Does Aldi Have Curbside Pickup? (How It Works, How To Order + Other Things To Know)

Since Aldi first came to the U.S. it has achieved nothing short of cult status, both for its incredibly high-quality products and its jaw-droppingly low prices. 

Additionally, the company’s partnership with Instacart has only made Aldi more accessible. However, does Aldi have curbside pickup as part of its partnership with Instacart? Here’s what you need to know!

Does Aldi Have Curbside Pickup In 2024?

Aldi offers curbside pickup as part of its ongoing partnership with grocery delivery service Instacart as of 2024. For a smaller fee than delivery incurs, customers can have their groceries shopped in-store, then come at the time of their choice to pick them up, without even having to leave their car. It’s fast, affordable, and convenient.

To learn more about how Aldi pickup works, which locations offer pickup, a quick how-to for placing an order pickup, and much more, keep reading!

How Does Aldi Pickup Work?

  1. Setting Order To Pickup

Aldi curbside pickup is part of its partnership with grocery delivery service Instacart.

Customers should ensure that the toggle at the top of the app or website page is set to pick up (with the proper location chosen).

From there they will see the earliest possible pickup time available (but will set their pick up time at checkout).

  1. Pickup Windows

Pickup times are windows of time, such as 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Customers are encouraged to show up during these times, however, if they miss their window, it’s not the end of the world.

Customers can still come and pick up their order when they are able, and they have until the end of the store’s operational Instacart hours to retrieve their groceries.

There is no penalty for being late; Aldi and Instacart simply provide the pickup window as a convenience to customers on a rigid schedule.

Sometimes your Aldi Instacart shopper also finishes early (no worries – your food is kept temperature safe when needed), and you are invited to come grab your order early, too.

If this works out for you, great! One thing to check off your list. If not, there is no pressure – you can always come during your pickup window or after if you’re running late.

  1. Pickup Cost

Pickup at Aldi costs just $1.99 per order, and it’s completely free for Instacart Express members.

Even better, Aldi pickup does not incur any service fees (nor does any pickup using Instacart), so customers are able to save much more than with delivery orders.

You do, however, have to meet the pickup minimum, which might be $10 or it might be the same as delivery, $35.

This can vary from store to store, so double-check by pressing “View pricing policy” under the Aldi logo.

Then select “Pickup times.” At the top, there should be a banner that tells you the minimum purchase needed to place the order.

Where Is Aldi Curbside Pickup?

Aldi curbside pickup is available in many locations, but not all.

According to Aldi’s website, the curbside pickup has expanded to 700 stores around the U.S.; there are currently a little over 2,000 stores and counting.

The best way to find out if your preferred Aldi offers curbside pickup is to open Aldi in your Instacart app.

Choose your location and then look in the upper-right corner, where it says Delivery. If you can toggle a button over to Pickup, then your location offers the service.

If not, then unfortunately you cannot do pick up at that store. But you can check any other Aldi stores in your area because one of them might offer it.

How Do You Place An Order For Aldi Pickup?

How Do You Place An Order For Aldi Pickup?

To place an order for Aldi curbside pickup you can go into the Instacart app or use the Instacart website.

Find the Aldi logo in the main menu and press on it; you may be prompted to choose the location you wish to shop at.

This step is very important because if you have two Aldi stores on opposite sides of your city, and you accidentally pick the one furthest from you, you’re stuck driving over there.

If the app doesn’t prompt you but takes you straight to Aldi’s Instacart “storefront,” double-check that the toggle in the upper-right corner is set to Pickup.

And again, you’ll want to make sure the location is also set to the store you want to pick up from.

From there you can shop and add things to your cart. There was a time Aldi’s pickup minimum purchase was only $10, but in some areas at least, it is now the same as delivery, $35.

After you hit your pickup minimum you can go and check out.

In check-out, you’ll be prompted to pick a window for picking up your groceries. Choose the one that suits you and you’ll go on to pick your payment method.

Next, submit your order and then wait until your shopper starts and finishes, monitoring their progress in case you need to approve any refunds or replacements.

Additionally, Instacart starts sending notifications about 15 minutes before your pickup window. If your order is already done, you can head over early.

If not, head to the store just before or during your set pickup window. You have the option in the app to let the store know you’re coming.

Next, you’ll park in the marked spaces; they are usually blue, with white stripes on the side, and large white numbers, with signs to mark them as Curbside Pickup spaces.

Once you’re parked, you can use the Instacart app to alert the store that you have arrived and are in the appropriate space.

Lastly, wait for the associate to come out with your bags, let them know where you want them and that’s it!

How Much Is Aldi Pickup?

Aldi pickup is $1.99, two dollars cheaper than delivery, and with none of the service fees or tips.

That said, during peak shopping hours pickup prices can be raised all the way up to $7.99.

However, you can avoid these fees entirely by becoming an Instacart Express member.

For $10 a month or a single $99 investment for the year, you get free delivery and pickup, plus any other perks or discounts Instacart chooses to throw in.

One customer favorite over the years has been the five percent back on pickup orders promotion, which allows quite a bit in cashback to use on more grocery purchases.

Additionally, if you use Instacart more than twice a month for your grocery shopping, you could consider signing up for Instacart Express.

Should You Tip Aldi Curbside Pickup?

Unlike delivery orders, Aldi Instacart pick-up orders do not expect to be tipped.

In-store shoppers who may complete the pickup orders are actually Instacart employees – they are paid an hourly wage and have access to company benefits.

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Aldi curbside pickup is powered by Instacart, and it’s a super convenient and affordable alternative to delivery.

Non-Express members pay just $1.99 for pickup, and the service comes with no fees. Therefore, Aldi pickup is a great option for those who don’t have the time or the ability to go grab their own groceries for the week!

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