Calling In Sick Amazon (How To Call In, Points System, No Call + More)

Retail, grocery, and online stores all have individual policies when it comes to their employee’s sick leave and pay. The sick leave benefits will often impact a person’s choice of taking a job or not.

If you’re considering working at Amazon, you may be curious about their policy regarding calling in sick, medical leave, and sick pay. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article!

Calling In Sick To Amazon

Amazon employees are allotted 20 hours of unpaid sick leave every three months, or a total of 80 hours per year. This time off is tracked by Amazon’s employee point system, and if employees exceed time off, they may be fired. Previously, Amazon had an unlimited call-in and sick days policy, however, this has no longer in place.

If you’d like to learn more about how Amazon’s point system works, their policy for absent workers, their sick leave for remote workers, and more keep reading for more tips and facts!

How Do I Call in Sick to Amazon?

Amazon employees have an app for their phones that they can use to schedule a sick day.

Employees can open the app and select the Schedule Unpaid Time Off option.

Once employees have selected their sick leave, they are required to email their team leader or supervisor and inform them that they will be unable to make their shift.

This policy applies both to remote Amazon workers and on-location staff. Potential employees should note that if they exceed their allotted sick time, they may face repercussions.

How Does Amazon’s Point System Work for Sick Days?

When Amazon employees take time off for illness, they cannot exceed the maximum of 80 hours per year.

This would equate to about 10 sick days per year for full-time workers.

Amazon employees earn 20 hours of sick leave every three months and are allowed to take all 80 hours at the same time as long as that time has been earned, usually at the end of the calendar year.

However, if employees exceed their sick leave, they will be given a point, or a mark, as an infraction upon company policy. This also applies to other company policies such as dress code.

If staff members make continuous infractions and are marked up to 6 points, they may face extermination from their job. This applies to both remote and on-location Amazon workers.

However, according to current and previous Amazon employees, some Amazon divisions are less strict about the 6 points rule! Many employees have racked up to 13 points without repercussions.

Therefore, before considering taking a job at Amazon, it’s recommended that potential employees search for employee reviews for the Amazon division they are applying to!

What If I Don’t Call in Sick to Amazon?

When Amazon employees miss work without calling in sick, they will have a certain number of points added to their infraction record.

If employees don’t show up to their shift without informing their team leader, even due to illness, they can receive up to 3 infraction points.

If employees are going to miss work, they can simply fill out the sick leave request form on their employee app and email their team leader or supervisor!

Do Amazon Employees Get Paid Sick Leave?

Do Amazon Employees Get Paid Sick Leave?

Currently, Amazon staff do not receive sick pay when they are taken ill.

This may vary depending on the reason for their leave, such as an injury or serious illness that prevents them from working.

However, the general policy for Amazon employees is 80 days of unpaid sick leave.

If potential employees are prone to illness, they are advised to carefully consider Amazon’s strict sick leave policy.

Potential staff should also be aware that all Amazon employees are eligible for medical coverage. Depending on their situation, staff members with poorer health may be allotted more sick leave.

If potential staff are concerned about their health impeding their work, they are advised to bring up their concerns with the Amazon employee considering their application.

Do Remote Amazon Employees Get Sick Leave?

Amazon workers receive the same benefits and restrictions whether they work on location or from home.

Therefore, remote Amazon workers do not receive paid sick leave but also qualify for 80 hours of sick days.

Potential Amazon employees are advised to consider a work-from-home position if they are prone to getting sick, as working with an illness from home may be more manageable than in a physically demanding position.

Remote Amazon employees are also recommended to take their allotted sick leave if they are able.

If they have used up their sick time, they are also advised to monitor their health throughout the workday.

Can Employees Get Fired From Amazon for Taking Sick Leave?

Amazon employees will not face repercussions if they take sick leave within their allotted hours.

However, if they exceed their 80-hour allowance, they may be written up and given a point for an infraction.

If Amazon employees use up their 80-hour sick leave but become ill again within the same year, they are advised to approach the subject with their team leader or supervisor.

If they are too ill to work, they may be allowed to stay home, but will not receive pay for their missed work. Some Amazon divisions may be less strict, though this will vary per manager.

To learn more about the policy of Amazon employees, you can also read our related articles on Amazon’s transfer policy, bereavement policy, and break policy.


Amazon employees can call in sick by filling out the Unpaid Time Off request on their employee app, and emailing their team leader to inform them that they are ill.

Staff are allotted 80 hours of unpaid sick days per year, approximately 10 days for full time staff.

If employees surpass 80 hours for sick leave, they will receive a point for infraction. 6 points racked up may result in the termination of their position at Amazon.

This policy applies to both remote and on location workers, including managers and supervisors.

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