Amazon Look Inside (What Is It, How It Works + Other FAQs)

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What Is Amazon Look Inside In 2024?

Amazon Look Inside is a feature from Amazon that allows you to look through and preview various books that have a Kindle edition. The number of pages that you can preview varies by the copyright holder and publisher and some authors make requests for certain parts of the book to be left out of previews in 2024.

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How Does Amazon Look Inside Work?

Amazon will scan either the hardback or paperback edition of a book and allow you to look at various sections of the book inside by hitting the “Look Inside” icon on the front of the book.

However, not all books have a “Look Inside” icon so you cannot preview every book on the Amazon website since the author has to enroll the book into the program.

The “Look Inside” program requires that the books also have a Kindle edition, so if the book isn’t available on Kindle, then you cannot view the pages.

Additionally, Amazon optimizes the pages so that it’s perfect for computer viewing and the pages are scanned from the books so it appears almost identical to the book itself.

What Features Are Available With Amazon Look Inside?

With Amazon Look Inside you can see both the print preview and Kindle preview, and all of the pages you want to preview can be viewed through the reader.

Additionally, you can go from the Kindle preview to the print preview as many times as you want and switch between them anytime you want.

Amazon Look inside also allows you to go back and look at books you’ve previously viewed and will offer suggestions on books to preview based on the topics and genres you’ve looked at.

How Do I Enable Look Inside on Amazon?

You do not need to enable Look Inside on Amazon since it’s a feature automatically built into Amazon.

However, since not all books have this feature enabled, you need to look for the “Look Inside” icon on the book cover and then click it to begin your preview.

When Is Look Inside Available on Amazon?

When Is Look Inside Available on Amazon?

Amazon will offer Look Inside to all books with a Kindle edition within 1 week after the Kindle edition becomes available on Amazon.

In contrast, paperback and hardback books can take up to 10 business days to become available as part of the Look Inside program.

Why Can You No Longer Look Inside Books on Amazon?

As long as the book has a Kindle edition and is enrolled in the Look Inside program, you can see the inside of the book.

However, if there are parts of a book that the publisher doesn’t want on Look Inside, those sections of the book will be unavailable, as well as if there are copyright issues with the book.

How Do I Stop Amazon From Looking Inside?

If you’re a publisher and you’d like to stop your book from being a part of the Look Inside program, then you are going to have to follow the steps below:

  1. You will need to contact Amazon Customer Service at 1-866-216-1072
  2. Tell Amazon you own the copyright to the book and would like it removed from the program
  3. Ask that the Catalog Team receive your request ‘
  4. Get a case number from Amazon
  5. You also can choose to send an email of your request to and wait for a reply
  6. The team is fairly quick to get back to you and is accommodating to requests

What Countries Is Amazon Look Inside Available?

Amazon Look Inside is available on various Amazon websites in multiple countries and includes the following Amazon locations:


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Amazon Look Inside is a feature that allows you to preview the inside of books before you purchase them, as long as the book features a Kindle edition.

However, some parts of the book or chapters can be omitted if the author makes a request or there is a copyright issue, and not all books show the “Look Inside” icon on the Amazon site.

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