Amazon Baby Registry Return Policy (Will The Giver Know, Can You Do It + More)

3.6 million babies were welcomed in the U.S. last year, and many family members and friends like to celebrate each precious new arrival with baby gifts.

If you’re having a baby and preparing your gift registry online, you may be wondering: what is Amazon’s baby registry return policy?

After all, Amazon is a popular place to register, but how easy is it to return baby gifts you no longer want or can’t use? Don’t worry, I found the answers to all these questions and more!

What Is Amazon’s Baby Registry Return Policy?

Amazon’s baby registry return policy lets you return any gifts purchased within 365 days of shipment. In addition to these free returns, items bought by the registry owner can be returned within 90 days. All other items, including baby products purchased outside of the registry, fall under Amazon’s standard 30-day return policy.

If you want to know more about returning items bought on an Amazon baby registry, including who can do it and if the giver will know, then keep on reading!

Can You Do Amazon Baby Registry Returns?

Amazon makes it easy for the baby registry owner to process returns, eliminating the stress of having to talk to the gift giver.

You can return items from your Amazon baby registry so long as they are still eligible for free returns. For gifts purchased by others off your registry, you have 365 days from the receipt of shipment to return them.

For items you purchased directly off your registry, you have 90 days to return them, which is more generous than the standard 30-day policy on most Amazon returns.

If there are any baby items that were purchased outside the registry, they fall under Amazon’s 30-day return policy unless otherwise listed on the product detail page or within your account orders.

In terms of which baby registry items are eligible for this extended return policy, all of them are!

That’s the good thing about shopping on an Amazon baby registry, as everything from diapers to clothing, strollers to shoes can be returned as long as it’s within the time frame and the registry return policy guidelines.

How To Make Amazon Baby Registry Returns?

How To Make Amazon Baby Registry Returns?

You can make Amazon baby registry returns directly through the registry homepage under the thank you list.

Simply scroll through the list to find the item you want to return and click the return option.

There are a few prompts to follow before your return is confirmed, and you can get the return shipping label printed out and the baby gear back on its way to Amazon.

Overall, it’s a pretty easy process, so long as you make baby registry returns within one year of the Amazon gifts being shipped.

You can also go directly through the Returns Center instead if you have the order number.

While you’re returning items from your registry, you can add new products or arrange thank you notes for your friends and family too.

Plus, you can check on how many gifts have been purchased and change the size or quantity of items on your wishlist, hopefully avoiding excessive returns and making sure you get what you need.

Will the Giver Know About Amazon Baby Registry Returns?

Not only does an Amazon baby registry give you the chance to share gift ideas you could really use, but it also makes it easy to return gifts as required.

Part of this simple, successful setup is due to the private returns. Your gift giver never has to know if you decide to return an item from your registry.

You can spare yourself hurt feelings and uncomfortable conversations as only the baby registry owners can see the returns.

As far as the gift giver knows, you have received the gift from your registry, and that’s it. Because the items are linked to your registry, there’s no need to let the giver know about the return or ask for a gift receipt after the fact.

What Happens To Returned Baby Registry Items On Amazon?

You may be concerned about what happens to Amazon registry items if you return them.

After all, you might not want these in-demand items to go to waste, even if you can’t use them or don’t have enough room for them yourself.

Rest assured, Amazon processes returned baby items the same way it handles other returns, starting with a product quality check.

As long as the items pass this quality evaluation, which they should if they are brand new or gently used, then Amazon will either put them back up for sale or send them to Amazon Warehouse.

Warehouse Deals are excellent discounts on used or open-box goods, so more families can get their hands on valuable baby items returned by other shoppers.

Sometimes Amazon also sells excess stock and returned items to liquidation companies, where they are sold again for heavily discounted prices.

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