Why Can’t I Activate My Cash App Card (7 Reasons Why + Fixes)

Once you register for a Cash App account, you can get a Cash Card to pay for services and buy products online and in-store.

To use this Cash Card, you must activate it first. However, some users have a challenge activating the card; therefore, they can’t use it. Why does this happen? Here’s what I discovered in my research.

Why Can’t I Activate My Cash App Card?

1. You Don’t Have a Verified Account

To receive a Cash Card from Cash App, you need to have a verified account by providing your date of birth, full name, and the last digits of your SSN. 

As well, you need to be above 18 years to get verified.

However, if you managed to get a Cash App card yet have not met these requirements, you won’t be able to activate the card or use the app.

Therefore, ensure you verify your account with the correct details and information to enjoy all Cash App services.

With a verified account, you can send and receive more money and use the Cash Card to transact $7,000 daily.

2. Damaged QR Code

To activate your Cash Card, you need to scan the QR code. Therefore, if you’re unable to activate the card, there’s a likelihood that the QR code has been tampered with.

QR code scanners only recognized and read the white part; therefore, if the surface has been scratched, you’ll be unable to activate the Cash App Card using the QR option.

Fortunately, you can still activate the Cash Card using the CVV code if the QR isn’t working. 

To do this, open the Cash Card tab on your home page, tap on the Cash Card image, and select “Activate Cash Card.”

Tap “Use CVV instead” and enter the card’s CVV code and expiration date. This will activate your card.

3. You Aren’t Scanning the QR Code Properly

3. You Aren’t Scanning the QR Code Properly Cash App

Another reason could be that you aren’t following the proper steps to scan your QR code. Your Cash App card and details might be correct, but you’re verifying the card wrongly.

Therefore, if you notice that the QR code isn’t working, double-check whether you are doing it correctly before trying another method.

To activate your Cash Card using the QR code, tap the Cash Card tab on the home page, select the Cash Card image, and tap “Activate Cash Card.”

Your app will ask for permission to use the camera, tap OK, and scan the QR code. If you follow these steps correctly, you’ll activate the card unless it’s damaged.

4. Issues With Cash App Servers

You need the Cash App servers to be working properly when activating the card. If the site is having technical issues at the same time you are trying to activate the Cash Card, it won’t work.

To confirm if the servers are down, you can check sites like down detector, which provide this information.

In addition, you can check Cash App’s status page to confirm if there’s an internal issue regarding Cash Card activations.

In this case, you have to be patient until Cash App resolves the problem. Once the servers are back up, you can retry the verification process.

5. Security Reasons

If there’s a security concern on your account, especially if you have violated the terms of service, Cash App won’t allow you to activate the card.

Many customers get the error message when they’re trying to activate the cards.

Cash App halts the activation to investigate whether there are any security issues that would be risky for the platform or other users.

When this happens, you have to wait a few days before trying again. Cash App will allow you to activate the Cash Card if there’s no problem.

6. Incorrect Details

Cash App won’t allow you to activate your Cash App card if there are discrepancies in the information you provided.

For instance, if you try using a Cash Card and aren’t of legal age, Cash App will disable you once they learn about it.

To avoid this, it’s advisable to register and verify your account only when you are 18+ and provide the correct details.

7. Poor Network Connection

A steady internet connection is essential for all Cash App services. Therefore, your card activation might fail if you don’t have a data signal or Wi-Fi connection.

If the activation fails, check whether your connection is working correctly and try again. You can try connecting with other apps to rule out the cause.

As well, you can fix it by using a different internet connection to make the activation process much easier.

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A Cash App card is essential if you have an account because you can use it to pay for products and services. Therefore, once you verify your account, you can get one for easier transactions.

However, it’s common for the activation process to fail.

This can be due to a poor internet connection, damaged QR code, security reasons, incorrect details, account verification, or server issues. If the problem is activating your Cash Card, you should rule out any of these causes. Contact the Cash App support team if the problem persists.

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