small or Big?

Lululemon leggings don’t run small or big, but are true to size. If you usually wear a size 8 in pants, you should go for a size 8 in Lululemon leggings.

If you can try on the leggings in the store, it’s a good idea to look at them in good lighting.

Try squatting or bending over, and make sure the material isn’t too sheer. If you can see through them, try going up a size.

Some of Lululemon’s fabrics are advertised as feeling “barely there.” Some people may feel they are not tight enough when this is the case.

While the whole point is to feel relaxed in this fabric, some people may prefer a slightly smaller fit for security.

Do Lululemon Leggings Run Small?

Lululemon’s In Movement leggings use Ever lux fabric. Because of the compressive nature of this fabric, buyers often feel the tights run small.

If you don’t want your leggings to be too tight, opt for a size up.   

Do Lululemon Joggers Run Small?

Lululemon joggers do not run small, but either run true to size or a bit bigger.

Since joggers are meant to be loose on top, you can get away with buying them a bit smaller depending on how tight you like them.

Do Lululemon Align Run Small?

Lululemon Aligns do not run small, but run true to size. However, due to their stretchy fabric, you can usually buy a size down if you prefer a tighter or more compressive fit.

Do Lululemon Jackets Run Small?

Lululemon jackets tend to run small, so you may need to go up one or two sizes.

Remember that Lululemon’s jackets come in different fits, such as relaxed, classic, slim, tight, and oversized.

Therefore, with a relaxed or oversized fit, you may be fine in your current size, but you will want to go up in size with the tight or slim fit.  

Do Lululemon Tops Run Small?

Lululemon shirts tend to run true to size. However, Lululemon’s bras run small, so if they have a built-in bra, you may need to go up a size.

Lululemon doesn’t use standard bra sizes with cups and bands. Instead, the company sizes its bras like the rest of its clothing.

You will need to play around with what sizes fit best according to band and breast size.

While sports bras should be slightly tighter, you will probably feel more comfortable in a Lululemon bra one size larger than your shirt size.

So, if you usually wear a size 8 shirt, you may prefer a size 10 bra.

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Overall, Lululemon tends to run true to size or small. While the pants are generally true to size, bras and jackets are on the small side. Sizing also depends on the type of fit you are going for.

So, if you are unsure, consulting Lululemon’s sizing guide or speaking with a Product Expert is an excellent way to find the best size for you.

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