Amazon Flex Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Amazon Flex has increased the efficiency of Amazon delivery services, which has heightened customer retention to Amazon in the long run.

However, due to challenges in the line of duty, Amazon Flex drivers and customers should be conversant with how the Amazon Flex complaints system works. Here’s what I discovered!

How Does Amazon Flex Receive And Handle Complaints In [currentyear]?

Amazon Flex accepts complaints from drivers and customers through calls, emails, or the website (for consumers) as of [currentyear]. Drivers can make complaints on ongoing deliveries through app calls or direct calls. Moreover, drivers may send emails to file complaints that don’t relate to pickup and delivery. The support team ensures that the complaints are attended to accordingly.

If you want to find out more information about Amazon Flex complaints, how to make one, the common types of complaints at Amazon Flex, the contact information, and much more, keep reading!

How Do I File A Complaint To Amazon Flex?

For Amazon Flex drivers, you can make complaints by sending emails to the support team or calling the support team either through the app or directly using the phone number provided.

With that, depending on the nature of the problem and urgency, you can choose the most appropriate means of communication to report your complaint.

Also, you can choose to email the Amazon Flex support team whenever you have complaints outside of pickup and delivery route issues.

For instance, if you have to appeal to issues or make complaints about the deactivation of your account, you might need to reply directly to the notification email and report your complaint.

However, it would be best to call customer support from the app for complaints about an ongoing delivery.

In this case, the support agent will see your location in real-time and know what delivery you are working on at the moment.

Additionally, if you need to call Amazon Flex support, but your app has an issue, you may resort to calling the support team directly at (877) 212-6150 and (888) 281-6901.

If you’re a customer, you can make complaints to Amazon by calling Amazon on  1-888-280-4331 or by sending emails to

In addition to this, you can visit the Customer Care page on Amazon’s official website or seek assistance through the company’s social media pages.

Also, you can call Amazon Flex support at (206) 266-4064.

But, it’s important to note that seeking assistance from the official website will prompt you to log in to your account so Amazon can find specific details on the order that has delivery issues.

What Are The Common Types Of Complaints At Amazon Flex?

What Are The Common Types Of Complaints At Amazon Flex?

Since two different groups predominantly use Amazon Flex, the common types of complaints can be classified into:

  • Common types of complaints by Amazon Flex drivers
  • Common types of complaints by Amazon Flex customers

That said, the common types of complaints by Amazon Flex drivers include the following:

  • Complaints on delivery problems or difficult situations during deliveries: drivers may need to report situations that may delay a delivery—for instance, inclement weather, bad traffic, or car trouble.
  • Complaints on Amazon Flex app not working: Bugs within mobile phones may interrupt the flow of deliveries by Amazon Flex drivers. The bugs may cause apps to freeze or cause the inability to report delivery detail.
  • Complaints on delivery logistics: Drivers may complain about unrealistic delivery logistics. For instance, they may be given an impossible assignment to complete at a specified time.
  • Complaints on changes of delivery regions: Drivers can report complaints on system updates if they move to a different location and still want to work with Amazon Flex.
  • Complaints on disabled accounts: Drivers can seek support when receiving the “Account Temporarily Disabled” notification.
  • Complaints on current deliveries: Amazon Flex drivers can contact support whenever they have problems assembling an existing delivery.
  • Complaints on appealing issues: Amazon Flex drivers may need to appeal to issues such as “package not delivered” emails if they have evidence of delivering the package to the consumer.
  • Complaints on the delivery location: Drivers might need to report the inaccessibility of the delivery location provided.

On the other hand, Amazon Flex customers’ common complaints pertain to the delivery of products ordered from These complaints include:

  • Complaints on late delivery
  • Complaints on items not delivered
  • Complaints on damaged products
  • Complaints on product mix-ups

How Do I Contact Amazon Flex In Case Of A Complaint?

In case of a complaint on the services offered by Amazon Flex, you can file a complaint using the following communication channels:

  • Call support on (877) 212-6150 or (888) 281-6901
  • Email support at
  • Use in-app telephone support

Moreover, these communication channels are primarily applicable for Amazon Flex drivers.

That said, customers can file complaints about delivery through Amazon’s official website under the “Customer Service” section.

How Does Amazon Flex Handle Complaints?

Depending on the nature of the complaint, the Amazon Flex support team may provide a solution immediately or might need to investigate the issue before giving a final decision.

For instance, if a driver contacts support on challenges for an ongoing delivery, they may provide a solution to solve the issue immediately.

However, if there is a complaint about a driver not delivering an order, the support team might need to review and investigate the matter before giving a final decision.

How Effective Is Amazon Flex At Handling Complaints?

Amazon Flex support often comes in handy in solving delivery issues by drivers.

However, according to Pissed Consumers, Amazon Flex did not respond to any call they made to file complaints.

Therefore, none of the complaints submitted by consumers to Amazon Flex through the website has been resolved.

What Are The Service Hours For Amazon Flex?

The service hours for the Amazon Flex support line are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Pacific Time (PT) daily.

However, customers can send emails to the customer service team at any time.

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In conclusion, Amazon Flex drivers and customers can make complaints by making calls and emails.

Then, the support team can either solve complaints immediately or after an investigation.

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