Amazon Notifications Not Working (12 Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Are you trying to get notifications from Amazon, but have realized that the Amazon notifications aren’t working correctly? Do you want to know some of the best fixes for this common problem?

Well, I’ve been researching this topic and have found some great fixes that might solve your situation, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

Why Aren’t My Amazon Notifications Working In [currentyear]?

If Amazon notifications are not working, you can go in and ensure push notifications are on for Amazon as well as Alexa in [currentyear]. You also can try to reboot your device, delete, and reinstall the Amazon app, and disable any battery optimizations you have which could delay or stop notifications from coming through.

Do you want to know more potential fixes for Amazon notifications not working? If so, read further to learn all of the other fixes I’ve found while researching this topic!

1. Restart Your Device

Whenever you’re having issues with Amazon notifications not working, the first fix to try would be to restart your mobile device, whether you’re on an Android, iOS, or Amazon device.

Furthermore, restarting your device can clear RAM issues as well as clear out your cache, which can both be causing notifications not to work properly.

2. Make Sure Push Notifications Are Enabled

While it seems obvious, you want to look and make sure push notifications are enabled for the Amazon app both for iOS or Android devices.

For example, you can go into your “Settings” and then select either “Push Notifications” or “App Notifications,” and then find the Amazon app and double-check they are all enabled.

3. Delete & Reinstall Amazon App

If Amazon notifications are not working, it’s a potential fix if you delete the app from your device and reinstall it, although you’ll lose your preferences and settings if you take this step.

However, a lot of errors can be easily fixed if you delete the app and reinstall it, and it’s a fix that only takes a few minutes.

4. Turn Battery Optimizations Off

Battery optimizations can severely impact notifications coming through, so if you’ve found Amazon notifications not working, make sure your battery optimizations are turned off.

For example, turning on battery saver mode will disable most notifications on your device, and this can be accidentally pressed without you realizing it.

5. Check Time Zone Settings for Alerts

You can also potentially fix this issue if you go into the settings of both your phone and the app, and make sure your time zone is correct for your location.

6. Check App Permissions

You also can fix Amazon notifications not working by going into the Amazon app and checking the app permissions, which would allow the app to display push notifications on your device.

For example, go into your “Settings” and then select “Apps & Notifications,” and click on the “Amazon” app to see if notification permissions have been enabled.

7. Check Do Not Disturb or Stop Notification Settings

A lot of people use settings such as Do Not Disturb or have notifications stopped for apps and don’t even realize it, so go into your phone settings and make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off.

Furthermore, you can set certain app notifications to be stopped during certain times of the day, so go into your Amazon app settings and make sure there is no stopped period.

8. Check That Your Device Can Show Previews

If you’ve found Amazon notifications not working on your device, you want to check that your device can show previews so you can see the notifications on your display.

For example, on an iPhone, go into “Settings” and then select “Notifications,” and make sure “Show Previews” has a checkmark next to the “Always” option.

9. Check for Phone Manufacturer Battery Saver Software

9. Check for Phone Manufacturer Battery Saver Software Amazon

Certain devices, especially Android devices like Xiaomi, will put software on your device that will disable apps that it thinks aren’t important, which can lead to Amazon notifications not working.

Specifically, Xiaomi has software called “Security” that will disable apps it thinks aren’t important, as part of a power-saving method.

If you’re on an Android device, you want to look for those tools on your device and clear Amazon from the list of disabled apps.

10. Check for Amazon App Updates

If notifications aren’t working for Amazon, you want to make sure the Amazon app is updated to the latest version, since older versions of apps can hinder functionality and limit features.

Furthermore, if you don’t have automatic notifications turned on, you’ll have to manually go into the app store or phone settings to check for app updates for Amazon and download them.

11. Allow App to Run in the Background

Mostly an Android issue, you can shut down apps from running in the background, which is great to conserve power, but it also can lead to apps not working properly, such as Amazon.

Additionally, if the Amazon app isn’t allowed to run in the background, it could be why you’ve noticed Amazon notifications not working, so change this setting on your device.

With Android, go under the “Settings” and then “Apps & Notifications,” select “Amazon,” and then go to the “Battery” setting and check under “Background restriction.”

12. Check Your Network Connection

Lastly, if you’ve found Amazon notifications not working, check your network connection, because you either need wireless or data-enabled to get Amazon notifications.

Without a good signal, you won’t receive app notifications, so it’s always worth checking your network connection to make sure you have a strong signal through Wi-Fi or Cellular.

How Do You Turn on Amazon Notifications?

You can set your mobile device to receive Amazon notifications, including order issues, customer service issues, and more by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Go to “Your Account”
  3. Select “Communication Preferences” from the “Email alerts, messages, and ads” section

However, to perform this action, you’ll need to add your mobile number to your Amazon account, which can be done by following these steps:

  1. Add your mobile phone number to your account under “SMS Preferences”
  2. Select “Add” next to “Mobile Phone Number”
  3. Enter your phone number, select “Continue,” and then “OK”
  4. Verify the phone number using a text password       

How Do I Turn on Amazon Notifications on My iPhone?

If you want to turn on Amazon notifications on your iPhone, you’ll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Amazon app
  2. Click on “Menu” on the left side of the screen
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “Notifications”
  5. Click to toggle “Shipment notifications” on

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If you’ve found Amazon notifications not working, you can try to restart your device, delete and reinstall the Amazon app, check your network connection, and check for app updates.

Additionally, you can try to turn off any power-saving mode or battery optimization that can hinder app notifications, or check for software on the device that could be disabling apps.

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