Amazon Return Policy After 30 Days (All You Need To Know)

If you purchased an item from Amazon over 30 days ago that just stopped working, fell apart, or otherwise disappointed you, can you still return it to Amazon for a refund or exchange?

I’ve found the answers to this question through my research, so keep on reading to find out everything about Amazon’s return policy after 30 days!

Amazon Return Policy After 30 Days

While Amazon generally gives customers 30 days to return merchandise, its staff often makes exceptions to this rule. However, you may need to pay return postage or a restocking fee. Some items, such as mattresses, Gift List purchases, baby products, and certain refurbished goods, automatically have longer return windows.

If you want to learn more about how to send items back after 30 days, what is Amazon’s extended holiday return window, and much more, keep on reading!

How Can You Return Something To Amazon After 30 Days?

To return an item after the 30-day returns window has passed, check the “Your Orders” section first to see if the automatic return option remains visible.

This provides the easiest solution but is not available for some products after one month. If it has disappeared, click on the “Help” button instead.

You’ll need to discuss the return with an Amazon representative via phone or online chat.

Once the employee authorizes you to send an item back, you’ll receive further instructions by email that will tell you how to drop off or ship the unwanted merchandise.

Amazon typically gives customers the option to receive refunds in the form of gift cards or cash. After its staff has inspected the returned goods, the money may take three to five days to reach your account.

What Are The Exceptions To Amazon’s 30-Day Return Policy?

Although Amazon provides customers with 30 days to return most items, some items have even longer return windows as well.

For example, shoppers have 90 days to send back Amazon Warehouse-certified refurbished goods, baby products, and presents ordered from personal Custom or Birthday gift lists.

Additionally, certain brands such as Presto!, Amazon Elements, Mama Bear, Wickedly Prime, and Happy Belly provide a more generous 365-day return window.

What Is The Return Policy For Amazon Marketplace Sellers After 30 Days?

The return policy may differ when you buy items from Amazon’s third-party marketplace sellers.

Amazon requires them to give customers at least 30 days for returns, and some sellers provide more time than others. You can find the exact return window under the “Sold By” tab in the product listing.

Keep in mind that if you exceed the stated time limit, they’re allowed to charge restocking fees (maximum of 20 percent).

What Is Amazon’s Extended Holiday Return Policy?

Both Amazon and its marketplace sellers accept returns for a significantly longer period of time during the holiday season.

The company announces the details of this policy each year, and the exact timeframe is always subject to change.

In 2020, the extended policy applied to products that reached customers’ doorsteps no earlier than October 1st and no later than December 31st.

For these items, Amazon allowed shoppers to send them back as long as they did so by the end of January 2021.

What Is The Amazon Prime Return Policy After 30 Days?

What Is The Amazon Prime Return Policy After 30 Days?

Amazon Prime members have to follow the same 30-day returns policy as other Amazon customers.

This is because the return window starts only when a product reaches your home, so faster delivery does not matter.

Can You Return Amazon Fresh Items After 30 Days?

Amazon typically does not accept returns of grocery items supplied by its Fresh service.

You can request a refund if products are damaged or stale, but the company enforces a 30-day time limit for this (with no exceptions).

What Is The Amazon FBA Returns Policy After 30 Days?

If Amazon fulfills orders for a third-party seller, you’ll need to send any unwanted merchandise to Amazon for a return.

The retailer’s standard return policy generally applies to these purchases, and a company representative can give you permission to return items after one month.

When Are Amazon Returns Free?

Most products sold or fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for complimentary free return shipping for 30 days. These items will have a “Free Return” label next to the price in the product listing.

After 30 days, you can still drop off merchandise at specific stores that accept Amazon returns for free. However, note that different rules apply to heavy items and certain third-party sellers.

How Long Do You Have To Return Amazon Products?

Depending on the product type and seller, the returns window ranges from 30 to 365 days after delivery.

You only need to ship or drop off the item within this timeframe, i.e., it does not have to reach the warehouse on time.

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It’s easier and potentially less expensive to return Amazon products within 30 days. Nevertheless, you can send most items back at a later date if you are authorized by an Amazon representative.

Additionally, certain brands and types of merchandise are always accepted for longer periods of time, and many holiday purchases also qualify for a more flexible policy.

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