Amazon Battery Return Policy (Defective Batteries, Used + More)

Amazon allows customers to return most of the items they purchase for any reason, such as clothing or books. Electronics can also be returned if they arrive damaged or defective.

However, customers may be curious as to Amazon’s policy for returning batteries. If you’re curious about this as well, keep reading this article to learn the information I gathered on this topic!

Amazon Battery Return Policy

Amazon does not accept lithium, alkaline, or other batteries for return. However, Amazon will refund or replace any battery as long as customers request their refund within 30 days of receipt. Additionally, some battery brands may come with their own warranty, which customers can contact the manufacturer about for additional assistance for repairs and refunds.

If you’d like to learn more about why Amazon doesn’t accept batteries for return, how to receive a refund or a replacement for batteries purchased, and more, keep reading this article for further tips and information!

Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Returns for Batteries?

Amazon doesn’t accept returns for batteries (laptop batteries, car batteries, lithium batteries, household batteries, etc.) because batteries are considered to be hazardous materials and can therefore be dangerous if customers have used them or they are defective.

However, according to Amazon’s return policy for hazardous material, any item purchased that falls under this category qualifies for a refund or replacement, regardless of the reason for requesting a return.

Additionally, some of the batteries on Amazon come equipped with their own warranty from their brand, which customers can contact for more information on receiving a replacement or possible repair.

Will Amazon Refund Me for a Defective Battery?

Amazon will offer a refund or replacement for any battery that is defective, though they will not be able to process a return for the battery.

In order to request a refund or replacement, customers can do the following:

  1. Login to and select Returns & Orders, which will lead you to the Your Orders page.
  2. Locate the batteries that you’d like a refund for and select “Return or replace items.”
  3. Choose “Request a refund” or “Request a replacement” and select a reason from the drop-down menu.

If customers have purchased their batteries directly from Amazon, they’ll receive a refund within 3-5 days. However, if they purchased batteries from a third-party seller, they are required to respond within 2 days.

Therefore, if customers have requested a refund from a third-party seller and have not received a response within a 48 hour period, customers are able to file an A to Z Guarantee in order to ensure they receive their refund.

Does Amazon Provide Warranties for Batteries?

Does Amazon Provide Warranties for Batteries?

Certain battery brands sold on Amazon do come equipped with warranties for their batteries, but this will depend on the brand. While AmazonBasics offers warranties for their electronics, AmazonBasics batteries do not come with a warranty.

However, brands such as Celewell offer warranties on Amazon for their alkaline batteries that are good for up to five years.

Therefore, customers who prefer to purchase batteries from Amazon that have a warranty are recommended to research brands that come equipped with a warranty before making a purchase through

Does Amazon Replace Defective Batteries?

If customers would prefer to replace the batteries they’ve purchased from Amazon, they can request a replacement instead of a refund.

In order to request a replacement, customers can either fill out their request on the “Return or replace items” page on Amazon, or they can phone Amazon customer service to explain the situation.

Customers can also use Amazon’s instant messaging feature to request a replacement for their batteries. However, customers should note that they may receive more direct help by using Amazon’s 1-800 number.

How Do I Dispose of Defective Amazon Batteries?

If customers have requested a refund for their batteries but are unsure of how to dispose of them, they can either throw the batteries in the trash or bring them to a local hazardous waste recycling center.

Customers should note that the way they throw out their batteries will depend on the type they purchased from Amazon, as well as whether or not the batteries are defective.

Therefore, customers are recommended to check the packaging of the batteries they purchased for instructions on how to properly dispose of the materials.

Additionally, customers can phone Amazon for information on how to dispose of AmazonBasics batteries.

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