Why Is Microsoft So Successful? (11 Reasons Why)

Microsoft is a very well-known company, and many people use its products in their everyday lives whether it be for their business, schooling, or something else. 

Chances are, you probably know what Microsoft is and what it has to offer, however, you may be wondering why the company is so successful. Personally, I was curious so I did the research and this is what I found out!

Why Is Microsoft So Successful?

1. Microsoft Archives Its Goals

In order for a company to become successful in the first place, it must accomplish its goals. 

Furthermore, Microsoft is excellent at achieving its goals because it has employees that are motivated within the company. 

Additionally, the company hires people who are experienced and talented graduates who have the potential to contribute fresh innovation and ideas to the upcoming generation.

After hiring the employees’ Microsoft makes sure that they are always focused and are giving their best into research and production for top-of-the-line products.

Also, Microsoft tries to make sure that its employees are having a good time and that they have a lot of added benefits to look forward to.

2. One Of Microsoft’s Main Objectives Is To Generate Great Products For Future Users

Microsoft has created and is still creating many new products for future generations in order to intrigue their minds.

Furthermore, the company is focused on making sure that future minds will be filled with great new technology which makes consumers more interested in products.

3. Microsoft Has Motivated Employees

Microsoft creates a friendly and spacious work environment in order to motivate its employees. 

This is because a good work environment is no doubt essential when bringing motivation to employees.

So, the company provides several facilities to its employees so that they can work at their full potential without any unnecessary distractions. 

Additionally, most of Microsoft’s employees have their own offices along with common office supplies and furniture.

4. Microsoft Has A Lot Of Great And Popular Programs

Microsoft has a variety of great programs to choose from in order to help you get your projects done more efficiently while making them look great and staying organized.

Furthermore, just a few of the programs you can get with the Microsoft 365 suite are listed here:

  • MS Word
  • MS Teams
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS OneNote
  • MS OneDrive

Microsoft has also produced Edge which is one of the most popular default web browsers.

Additionally, the company also owns Windows which means that Microsoft has many different electronic devices on the market as well. 

5. Microsoft Has Many Resources For Its Employees

Many of Microsoft’s employees sleep or even spend nights in their own offices when working late. 

When new office supplies are needed, employees can get what they need from a supply closet located on each floor.

Furthermore, any extra or special supplies that are required can be ordered and will be delivered within 24 hours after the request. 

Also, if an employee is facing technical problems, they can be reported to the help desk and within an hour or 2, a knowledgeable computer technician will have fixed the problem. 

Microsoft even lends its computers to employees for at-home use.

6. Microsoft Has Its Employees Working Long Hours

Microsoft Has Its Employees Working Long Hours

Microsoft has some pretty challenging work tasks for its employees which sometimes means employees, even including Bill Gates, can spend about 80 hours a week working on projects. 

Luckily, during these long periods of time spent working at the office, employees can take many time outs.

In fact, employees tend to relax by watching a movie, eating, sleeping, exercising, and many other activities that are made available on the Microsoft campus. 

Although the workload is large, by providing these amenities, employees feel much more comfortable and have the incentive to produce new innovations and increase production.

7. Microsoft Is A More Affordable Option

Many people choose to use Microsoft’s programs and devices because they are more affordable than some of the other options that are available on the market. 

Plus, Microsoft owns Windows, so aside from the many programs available, as mentioned above, Microsoft also has a lot of electronic devices to offer. 

Therefore, many choose Microsoft’s electronic devices for the reason that what they are getting is worth the price. 

So with the company’s affordable, yet great products, many people are buying them which certainly helps with Microsoft’s success.

8. Many People Use Microsoft

As mentioned previously, Microsoft is very popular which means that many people are using the products that are offered by the company for whatever reason may be.

It could be because of the affordability of some of the company’s products or it could be because of the convenience, ease of use, or something else.  

This certainly helps with the success of Microsoft.

9. Microsoft Has An 11 Billion Dollar Business

Microsoft has 11 billion dollar revenue business lines which is something that not a lot of companies can say. Here is a list of businesses owned by Microsoft:

  • Windows
  • Office
  • Servers
  • Xbox
  • SQL Server
  • System Center
  • Unified Communications (Exchange)
  • SharePoint
  • Developer Tools (Visual Studio)
  • Dynamics (ERP & CRM)
  • Online Advertising (display & search)

10. Microsoft Employs Many Talented And Smart People

Microsoft is careful to choose employees who are smart and talented in order to help grow the business’s success. 

According to an ex-employee, the company also makes training people a major priority and it allows its employees to not get stuck in their heads like other companies tend to do.

11. Microsoft Offers Good Help To Its Users

Microsoft provides a lot of videos to help with any issues that you may be having with your programs or devices. 

Therefore, if you cannot diagnose your issue on your own, you can get help from Microsoft’s online chat and by calling the company’s support number. 

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Microsoft is a well-known company that is very successful mainly because of its motivated workforce. Furthermore, the company provides many great benefits to its employees which no doubt helps workers to accomplish goals quicker.

Additionally, Microsoft provides a lot of great products in order for its users to accomplish their projects in a more efficient manner while at the same time making their creations look great. 

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