Why Are Lululemon So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

Lululemon is a well-known name in the athletic wear world. It’s famous for its comfortable, flattering clothing, but is also known for being on the pricey side.

While some consumers feel the price is justified by its quality products, others wonder why Lululemon’s prices are so high. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to learn 11 reasons why!

Why Is Lululemon So Expensive?

1. Lululemon Uses High-Quality Fabrics

Lululemon is known for using high-quality materials for both comfort and functionality. Much energy and research are invested into Lululemon’s fabric technology.

Fabrics used in the company’s apparel include Luxtreme, Everlux, Nulux, Nulu, and Luon. Many of these fabrics are combined in unique ways to target specific activities.

For example, the Luon fabric is excellent for yoga because it’s highly flexible, breathable, and soft, yet doesn’t stretch out.

Luxtreme, on the other hand, is designed for high-intensity activities, such as running or CrossFit.

It has a lightweight but sturdy feel and is highly breathable, making it an excellent choice for sweat-inducing sports.

2. The Clothes Are Designed to Last

Lululemon clothes aren’t fast fashion, and its prices reflect that. So, if you’ve ever owned a pair of the pants or leggings, you probably know how long they can last.

With regular washing and weekly wear, Lululemon leggings and pants can last between 2-5 years, or even longer if cared for well.

So, while the price may be higher, you can get a lot of use out of Lululemon clothing. 

3. The Clothing Is Comfortable

High-quality fabrics, detailed designs, and functionality combine to make Lululemon’s clothes very comfortable.

People will pay for comfort, and the company knows this. When you slip on a very comfortable pair of leggings, you will likely want to wear them again and again.

It’s not uncommon to hear someone rave about how comfortable Lululemon clothing is.

Consumer satisfaction and word of mouth do wonders for Lululemon’s sales. When the demand and reputation are high, costs tend to reflect that.

4. Lululemon Is a Lifestyle Brand

Athletic wear isn’t a new concept. However, many companies have tried to branch out into this category and failed.

What sets Lululemon apart and has contributed to its success is its reputation as a lifestyle brand.

Consumers aren’t just paying for an item of clothing, but also buying into an image the company has created.

Through social media and marketing, Lululemon has developed a certain brand. The company combines an active, healthy lifestyle with comfort in a luxury leisure brand.

Consumers, especially millennials, are drawn to this. While buyers may like the clothing, they are also paying for the lifestyle and reputation that comes with the Lululemon name.  

5. The Company Has a Strong Marketing Campaign

5. The Company Has a Strong Marketing Campaign Lululemon

Through extensive research, Lululemon has pinpointed its target audience and developed a strong marketing campaign.

Marketing strategists use everything from in-store campaigns, pop-up booths, and inspirational quotes to create a solid social media presence.

These help the brand connect with consumers and build reputability.

Lululemon’s target audience was originally young adult women who are busy juggling life’s responsibilities, but also want to be healthy and active.

As a result, Lululemon has become synonymous with women’s yoga and athletic wear.

However, the company is constantly adapting and expanding its marketing. Lululemon now also carries men’s clothing and targets a male audience as well. 

6. Media Scandals Have Created a Buzz

Chip Wilson, Lululemon’s brand founder, has said some controversial statements in the media. Clashing with the CEO, he eventually resigned as chairman.

However, as the saying goes, “Any publicity is good publicity.” Despite the negative press, the controversy may have contributed to Lululemon’s overall fame.

7. Lululemon Has a Relatively High Production Cost

Lululemon spends a decent amount of money on production costs. Since it contributes to the company’s costs, it drives up the prices of clothing as a result.

These production costs include expensive machinery used to manufacture the clothing. Lululemon also has research, marketing, and quality assurance teams.

A lot goes into the creation of a product beyond just manufacturing. While all companies have multiple costs, Lululemon is known for investing more money into these other areas.

8. Lululemon Invests in Research & Development

Lululemon is an innovative company that seeks out new ways to create comfortable, functional athletic wear.

In 2013, the company opened Whitespace, a laboratory for scientists to study physical movement to develop better products.

As well, Lululemon invests in material alternatives such as dyes made of plant waste and lab-grown leather.

These investments require money, which can drive up Lululemon’s prices.

9. Clothing Is Only Available at Lululemon Stores or the Website

Lululemon is only sold in the company’s stores and on its website. Since the company has complete control over the sales of products, they also control the prices.

Overall, this gives Lululemon exclusivity over the product and enables them to sell their clothing at higher rates.

10. Only Minimal Discounts Are Offered

Lululemon doesn’t have official sales and doesn’t typically offer significant discounts. In fact, the company sells 95% of its products at full price.

However, markdowns can be found in the We Made Too Much section in stores and online.  

Overall, this teaches consumers not to wait or expect sales to buy desired products.

11. Lululemon Uses Scarcity Tactics

Using scarcity is a common marketing strategy in the retail world.

Lululemon avoids overstocking shelves with an endless supply of their products.

Instead, the company uses a limited supply to encourage buyers to purchase immediately. Since they fear the items will run out, buyers are usually willing to pay a higher price.

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Lululemon clothing is known for being both popular and expensive. Its high cost is partly because of the clothes’ high-quality fabrics, durability, and comfort. Strong marketing tactics such as exclusivity and scarcity also affect their prices.

Lululemon is a well-established lifestyle brand. While it might not be worth the high costs for some, the company has a loyal following willing to pay top dollars for its products.

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