Amazon Look Inside Not Working (10 Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Are you having issues with Amazon Look Inside not working, and want to know how to fix the problem so you can read inside of a book and preview it?

If so, I’ve been researching this topic and have found some great potential fixes so continue reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

Why Isn’t Amazon Look Inside Working In 2024?

If Amazon Look inside is not working, then the best fix would be to try to clear your browsing data from the browser that you’re using in 2024. Additionally, you can try to log out of your Amazon account and back in or you could restart your device or use another device as other potential fixes.

Do you want to know more fixes for Amazon Look Inside not working? Well, keep reading because I’ve got even more to share with you!

1. Clear Browsing Data

One of the simplest ways to fix Amazon Look Inside is to clear your browsing data, including both cookies and cache, which could be corrupt and cause problems.

However, the steps to clear your browsing data will vary depending on which browser you’re using, but if you’re using Firefox, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go into the “Menu”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Privacy and Security”
  4. Go to “Cookies and Site Data”
  5. Select “Clear Data”
  6. Check both “Site Data” and “Cookies”
  7. Select “Clear”
  8. Restart Firefox
  9. Reload Amazon Look Inside

2. Restart Your Device

If Amazon Look Inside isn’t working, you also can restart your device to see if that fixes the problem whether you have a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop you’re using.

Furthermore, restarting the device can boost performance, clear out memory issues, and also clear cache and other details that could be corrupt or glitching.

3. Disable Add-Ons

If you use add-ons inside of your browser, you should try to disable them all and then restart your browser to see if the Amazon Look Inside feature will work as normal.

For example, if you have a background theme, script, or font running, it could cause interference with your ability to pull up a book and read it through Amazon Look Inside.

4. Disable VPN

Amazon is not kind to the VPN world and doesn’t like you using a VPN while using the Amazon website, so if you can’t get Amazon Look Inside to work, disable your VPN and try again.

5. Use a Different Browser

Sometimes, you’ll find Amazon Look Inside not working because of a browser issue or setting you’re unaware of, so try to use a different browser to see if that fixes your problem.

For example, if you typically use Firefox for Amazon Look Inside, try installing and loading it up in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

6. Use a Different Device

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If switching browsers didn’t work then it’s a good idea to move on to a different device to see if Amazon Look Inside will work on it instead.

To illustrate, you can switch from your laptop to a smartphone or switch from your smartphone to a tablet and see if Look Inside loads properly.

7. Log Out & Back Into Your Amazon Account

A simple fix that may work depending on the issue at hand would be to log out of your Amazon account and back in, and you wouldn’t believe how many times this simple fix will work!

However, make sure you’re using the correct login credentials and that you know your Amazon password before you log out if you do not have it saved.

8. Update the Amazon App

If you’re trying to load up Amazon Look Inside on the Amazon app, you may need to update the Amazon app to get the site to load properly, since outdated apps can be glitchy and buggy.

Furthermore, sometimes the app may be disabled if it’s really old to prevent security breaches, so go to your app store, search for “Amazon,” and then select it to bring up the app details.

You’ll see an “Update” icon if the app has an update available, just download and install that update, reopen the app, and see if Amazon Look Inside works.

9. Check Your Internet Connection & Reboot Router

You may not realize that your Internet connection is weak, which could result in Amazon Look Inside not working, loading properly, or having other issues.

Therefore, check your Internet connection and make sure you have a strong signal, and if there is an issue, you may want to reboot your router to see if that solves the connection issues.

10. Check Down Detector

Amazon servers run into problems sometimes due to errors in coding or too many people on the servers at once, so check Down Detector to see if there is an issue with the Amazon site.

However, if there are problems with the Amazon servers, then you’re going to have to wait until Amazon fixes the issues and there is nothing you can do to fix the issues.

What Is Amazon Look Inside?

Amazon Look Inside allows you to look inside books that have a Kindle version and it’s part of an agreement between Amazon and book publishers and authors.

However, the pages and parts of the book that can be sampled vary by author, and certain areas are not available to preview, depending on the agreement.

Does Amazon Still Have Look Inside?

Amazon does still have Look Inside, however, not all features or pages are available to look at unless you’ve logged into your Amazon account.

Additionally, some publishers require that the customer has purchased items on Amazon before they can preview their book.

However, Amazon will still give you some pages to preview from a book, even if you don’t meet the above requirements.

How Do I Turn on the Look Inside Feature on Amazon?

You do not need to turn on anything to activate the Look Inside feature since any books that are in the program will have the arrow that says “Look Inside” on the book cover image.

Furthermore, if you do not see the “Look Inside” icon, then that book is not a part of the Look Inside Program and you cannot view it.

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If Amazon Look Inside is not working you can try to switch devices, switch browsers, log out and back into your Amazon account, disable your VPN, or clear data from your browser.

Additionally, if you’re using the app you may want to update the app to see if that fixes the issue, or check your Internet connection and reboot your router.

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