Ace Hardware Shoplifting Policy (Cameras, Security, Loss Prevention, Caught Stealing, Facial Recognition + More)

Ace Hardware is one of the largest hardware retailers globally, selling products including power tools and paint. As the company sells a range of expensive items, Ace Hardware has a shoplifting policy to protect assets.

If you frequently visit Ace Hardware, you may be wondering what its shoplifting policy is and what measures it has in place to protect the items. Well, I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve found out!

Ace Hardware Shoplifting Policy In 2023

Ace Hardware has a range of loss prevention methods in place, including security cameras, a loss prevention team, security guards, and more as of 2023. If you’re caught shoplifting at Ace Hardware, you will likely be prosecuted and banned from the premises. Also, Ace Hardware owns Loss Prevention Services, Inc., which helps prevent theft.

For more information on the Ace Hardware shoplifting policy, including features such as cameras, security guards, a loss prevention team, and more, just keep reading!

Does Ace Hardware Have Cameras?

As part of its loss prevention methods, Ace Hardware stores have security cameras in place.

Additionally, Ace Hardware has security cameras at the entrance, exit, and by the aisles prone to theft.

Further, security cameras at Ace Hardware allow the company to have evidence of incidents to police that can help prosecute shoplifters.

Does Ace Hardware Have Security Guards?

Ace Hardware has security guards who are used to monitor, prevent, and deal with shoplifting incidents.

Typically, security guards at Ace Hardware are known as Loss Prevention Officers and are part of the store’s larger loss prevention scheme and shoplifting policy.

Does Ace Hardware Have Loss Prevention?

Yes, Ace Hardware has a loss prevention plan as part of its shoplifting policy.

With that, the loss prevention scheme has training sessions for staff to deal with shoplifting, lockable cases, security guards, and more to protect assets.

So, there are shoplifting prevention, detection, and detention plans at Ace Hardware as part of the shoplifting policy, so all staff members are trained to cope with shoplifting incidents.

Also, Ace Hardware employs a Loss Prevention Manager responsible for identifying and reducing potential risk and learning how to cope with incidents.

What Are Ace Hardware Loss Prevention Services?

What Are Ace Hardware Loss Prevention Services?

Loss Prevention Services, Inc. (LPS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ace Hardware to help smaller retail businesses implement their shoplifting policies.

Through LPS, Ace Hardware offers services such as training and classes for loss prevention and additional services for retailers to help them protect their assets.

Additionally, Ace Hardware sells security products through LPS, including:

  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Burglar and fire alarms
  • Surveillance systems
  • Safes
  • Drug testing
  • Tool alarms

Does Ace Hardware Have Facial Recognition?

Some people report that Ace Hardware is one of the retailers that uses facial recognition as part of its shoplifting policy.

With that, using facial recognition can help Ace Hardware to identify those suspected of shoplifting. 

Does Ace Hardware Have A No-Chase Policy?

Many retailers have a “No-Chase” policy as part of their shoplifting policy, primarily to ensure the safety of their staff members and loss prevention team.

That said, Ace Hardware instructs employees to follow from a safe distance while obtaining information to provide as evidence to the police.

If there are shoplifting incidents at Ace Hardware, the store trains staff members to contact local law enforcement to deal with the situation. 

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting At Ace Hardware?

If you get caught shoplifting at Ace Hardware, you will likely be banned from the store or franchise, depending on the crime’s severity.

Also, Ace Hardware will probably ask you to leave the store and not return if you attempt to shoplift.

Finally, if an Ace Hardware manager catches you shoplifting, you’ll likely be detained at Ace Hardware until law enforcement can arrest and prosecute you.

Will I Be Prosecuted For Shoplifting At Ace Hardware?

If you’re caught shoplifting at Ace Hardware, you will likely be arrested and later prosecuted due to the shoplifting policy in place.

Also, if Ace Hardware employees suspect you’re shoplifting at the store, you will likely be approached by a staff member and told to leave the store.

Or, law enforcement may detain you, as they work in conjunction with Ace Hardware, until you can be arrested.

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The Ace Hardware shoplifting policy is in place to protect the assets within its stores from theft.

That said, Ace Hardware uses methods such as CCTV cameras, loss prevention officers, and more to protect items.

If you’re caught shoplifting at Ace Hardware, you will likely be detained by local law enforcement and later prosecuted.

Also, Ace Hardware owns Loss Prevention Services, Inc., to help other retailers develop their own shoplifting policy.

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