Ace Hardware Employee Discount (Benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

Known for selling a variety of DIY tools, products, and raw materials, Ace Hardware is the largest cooperative hardware business in the world. As part of a cooperative, Ace Hardware stores are independently owned, with over 5,000 currently in operation.

If you’re wondering about working at Ace Hardware, you may be curious about what benefits the store offers to employees and who’s entitled to use them. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve learned about Ace Hardware!

Ace Hardware Employee Discount In [currentyear]

As Ace Hardware stores are owned independently, the employee discount varies from store to store but is reported to be between 10 to 25% as of [currentyear]. Also, Ace Hardware offers long-time workers the ability to purchase items at cost. Employee discount can be used in-store or online at Ace Hardware and is sometimes extended to the employees’ household.

For more information about Ace Hardware’s employee discount, including who is entitled to use it and what products you can use the Ace Hardware employee discount on, keep reading!

Do Ace Hardware Employees Get A Store Discount?

Ace Hardware employees who are actively employed at the retailer are entitled to a discount.

However, the amount of discount received by Ace Hardware employees will vary due to location, as managers of stores can allocate their discount level.

Additionally, employees can use the discounts at Ace Hardware either in-store or online.

To receive an employee discount, Ace Hardware employees need to verify their employment status at the checkout. 

In some locations, employees at Ace Hardware will also receive increased discount levels due to the amount of time they have worked there.

For example, one online worker said that after they had worked there for five years, their discount increased from 10% off to purchasing items at cost from Ace Hardware.

How Much Discount Does An Ace Employee Get?

Ace Hardware is a cooperative store which means that different locations can assign different amounts of an employee discount.

For example, one online worker has stated that their Ace Hardware store will offer 20% off many items unless it is less than cost when it becomes cost plus 10%.

Still, other workers have stated they’re entitled to a 15% discount within Ace Hardware stores and cannot use their deal online.

Also, some employees state that if an Ace Hardware employee would like to order an item from Acenet that is not carried within its stores, the price is cost plus 10%.

Because the discount varies, it’s best to ask your local Ace Hardware store about its employee discount policy to be notified about the amount it offers.

Who Can Use The Ace Hardware Employee Discount?

Who Can Use The Ace Hardware Employee Discount?

All current employees can use the Ace Hardware employee discounts.

However, employees need to provide proof of employment to obtain the Ace Hardware employee discount.

Also, some Ace Hardware stores will extend its employee discount to their household members on a majority of items, including offering free keys.

In some Ace Hardware locations, it offers a 25% employee discount for all products except Weber and Yeti products.

In other stores, it has been said that you’re entitled to a 20% discount for orders below $50, and for orders above $50, the price is cost plus 2%.

Still, the employee discount at Ace Hardware is not standard, and therefore it’s best to verify with your local store before using your employee discount.

What Products Can Ace Hardware Employee Discount Be Used On?

Ace Hardware will offer employee discounts on the majority of items that it sells in stores and online.

Additionally, it has been reported that some brands set their own level of discount for contracted items, but these are usually for larger brands.

Where Can Ace Hardware Employees Use Their Discount?

Ace Hardware employees can often use their discount in-store and online, ordering from and the Ace Hardware warehouse.

With that, employees can purchase several products from Ace Hardware at wholesale cost.

So, this means that if your Ace Hardware store doesn’t carry a certain product, you can order it online and still receive a discount.

Which Ace Hardware Stores Offer Employee Discount?

As Ace Hardware is a franchise, there are various amounts of discounts offered at its stores.

Therefore, employee discounts at Ace Hardware vary from 10% to 25% from full-price items or cost plus 10% to 20%.

That said, your local Ace Hardware manager will have the final say on the number of employee discounts the store offers.

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Ace Hardware employees are entitled to around a 10% to 25% discount on items sold within its store and items that can be ordered from online.

Also, employee discounts at Ace Hardware are extended to the household of the employee to allow further savings.

As Ace Hardware is a cooperative, the amount of employee discounts offered within stores can vary.

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