Why Is Uber Declining My Card? (All You Need To Know)

Being able to add multiple payment options to an app provides users the flexibility to choose what works best for them or allows for a backup if one method of payment doesn’t work.

Furthermore, if Uber declines your card, it severely impacts the convenience it promises, so we looked into why this happens to help you resolve the issue! So continue reading for more information!

Why Is Uber Declining My Card?

Uber might decline your card if there’s issues with your bank account keeping the transaction from going through in [currentyear]. Some of the reasons for this include the card having been reported as lost or stolen, or the bank suspecting fraud. You might also have exceeded your withdrawal limit or you’re out of the country and haven’t enabled international transactions.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Uber declining your card, including how you can address the issues, alternative options, and more!

How Do I Fix Uber Payment Errors?

There are different ways to fix payment errors on Uber that depend on why it’s coming up, to begin with:

  1. Remove the card and add it back using steps that we’ll discuss later
  2. Verify the card as we’ll describe
  3. Clear an outstanding payment
  4. Use it on another service to see if the issue is exclusive to Uber
  5. Ensure it has sufficient funds
  6. Ensure you haven’t gone above your withdrawal limit
  7. Contact your bank to ensure it hasn’t been reported stolen, missing, or flagged for suspicious activity
  8. If you’re not in the country where you usually are, authorize international transactions

What Cards Does Uber Not Accept?

Most of the cards that Uber doesn’t accept are the ones that don’t process payments through Visa or Mastercard.

This means that if you have a prepaid card, there’s a significant chance that it won’t work when you try to add it.

However, wide support for Visa and Mastercard means you can add payment options that don’t have official support such as Zip to pay in installments or Cash App.

What Forms Of Payment Does Uber Accept?

What Forms Of Payment Does Uber Accept?

Uber accepts the following forms of payment:

  1. Gift cards
  2. Credit cards
  3. Debit cards
  4. Venmo
  5. Paypal
  6. Cash
  7. Apple Pay
  8. Google Pay

How Do I Verify My Card On Uber?

To verify your card on Uber, you’ll get two authorizations to your account of up to $2 each and you’ll need to enter the exact numbers into the app.

Furthermore, a different verification method involves using your camera to scan the card into the app to prove that you’re its actual holder.

Either way, you’ll be instructed on what to do depending on which method is being used.

How Do I Add A Card To Uber?

To add a card to your Uber account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu and tap “Wallet”
  2. Tap “Add payment method”
  3. Follow the prompts and enter the information requested

If you’re asked to scan a card to add it, here’s what to do:

  1. Tap the camera icon and give the app permission to use the camera if requested
  2. Get the card in focus so its corners align with the ones on the frame and they flash green
  3. Enter the card details, including the CVV number and expiration date
  4. Tap “Save”

How To Remove A Card From Uber

To remove a card from Uber here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the menu and tap “Payment”
  2. Find and select the card you want to remove
  3. Tap the three dots in the top right corner
  4. Select “Delete” and confirm

How Do I Choose A Payment Method On Uber?

Luckily, you can change your payment method on Uber either before or during a trip.

Furthermore, to do it before a trip, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your pickup and dropoff locations
  2. Below the ride options, select your payment details
  3. Tap “Change”
  4. Select the one you want to use to pay for the trip

To do it during a trip, here’s what to do:

  1. Tap the white panel at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select “Switch” next to the payment method and fare
  3. Select the option you want to use

However, if you had originally selected cash you can’t switch to a different payment option during the trip.

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Uber might decline your card if there’s an issue with your bank account. Furthermore, some of them include the card being reported stolen or missing, having reached your limit, the bank freezing it on suspicion of fraud, or having not enabled international transactions while abroad.

Luckily, though, you can resolve many Uber card errors by removing and adding them again or verifying them. So, to verify your card on Uber, you might need to scan it using your camera or confirm some numbers sent to your account as prompted.

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