Why Don’t iPhones Come With Chargers? (7 Reasons Why)

If you recently purchased a new iPhone and noticed that it doesn’t have a charger, you may want to know: why don’t iPhones come with chargers anymore?

Well, I have been researching this topic and have several reasons why iPhones don’t come with chargers, so keep reading to find out what I’ve discovered! 

Why Don’t iPhones Come With Chargers in [currentyear]?

iPhones don’t come with chargers because the company wanted to be carbon-neutral by 2030. Additionally, without the charger, Apple can ship the iPhone in smaller boxes, which means more boxes on one pallet, and that can help reduce logistics costs as well in [currentyear]. Also, it’s pointless when so many people own chargers already.

Are you looking for the full list of why iPhones don’t come with chargers? If so, continue reading, as I’ll get into all the reasons for this change below! 

1. To Ship iPhones in Smaller Boxes 

Apple iPhones don’t come with chargers, as it allows the company to ship the iPhone in smaller boxes. These boxes are much lighter, meaning more boxes can be put on one pallet. 

Therefore, with the smaller boxes, Apple could fit 70% more iPhone boxes on a pallet, and that helps the company get more products out quicker than before. 

2. Apple Wanted to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Apple wants to be carbon-neutral by 2030, and one way to achieve this goal is to ship the iPhone without the charger.

To illustrate, just removing the charger from the iPhone box can save more than 2 million metric tons annually. 

3. Consumers Already Own at Least One Charger 

Apple felt that it was safe to remove the charger from the iPhone because so many people have chargers at home that it seemed pointless to give people another charger. 

Furthermore, since so many consumers already own chargers, it would be better just to include the USB Type-C lightning cable, since that’s something people may not have. 

4. Reduces the Logistical Costs of Shipping 

Reduces the Logistical Costs of Shipping 

iPhones don’t come with chargers because it allows for the iPhone to ship in smaller boxes. This allows more boxes on a pallet, which helps reduce the logistical costs of shipping. 

Therefore, if Apple can reduce the costs related to shipping, it can make a higher profit from the new iPhones, which is what Apple has in mind with each product it sells. 

5. It Helps Keep the iPhone Price Stable Over Time 

Every time a new iPhone is released, it comes with new features, upgrades, and improvements, which cost money to make. 

However, Apple wants to keep the iPhone price stable for consumers. 

Furthermore, without a charger and reduced shipping costs, it stabilizes the price for consumers even though new features are being added to the latest iPhone.  

6. Wireless Charging Becomes a Possibility 

By removing the charger from the iPhone and only giving the cable, it allows consumers to consider wireless charging instead of just going with the regular charger. 

Additionally, it gives Apple a chance to jump into the wireless charger market by offering its wireless chargers that you can use with the iPhone as an alternative. 

As well, wireless charging is also more environmentally friendly, so by shifting people to wireless chargers, Apple is helping everyone reduce their carbon footprint. 

7. Apple Saves Billions by Removing the Charger 

Just by removing the charger, Apple has saved more than $6.5 billion, and this company is all about increasing profits and reducing costs associated with its products. 

Also, when Apple saves this much money by taking this simple step, it means that money can now go into research and development of other products or making improvements. 

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iPhones don’t come with chargers, because Apple is trying to become carbon-neutral by 2030. So, getting rid of the charger is one way Apple can achieve this goal. 

In addition, Apple is saving billions by getting rid of the charger, which allows the company to invest that money into improvements and new products or services. 

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