​​How Much Does Family Dollar Pay? (Different Positions + Other Common FAQs)

With low prices on a wide variety of household items, Family Dollar stores are a popular place for many people to shop. But perhaps you’re curious about working at Family Dollar and wonder about the pay.

Some questions you might have include, how much is the starting pay at Family Dollar? And can I get a raise? I’ve looked into it, and here’s everything I discovered about employee pay at Family Dollar!

How Much Does Family Dollar Pay In 2024?

At Family Dollar, the average pay ranges from approximately $8 to $15 per hour depending on the position and store location as of 2024. Usually, cashiers at Family Dollar can expect to make an average of $10 per hour. Overall, Family Dollar pay is a bit lower than the national salary average.

If you still have questions about Family Dollar’s pay, like how much different positions earn, continue reading to find more information!

How Much Do Cashiers Earn At Family Dollar?

At Family Dollar, cashiers can expect to make between $8 and $12 per hour, with the average being about $10 per hour.

Further, the duties of a Family Dollar cashier include:

  • Ringing up customers at the cash register.
  • Answering questions that customers might have.
  • Cleaning up the store and work areas.

How Much Does A Store Manager Earn At Family Dollar?

The average pay for store managers at Family Dollar is approximately $16 per hour, which is for the head store manager at any given store.

As for assistant store managers, the expected pay is roughly $12 per hour.

Moreover, the duties of managers and assistant managers can vary but include the following:

  • Setting employee schedules
  • Delegating work
  • Training new hires
  • Assisting customers

What Day Is Payday At Family Dollar?

Family Dollar workers can expect to receive their paycheck every other Thursday.

Having said that, Family Dollar has a partnership with DailyPay, an app that allows workers to access their pay sooner.

Basically, DailyPay is an app that allows employees to view their earnings at the end of each shift and then withdraw that money at any point.

Then, when the scheduled payday comes around, the employee will receive any money not withdrawn from their regular paycheck.

In a nutshell, Family Dollar pays every other week, but workers can view and withdraw money via the DailyPay app in between paychecks.

Does Family Dollar Give Raises?

Does Family Dollar Give Raises?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a bit unclear.

For example, while some Family Dollar workers report never receiving a raise, others confirm that the company offers raises yearly.

Still, other Family Dollar employees report that raises are offered every quarter or even after 90 days of employment. Therefore, it seems to depend on the individual stores and the managers.

Moreover, some employees have stated that managers receive raises on a much more frequent basis than cashiers. But, while this may be true, there’s no information to confirm this for sure.

Does Family Dollar Give Employee Benefits?

The benefits for store workers at Family Dollar are surprisingly versatile and good.

So, while the pay itself may not be spectacularly generous, there are several employee benefits at Family Dollar.

For example, these benefits include the following as outlined on Family Dollar’s website:

  • DailyPay app.
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • A wellness program
  • Paid time off

On top of that, there are more benefits, but those are several of the main ones mentioned by Family Dollar.

Does Family Dollar have PTO?

Yes, Family Dollar offers paid time off to all workers. However, the days off might vary depending on time worked and other factors.

Still, workers can expect to receive PTO for bereavement, vacation time, and even their birthday while working at Family Dollar.

Further, it’s unclear exactly how many days off per year employees can expect to receive, so it’s a good idea to ask your manager during training or the interview.

How Many Hours Are Typical Shifts At Family Dollar?

Typically, at Family Dollar, you can expect to work approximately eight hours per shift per day. But, this may change a bit depending on scheduling needs and other circumstances.

Still, the usual morning shift at Family Dollar runs from 8 am to 3 pm. Then, the midday shift runs from 10 am to 4 pm.

Finally, the evening shift at Family Dollar is usually from 3 pm to 10 pm.

While working at Family Dollar, the managers may schedule you for any of the previously listed shifts in accordance with the store’s needs.

Additionally, some Family Dollar employees note that the schedule can change regularly, which can be difficult for planning purposes.

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Family Dollar associates can expect to earn anywhere from $8 to $16 per hour, depending on their position and time with the company.

On average, cashiers make about $10 per hour. In contrast, store managers can earn up to $16 per hour. Further, there’s also the possibility of raises in many cases.

To make payday more convenient, Family Dollar workers can access their paychecks early using the app, DailyPay.

In addition, Family Dollar offers a variety of employee benefits, including paid time off and insurance options.

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