Curbside Pickup Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

Curbside pickup has gained significant popularity over the last couple of years, and have you been wondering about some of the top curbside pickup statistics and facts?

If so, keep reading because I’ve been researching curbside pickup statistics and have a lot of valuable and cool information to share!

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Curbside Pickup Statistics In 2024

Curbside pickup is becoming extremely popular because of its convenience, with over half of all retail chains now offering the service as of 2024. Additionally, almost 90% of people prefer shopping at a business that offers curbside pickup. Companies that provide curbside pickup notice customers purchasing more (about one to two items) per transaction.

Have you been wondering about other curbside pickup statistics or want to have your questions answered? Keep reading below to find out all there is to know about curbside pickup!

1. More Than 50% Of Retail Chains Offer Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup has been booming since 2020, and as of early 2021, more than 50% of retail chains offer curbside pickup for customers.

In contrast, only 6.6% of the top 1,000 retail chains had offered curbside pickup in early 2020, so the nation saw a massive boom in the service between 2020 and 2021.

2. 47.4% Choose Curbside Pickup To Avoid Fees

47.4% of people choose to use curbside pickup for their purchases to avoid the delivery fees or shipping charges since curbside pickup is often free.

3. Michaels & JoAnn Launched Curbside Pickup In March 2020

Two big brands that launched curbside pickup for the first time were Michaels & JoAnn, which launched the service in March 2020, along with multiple other retailers.

4. 87% Of People Want Curbside Pickup To Continue

Curbside pickup has increased significantly since 2020, and 87% of people surveyed want the service to continue to be an option for both restaurants and other businesses.

Furthermore, most people want to keep curbside pickup as an option to limit their contact with other people or limit in-person store trips.

5. 41% Of People Purchased Items Online For Curbside Pickup

A survey found that 41% of people had ordered an item online and had chosen curbside pickup or in-store pickup, which is an interesting trend that is expected to continue.

6. Consumers Opt For Curbside Pickup Because Of Convenience

One of the top reasons why curbside pickup has become so popular is that people enjoy the convenience of having their items delivered right to their cars.

Therefore, people expect that this contact-free option will continue to grow in popularity as more people find it convenient to check-in and have their orders brought to them.

7. 45% Of Consumers Said Curbside Pickup Experience Was Rocky

A survey showed that not everyone has had a great curbside pickup experience, with more than 45% of people saying the curbside pickup experience was rocky.

However, since curbside pickup is still in its infancy stages, you can assume businesses will learn how to serve customers better using curbside pickup and employ better techniques.

8. 55% Had A Smooth Curbside Pickup Experience

While 45% had a poor or rocky curbside pickup experience, over 55% of people said that they had a smooth curbside pickup experience.

Therefore, you can assume that some businesses have implemented better curbside pickup techniques or were already utilizing similar options to curbside pickup, so it flowed better.

9. 25% Said They Rely On Curbside Pickup Exclusively

Out of everyone surveyed, about one-quarter of people said they were relying exclusively on curbside pickup but would go in-store if it wasn’t an option.

However, 21% of those surveyed said they didn’t utilize curbside pickup or change their shopping habits when offered at the store.

10. 41% Of Retailers Report A 1-2 Item Increase With Curbside Pickup

An interesting curbside pickup statistic is that around 41% of retailers reported that consumers were purchasing one to two items more on average when utilizing the curbside pickup option.

Therefore, you can assume that curbside pickup makes people spend more money or impulse buy products online either through a website or the retailer’s app.

11. 48% Of Consumers Used Curbside Pickup Before COVID

Curbside pickup increased a lot during 2020 when COVID first hit, but 48% of people reported using curbside pickup before the pandemic began, and it became a more common option.

12. 36% Of Gen Z Would Opt For Curbside Pickup

Generation Z is the group most likely to use the curbside pickup option, with 36% of people in the Gen Z group choosing curbside pickup.

13. 31% Of Millennials Are Likely To Use Curbside Pickup

A survey showed that only 31% of Millennials were likely to use curbside pickup, but that’s still a pretty high number of Millennials opting for this service.

14. 10% Of All Sales Will Be From Curbside Pickup in 2025

14. 10% Of All Sales Will Be From Curbside Pickup in 2025

One interesting trend in curbside pickup is that it’s expected to gain momentum, and by 2025, it’s estimated that 10% of all sales will be from curbside pickup orders.

15. Shoppers In America Spent $72.46 Billion Via Curbside Pickup In 2020

One amazing fact about curbside pickup is that Americans spent about $72.46 billion in 2020 while shopping and using curbside pickup.

Further, 9.1% of all e-commerce sales were from curbside pickup, which is a relatively big number considering the limited scope of curbside pickup at the time.

16. 27% Of Retailers Report Curbside Pickup Orders Are Ready In 30 Minutes Or Less

A great advantage to curbside pickup is the quickness of getting the order together, which is what customers love about curbside pickup.

For example, 27% of retailers report that they had curbside orders ready in 30 minutes or less!

17. 68% Of People Will Continue To Use Curbside Pickup

While curbside pickup boomed because of COVID, 68% of people surveyed said they would continue to use curbside pickup well after the COVID pandemic ends.

Therefore, you can assume that curbside pickup will continue to grow in the next several years as people have become accustomed to it and want to continue to use it for shopping.

18. 64% Of Curbside Pickup Sales Were From 7 Retailers In 2020

Seven major retailers led the way in curbside pickup in 2020, with the following stores accounting for about 64% of all curbside pickup sales in America:

  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Best Buy
  • Lowe’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Target
  • Macy’s

19. 67% Of People Have Used Curbside Pickup In The Past 6 Months

One cool trend about curbside pickup is that about 67% of people have used curbside pickup at least once within the past six months, showing it has no signs of slowing down!

20. 94% Of Retailers Report Wait Times Of Less Than 8 Minutes For Curbside Pickup

An area where retailers have excelled with curbside pickup is the wait time for the curbside pickup order to be delivered to the customer outside.

For example, about 94% of retailers report that the wait time for the customer using curbside pickup is less than eight minutes.

21. 13% Used Curbside Pickup 20 Or More Times

Curbside pickup has become very popular, and 13% of people have reported using the curbside pickup option 20 or more times, which shows it’s the top choice for some shoppers. 

22. 31.6% Of Retailers Say Keeping Up With The Competition Was Why They Implemented Curbside Pickup

One of the main reasons retailers were quick to implement curbside pickup was that they wanted to keep up with the competition and not let a competitor steal business from them.

23. 64% Will Increase Curbside Pickup Orders Within The Next 6 Months

People are not willing to let go of curbside pickup, which shows in the fact that 64% of people say that they will increase their curbside pickup orders within the next six months.

Furthermore, this shows a trend with shoppers that most shoppers plan to continue utilizing curbside pickup and may shop even more with this option available.

When Did Curbside Pickup Start At Target?

Target started curbside pickup in 2018, although it wasn’t until late 2019 that it became available in all states across America.

When Did Walmart Introduce Curbside Pickup?

Walmart was one of the early retailers to introduce curbside pickup since it began offering it nationwide in 2015, and it’s only improved through the last several years.

To know more, you can also read our posts on if Aldi has curbside pickup, if Meijer has curbside pickup, and if IKEA has curbside pickup.


There are several incredible curbside pickup statistics, such as that 94% of retailers report an eight-minute or less wait, and by 2025, 10% of all sales will be from curbside pickup.

Additionally, 13% of people have used curbside pickup 20 or more times, while 64% say they will increase their curbside pickup orders within the next six months.

Lastly, curbside pickup is available in over 50% of retail stores, and 87% of people surveyed want curbside pickup to continue as an option in the future.


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