Why Is Payoneer Not Working? (7 Reasons Why)

Payoneer is a popular global payment service that allows businesses to receive payments from customers from many different countries. It allows you to store your earnings and convert currency.

However, like many apps and online tools, you may experience technical difficulties. If you’re having trouble using Payoneer, you’ve come to the right place. This article outlines seven possible reasons why Payoneer isn’t working. 

Why Is Payoneer Not Working?

There are a number of reasons why Payoneer isn’t working for you, depending on the task you are trying to complete. If you are having trouble sending a payment, there may be an issue with your bank account or your payment method. If a payment hasn’t come into your account, you may need to send in additional documentation. 

There are numerous scenarios and possible reasons for difficulties in your Payoneer account, so keep reading for more helpful information and fixes!

1. Payment Was Sent Via Wire Transfer

If you send a request for someone to pay you through Payoneer, or if you’re trying to pay a business or individual on Payoneer, the issue may be the payment method involved. 

A payment request will ask that the sender pay using a credit card or local transfer bank account. Wire transfers are not accepted on Payoneer.  

2. Supporting Documents Required

Payoneer follows government regulations for safety protocols. There are certain forms of documentation you may be asked for, in order to comply with government laws for Money Service Businesses.

If you are having trouble with a money transfer, or if a payment hasn’t arrived in your account yet, this may be due to a prolonged review process because of missing documents. 

You can check your email to see if Payoneer has alerted you of this issue or requested additional documentation for review. You can also contact customer support. 

3. Payment Not In Compliance With Terms And Conditions 

All transactions are reviewed by Payoneer before they arrive in your account. Some payments may not be in compliance with Payoneer’s Terms and Conditions agreement.

Payoneer make have an issue with the payment in connection with anti-money laundering or counter-terrorist funding regulations, although these reasons may not be valid.

Payoneer is not obligated to disclose the exact reason for a canceled payment. 

You can always contact customer support, and they should be able to help you. You can ask why your payments aren’t sending or coming through, and ask what you should do to avoid security flags. 

4. Declined By Bank Or Credit Card

Declined By Bank Or Credit Card

If you are using Payoneer to pay online using funds from your linked bank account or credit card, you may want to check your bank account status if Payoneer transfers aren’t going through. 

It may be that your bank account is declining the payments for a number of possible reasons. If this is the case, you can try resolving the issue with your bank, or you can link a different card or account to Payoneer. 

5. Currency Mismatch

For Payoneer users who want to pay other Payoneer accounts directly, there is a feature called Make a Payment.

However, if this feature isn’t working for you, it may be due to mismatched currency. 

If you want to pay another Payoneer account directly using your account balance, you will need to be using the same currency. For example, USD sent to USD or EUR sent to EUR. 

If you want to pay someone using a different currency, they can send you a payment request, and you can then do a bank transfer in your currency of choice. 

Payoneer does currency conversion for you, although there are fees that come along with it. 

6. Daily and Monthly Limits

It is important to be aware of certain sending and withdrawal limits that are attached to your Payoneer account. There is a daily limit of 10K (USD, EUR, GBP) for withdrawals and a monthly bank withdrawal limit of 100K. 

If you want to send money using your Payoneer account, there is a daily sending limit of $15,000. 

7. Errors Within Payoneer’s Systems

Payoneer has a history of technical issues, and there have been times when certain parts of the company’s online systems were down or not functioning. Thankfully, this is usually resolved in a day or so. 

If Payoneer seems to be having technical difficulties, you can go to status.payoneer.com for details. In addition, you can contact customer support via phone, live chat, or email, and they will be able to tell you what the issue is. 

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Errors and difficulties in Payoneer can be linked to many different factors. An issue with a payment might have to do with the payment method, a bank account problem, or missing documentation. 

You should also keep in mind that there are withdrawal limits and spending limits for your Payoneer account. In addition, the company sometimes experiences server-wide errors. 

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