Why Is KFC So Good? (9 Reasons Why It’s So Delicious)

There are several things to love about KFC, from its famous chicken to the extensive menu the fast-food chain offers customers- almost everyone loves KFC. Of course, there are numerous factors that contribute to KFC’s success and continuous growth.

However, have you ever found yourself wondering what makes KFC’s food so good? I’ve looked into it, and here are the top nine reasons customers can’t seem to get enough of KFC!

Why Is KFC So Good In [currentyear]?

The way KFC prepares its chicken using a pressure fryer and an extensive preparation process contribute to the food tasting as good in [currentyear]. Also, KFC specially formulated its food to be addicting, as menu items contain a lot of sodium. Finally, KFC’s secret spice blend makes its chicken stand out from other fast-food chains.

If you want to learn more reasons why KFC’s food tastes so good and what ingredients the fast-food chain uses, make sure you keep reading!

1. KFC’s Food Is Formulated to Be Addicting

KFC didn’t get to be one of the largest fast-food chains by mistake. Therefore, it’s no surprise that KFC’s food is specially formulated to keep customers coming back for more.

In other words, almost all of KFC’s menu items incorporate three tastes- sweet, salty, and umami (or savoury). Because humans naturally crave these flavors, customers constantly want more from KFC.

2. KFC Uses MSG in Its Food

Another ingredient that makes KFC’s chicken and other menu items taste so good is the chain’s use of monosodium glutamate or MSG.

Although MSG usually gets a bad rap, it’s found naturally in many foods, like mushrooms and tomatoes.

That being said, the reason KFC uses MSG in its recipes is that it just makes food taste better, which is evidenced by how tasty KFC’s products are anywhere you go.

3. KFC’s Extensive Chicken Preparation

One of the primary reasons KFC’s chicken is so good is credited to its preparation.

For example, a former KFC employee describes that before the chicken is breaded, it’s inspected, dunked in a special brine, and tossed seven times.

Next, employees bread the chicken using a specific hand motion that’s repeated seven times. Finally, KFC’s chicken is placed on a frying rack and pressure cooked to perfection.

Although this process may seem unnecessary, it’s clear KFC fans love it. So, KFC’s chicken easily separates itself from the rest because of the extensive prep time.

4. KFC Pressure Cooks Its Chicken

Another part of KFC’s preparation process that makes its chicken so addicting is the fact that the restaurant pressure cooks the chicken.

KFC pressure cooks its chicken at a low temperature designed to lock in just the right amount of moisture while cooking it faster than other methods.

Compared to other fast-food chains, KFC’s chicken is often much juicier and contains more flavor, credited to the cooking process.

So, because pressure cooking leads to juicier chicken, KFC customers keep coming back for more.

5. KFC Only Uses Fresh Ingredients

5. KFC Only Uses Fresh Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, it’s better to use the freshest ones available. Well, that’s exactly what KFC does, especially regarding its chicken.

According to KFC employees, the fast-food chain gets its chicken fresh and never-frozen from local poultry companies. Then, because the chicken is never frozen, it’s fresher than most of the competition.

However, other menu items, like the biscuits, are frozen before being prepared for customers.

6. KFC’s Menu Contains a Lot of Sodium

Salt makes almost anything taste better because the human mouth naturally craves sodium. Therefore, nearly all of KFC’s menu items contain a lot of sodium.

Of course, it’s essential only to consume sodium in moderation, as a lot can negatively affect the heart and cause other health concerns.

Still, KFC knows what it takes to keep bringing people back, and sodium is a crucial part of creating addictive fast food.

7. KFC Leftovers Taste Just as Good 

One aspect of KFC’s food that makes it so good is the fact that customers can still enjoy leftovers the next day, either reheated or cold.

According to several die-hard KFC fans, the chicken is just as good cold as it is when it’s fresh.

However, if you don’t like cold chicken, you can always reheat your KFC leftovers with a microwave, air fryer, or oven the next day.

8. KFC Makes High-Calorie Foods

As previously mentioned, humans naturally crave certain ingredients like salt. However, did you know that humans also have a natural craving for a high-calorie diet?

Because of this instinct, people find KFC so tasty because almost every menu item is packed with calories.

Therefore, it’s essential to only enjoy KFC on an occasional basis, as consuming a lot of salt and calories regularly can negatively impact your health.

9. KFC’s Secret Spice Blend

A major factor that contributes to KFC’s popularity is the restaurant’s secret spice blend, which contains 11 herbs and spices.

Although there are several copycat recipes out there, no one knows the precise secret spice blend KFC uses for its chicken.

Naturally, the spice blend is a staple that customers always remember when it comes to KFC and its chicken.

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Because KFC makes high-calorie foods packed with salt and other addicting flavors, customers constantly find themselves coming back for more.

Also, the way KFC prepares its chicken makes it stand out from the rest. For example, KFC pressure cooks its chicken to lock in as much flavor and juices as possible.

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