Amazon Inclement Weather Policy (All You Need To Know)

Amazon carries a number of different policies within their rules for warehouse workers and other staff, such as their policy on taking time off from work and their ethics and conduct policy.

However, potential staff may be curious about Amazon’s policy regarding inclement weather conditions. If you’re wondering the same thing, keep reading this article to see what information I gathered!

Amazon Inclement Weather Policy

According to former and current staff members, Amazon fulfillment centers will monitor weather conditions and will close facilities if the travel conditions are particularly dangerous. However, if conditions are worse for some employees than others, Amazon requires them to phone HR, and they will be required to use their UPT, which will later be returned. 

If you’d like to learn more about whether or not Amazon follows its Inclement Weather Policy, if employees can refuse to work in bad weather, and more, keep reading this article for useful tips and information!

Does Amazon Follow Its Inclement Weather Policy?

According to various staff members and sources, Amazon is not known to follow its Inclement Weather Policy when it comes to closing facilities during bad weather conditions.

For example, the Amazon Fulfilment Center stayed open during Hurricane Ida, and employees were still expected to come to work regardless of the street flooding.

However, according to some Amazon staff, Amazon holds up its policy in regards to employees being allowed to call into work during bad travel conditions such as heavy snow or ice.

Can Amazon Employees Refuse to Work in Bad Weather?

In most states, Amazon employees are within their rights to refuse work if weather conditions prevent them from arriving to work safely, such as in heavy snow or icy roads.

Amazon has a provision for staff members who have to miss work due to weather, which allows them to call HR and use their UPT (Unpaid Time Off) to account for their missed shifts.

Additionally, Amazon will refund the UPT to the employee later on, which prevents the employee from losing any eligible time off due to unprecedented weather conditions.

As well, Amazon staff are allowed to choose PTO (Paid Time Off) for missing work so that they don’t lose an entire day’s worth of wages. However, this time off will not be refunded to the employee.

However, potential staff should note that while most states allow employees to refuse work during bad weather, some states, such as Arkansas, allow employers to terminate staff for any non-discriminatory reason, including refusing to work in bad weather.

Therefore, it’s recommended that potential staff familiarise themselves with local labor laws to determine whether or not they are risking their job at Amazon if they refuse to work during bad weather.

Do Amazon Employees Have to Schedule Time Off for Bad Weather?

Do Amazon Employees Have to Schedule Time Off for Bad Weather?

If Amazon employees cannot get to work due to bad weather, but their local fulfillment center has not closed down for the weather, they are required to call in to inform HR that they cannot come to work.

In order to properly call in, staff are required to book off either UPT or PTO in order to account for the absence.

However, staff members who book off UPT will be refunded that time at a later date, therefore preventing staff from losing their earned time off hours.

Can Amazon Fire Employees For Missing Work Due to Weather Conditions?

Depending on the state where Amazon employees are located, their supervisor may be within their rights to fire a staff member for not showing up to work, even in bad weather conditions.

In states such as Arkansas, the employer has to agree that weather conditions are too dangerous to drive or travel in and are able to refuse a call-in if they do not agree.

Therefore, staff members who are concerned about the weather conditions in their area are encouraged to check their local laws regarding staff termination, as well as communicate with their Amazon supervisor about their concerns.

Employees should note that in most cases, they will be within their rights to refuse to work in bad weather.

Nevertheless, staff should be prepared for the possibility that refusing work may risk their position at Amazon, depending on the supervisor they work under.

Is Amazon a Safe Place to Work During Bad Weather Conditions?

Depending on the fulfillment center Amazon employees work in will depend on whether or not their employer takes bad weather conditions into consideration when requiring staff to show up to work.

According to varied sources, certain Amazon centers have remained open during floods, severe snowstorms, and other treacherous conditions and still expected their staff members to show up to work.

Therefore, potential staff are recommended to read reviews of their local Amazon fulfillment center to determine whether or not they need to be concerned about working in bad weather conditions.

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