Amazon Moments (What Are They, How It Works + More)

Amazon Moments is a new customer engagement method that Amazon has come up with to motivate customers to spend time interacting with participating apps.

So, check out this article to learn about all the benefits of Amazon Moments to increase customer engagement for your app!

What Is Amazon Moments In [currentyear]?

Amazon Moments enables developers to increase customer engagement with their apps in [currentyear]. Developers can offer consumers incentives to use their app by giving them redeemable points for select Amazon product rewards. As customers increase engagement with the app, they accumulate and receive better rewards. Developers are charged a cost per action based on the volume of the campaign.

To learn more about this exciting new program, including how Amazon Moments can benefit both users and developers, keep reading!

How Does Amazon Moments Work?

Recently, Amazon released its newest program called Amazon Moments to developers.

This rewards user behavior by giving them points for in-app purchases, watching ads, or playing games.

For example, developers might have an app with products in different categories.

In this case, they can assign different point values to each category, and users will earn points when they purchase a product from one of those categories.

One vital feature of this rewards system is that it doesn’t take the form of cash like other programs like PayPal offer.

Instead, it pays out points that can be redeemed for various items on Amazon. These items include gift cards, physical goods, digital content, or other rewards.

How Does Using Amazon Moments Benefit Developers?

By integrating this new reward system into your app, developers will be able to incentivize customer behavior like watching ads or making in-app purchases.

This is a great way to get more relevant customers and increase conversion rates. Moreover, it is an effective way to grow your customer base.

Why Are Amazon Moments Beneficial for Customers?

Likewise, customers benefit from using Amazon Moments because they are rewarded for participating in the app developer’s marketing.

Since they will earn rewards the more frequently they use apps, customers have more reasons to spend their time on your app.

Not only does this keep customers coming back, but it also gives them a chance to find out about other parts of your app that might interest them.

Having loyal, returning customers is easier to market to them than starting all over with new clients.

Another significant benefit is that people will be more likely to download apps if rewards are offered for trying them out.

They will be more likely to give an app a chance if there is something in it for them, like points or exclusive content.

These incentives could help drive downloads and make your app popular!

What Resolution Is Required for Banner Art on the Moments Redemption Page?

What Resolution Is Required for Banner Art on the Moments Redemption Page? Amazon

A banner with a width of 3000px and height of 600px is required for the redemption page/email and redemption message.

Can Developers Use Amazon Logos in Their Moments Campaigns?

To promote Amazon Moment’s rewards, developers can use the “Delivered Through Badge.”

For details on images and usage of this badge, see using the “delivered through” badges in the above link.

Can Users That Are Not Amazon Customers Redeem Rewards?

To redeem your prize, all users must have an account with Amazon.

After they click the link on your redemption page or email, they can create their account and then be automatically redirected to their company moment’s page.

This is where the code will be applied to them.

If Users Access the Reward URL From a Mobile Device, Will the Moments Experience Open in the Amazon App?

How users experience Moments depends on how the Reward URL is displayed and the app settings. There are two ways to open a Moment:

  • through a mobile web browser
  • through a view inside the developer’s app

Where Can Developers Find More Information About the Rewards API?

For an overview of the API, see Rewards API. For details, see Rewards API Endpoints.

What Happens If a Selected Reward Is Out of Stock?

If a reward item goes out of stock, Amazon will provide customers with an alternate reward item of equivalent value.

Do Rewards Expire?

Each reward has an expiration date of 30 days after the campaign’s end date.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Used as Rewards?

One potential reward developers can offer Amazon credits that can be used much like a gift card to purchase curated products.

Can Customers Select Their Reward?

At this time, users can only select rewards that developers designate in the moment’s console. 

Furthermore, there are two types of rewards:

  • Discounts on curated products from designated categories
  • Free individual products

When selecting rewards, developers can assign five free items or one discounted category for each campaign.

Can Developers View Which Users Have Redeemed Rewards?

Since Amazon never discloses personally identifiable information or purchase histories to developers, they can’t see who has redeemed rewards.

Can Developers Choose Their Products as Rewards?

Developers can offer their products as a reward for customers. However, the product must be sold and fulfilled by Amazon.

In addition, developers do not receive any discount on CPA when selecting an item sold by them on Amazon. To request this option, go here.

Currently, Amazon also offers a beta program where developers reward US users with standard t-shirts made through Merch by Amazon.

Developers interested in applying for this program should contact the Amazon Moments support staff via the Contact Us link at the bottom of their moment’s console.

Is There an App for Amazon Moments?

At this time, Amazon Moments does not have an app. However, users can still earn points by downloading other apps on the App Store.

How Much Does Amazon Moments Cost for Developers to Use?

Pricing for Amazon Rewards is based on the Cost Per Action (CPA) model, which will vary depending on volume.

Does Amazon Set a Total Budget Limit for Moments Campaigns?

Currently, Amazon has a monthly limit of $5,000 per campaign and $15,000 per Moments account.

However, if developers want to increase their spending limit, they can contact the support team.

Do Customers Pay Taxes on Reward Items?

As the developer, we are responsible for setting the cost per action (CPA) for each campaign. As such, it’s recommended to include tax in the CPA.

For example, if a reward item is valued at $25 and there is a 10% sales of the customer’s location, developers set a CPA of $27.50.

Once the customer selects the reward, they will see a promo credit of $27.50.

When reward items are priced, they are based on the selling price of other items that have been sold through Amazon in a previous period.

As this algorithm is set up, most rewards will be pretty close to their selling price, and some may even be less than their listed costs.

Are Customers Charged for Shipping of the Reward Item?

All physical rewards are subject to standard Amazon shipping guidelines. Therefore, Prime members are eligible for expedited free 2-day shipping.

Similarly, non-prime members can receive free shipping with orders greater than $25. Additional shipping guidelines can be found via Shipping Rates and Times.

Are All Amazon Appstore Developers Eligible to Use Amazon Moments?

Currently, Moments does not support South Africa, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or Switzerland developers.

Additionally, there is no support provided for developers located in countries on the United States embargo list.

What Countries Can Receive Amazon Moments Reward Delivery?

At this time, all countries participating in the AmazonGlobal program Amazon Moments can receive reward deliveries. For a complete list of eligible locations, click here.

If a Customer Has an Issue Who Should They Contact?

When your customer clicks on their reward URL, they can contact Amazon for any issues that are present.

However, if there are problems before this happens, then you will need to deal with them yourself because Amazon has no visibility into the operations of your app or website.

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Amazon Moments is a new program that rewards its users for their time engaged with participating apps.

Users can redeem points for select Amazon products as points are collected through simple engagement. Pricing for developers participating in the program is based on volume.

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