Amazon Flex Driver’s License Verification (How Long It Takes + Other FAQs)

Are you thinking about becoming an Amazon driver, but wondering about the process, such as how long it takes for Amazon Flex driver’s license verification?

Well, continue reading below to find out everything I’ve learned while researching this topic, and I’ll answer all of your important questions, too!

How Long Does it Take to Obtain an Amazon Flex Driver’s License Verification In 2024?

The time it takes for Amazon Flex driver’s license verification can vary per person, with it taking anywhere from a few hours to several weeks in 2024. The time it takes depends more on how long it takes Amazon to verify the information. It could also take longer if the information was entered wrong and needs to be corrected.

Do you want to know more about the Amazon Flex driver’s license verification process, including what kind of driver’s license is required? If so, keep reading to find out that and so much more!

What Type of Driver’s License Is Needed for Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex requires that you have a regular driver’s license to drive, which means it cannot be a temporary license, learner’s permit, or another type of license.

How Do I Speed up the Amazon Flex Driver’s License Verification Process?

To get your Amazon Flex Driver’s License verification completed as quickly as possible, you should make sure that your uploaded image meets the following requirements:

  • Cannot upload a screenshot of the license or a photocopied scan
  • A clear image of the driver’s license
  • A driver’s license which contains a clear photo of you
  • The driver’s license will need to be government-issued
  • The license must be in good condition with no cracks, holes, or breaks
  • The driver’s license needs to be valid
  • The license will need to match the information that you’ve provided during the application process (such as name, address, birth date, license number, state, and more)
  • Be over the age of 21 and have your birthdate clearly shown on the license
  • License photos must be uploaded in the order specified
  • Use a dark background to obtain the clearest image possible
  • Do not crop the image too much so that edges have been cut off

What Happens If Amazon Flex Driver’s License Verification Fails?

What Happens If Amazon Flex Driver’s License Verification Fails?

If you’ve received an error message saying that the Amazon Flex Driver’s License verification process has failed, you should go back and make sure that you followed the upload guidelines.

Furthermore, we’ve listed all of the requirements above and as long as you follow those requirements and your information is valid, legal, and legible, you shouldn’t have any issues.

However, if you’ve followed the guidelines and you’re still getting an error, you should contact Amazon Flex Customer Service to see what the problem is by email or phone.

You can reach the Amazon Flex Customer Support team at 1-888-281-6906 or you can email them using for additional help.

Can I Use Any Vehicle for Amazon Flex?

The answer to this question depends on the type of Amazon service that you’re applying for since, Amazon, Fresh, and Amazon Prime Now have different requirements.

For example, if you are driving for Amazon Fresh or Amazon Prime Now, you can use any vehicle as long as it’s a 1990 or newer.

However, if you’re driving for, you’ll need a van, minivan, pickup truck with a bed cover, or a four-door sedan that is a 1990 or newer.

How Long Does It Take for Amazon Flex to Approve You?

Amazon Flex could approve you in as little as a few hours, but the answer varies and depends on several factors such as if you’re on a waitlist to be accepted or if more verification is required.

Furthermore, you have to submit your driver’s license and also go through a background check to begin driving for Amazon Flex.

Additionally, Amazon Flex isn’t available in every city, so if your city isn’t participating in Amazon Flex yet, you’ll be asked to join the waiting list to be notified when it’s available in your area.

Is It Hard to Get Into Amazon Flex?

It’s not too difficult to get into Amazon Flex since the application is easy to fill out and it’s straightforward, as long as you meet all of the requirements and pass the background check.

However, if you have a lot of traffic violations, drug, or violence charges, you likely won’t be accepted into the program.

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The Amazon Flex Driver’s License verification process can take a few hours or several weeks depending on if you’ve submitted a clear driver’s license photo that meets the requirements.

Additionally, the time it takes for verification will depend on how quickly Amazon verifies you, which could take longer if there are hundreds of applicants ahead of you.

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