Amazon Mattress Return Policy (Time Frames, How To Return, Exceptions, Air Mattresses + More)

There are many mattress stores customers can shop in, both in-store and online! Companies such as IKEA, Wayfair, and Amazon sell good quality mattresses for reasonably low prices.

While Amazon carries good mattresses, what if customers would like to return them? What is Amazon’s policy for a mattress return? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Amazon Mattress Return Policy

Amazon allows customers to request a return for their mattress within 100 days of receiving their shipment. Amazon will accept mattresses that are unopened and boxed up in their original packaging. Additionally, mattresses sold through third-party sellers on Amazon will have their own return policies that may not allow for returns or a refund.

If you’d like to learn more about Amazon’s mattress return policy, the types of mattresses that can be returned, shipping costs, and more, keep reading this article for more useful facts!

What is Amazon’s Mattress Return Policy?

Amazon will accept a mattress return for any given reason as long as the mattress has been returned within 100 days of being received!

Additionally, Amazon will take mattresses that have been unopened and are boxed in their original packaging.

However, they are currently unable to take back mattresses that have been opened and expanded.

Full-sized mattresses are also ineligible for returns, as Amazon cannot take back any size between a Full and  King. However, Amazon will still offer a refund for the inconvenience! 

Do Amazon Mattresses Have a Warranty?

Some companies that sell mattresses through Amazon provide their own warranties for their products.

In order for customers to take advantage of their warranty for returns and refunds, they must contact the manufacturer directly.

The information for a mattress warranty can be found on the product page under Warranty & Support. Customers may contact customer service for additional information.

Additionally, customers should bear in mind that not every mattress company will provide a warranty. Mattress returns that do not have warranties will therefore be handled by Amazon directly.

Can I Return a Used Mattress to Amazon?

Amazon does not take back mattresses that have been opened or expanded.

However, Amazon does offer a mattress disposal service that customers can use by calling Amazon’s toll-free number or going online, and they will also offer a refund for the inconvenience.

Amazon will schedule a free pick-up service to remove the mattress, and customers can choose either to donate it or allow Amazon to dispose of the mattress themselves.

Additionally, customers should note that not all used or opened mattresses may qualify for Amazon’s pick-up service.

In most cases, it will depend on the companies selling the item, as well as the regions in that Amazon’s pick-up service is currently available in.

Which Mattresses Can I Return to Amazon?

Which Mattresses Can I Return to Amazon?

Customers may return mattresses to Amazon that have been unopened and that are smaller than a full-size mattress for any given reason. As well defective mattresses may also be returned.

However, customers cannot return full-sized mattresses, generally between Full, Queen, and King sized mattresses.

Customers can still be refunded for a full-size mattress but must handle the disposal process themselves.

Some individual brands that sell mattresses through Amazon may allow the return of full-size mattresses through their company, which customers can find out by contacting the manufacturer directly.

How Do I Return a Mattress to Amazon?

In order to return a mattress to Amazon, customers must follow the below procedure:

Step 1. First, customers must prepare their mattresses for shipping. If customers have opened the mattress, it may have expanded upon opening and therefore needs to be minimized into the original packaging.

Step 2. After the mattress has been packed, customers must consult the return policy for the mattress they purchased as well as any individual rules the brand selling it may require.

Customers can find the information about shipping the mattress themselves or having it picked up through the individual seller.

Many mattress sellers through Amazon don’t require customers to pay shipping costs for returns! However, customers should confirm their shipping requirements with the seller beforehand.

After checking their return requirements, customers can find additional information about printing shipping labels and where to return their mattresses by contacting Amazon customer service!

This can be done with their toll-free number or over instant chat.

Step 3. Before arranging for their mattress to be picked up or shipped, customers should check to ensure their return window is still valid!

They must also check any warranty information provided by the brand if they are required to make returns and refunds to the warranty provider.

Step 4. If customers are returning the mattress themselves, they must pack their mattress in its original packaging and print the return label provided by Amazon.

If customers are having the mattress picked up, they must make sure to finalize their arrangement with the pick-up service!

Can I Return an Air Mattress to Amazon?

Customers can return air mattresses from Amazon within 90 days of their original purchase! However, most companies may not allow the return of air mattresses if the damage was caused by the customer.

Currently, most mattress companies will only process returns for air mattresses if there is a defect upon receipt of the mattress.

They still may process a refund, but this may depend on the individual brand policy if they sell primarily as a third party through Amazon and use their own shipping service!

Can I Return a Mattress to Amazon for Any Reason?

Customers can return a mattress to Amazon for any given reason as long as the mattress is returned within 100 days of receiving their shipment!

However, if customers have caused damage to the mattress, have expanded, and/or used it, Amazon cannot take the mattress back to its stock.

However, customers may be able to initiate the removal process through Amazon by requesting their pick-up service. Amazon gives customers the option to either donate the mattress or allow Amazon to dispose of it themselves!

Is Buying a Mattress on Amazon Worth It?

Buying a mattress on Amazon is worthwhile if customers are familiar with the brand they’re purchasing or if they have found the reviews on the brand they’re considering to be largely positive!

For example, mattresses such as the Inofia foam mattress are considered a high-quality purchase for customers who have issues with back pain.

Also, customers purchasing mattresses between single and double sizes are at little risk, as they can return their mattress for any given reason as long as they’re returned within 100 days of their original arrival!

However, customers who wish to purchase full-sized mattresses may wish to purchase a mattress at a store where they have a return guarantee for any size. Currently, Amazon doesn’t take back full-sized mattresses.

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Amazon allows customers to return mattresses within 100 days of receiving their shipment! However, Amazon only applies mattress returns to small mattresses, and cannot currently provide a return for a full-sized mattress, generally Full to King sized.

Amazon may allow customers to initiate the return process for mattresses that have been opened or used by calling their toll-free number and arranging a pick-up and disposal! However, customers cannot use the regular return process for used mattresses.

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