Amazon Order Hasn’t Shipped After a Week (Why + How to Resolve)

Have you recently purchased an item on Amazon, but are wondering why your Amazon order hasn’t shipped after a week? Do you want to know how to resolve this issue?

If so, continue reading, because I’ve researched this topic and found quite a bit of useful information that’ll help you resolve this issue and get your item as quickly as possible!

Why Hasn’t My Amazon Order Shipped After a Week In [currentyear]?

If your Amazon order hasn’t shipped after a week, it’s likely due to it not being available at your local fulfillment center, which means it has to be shipped from a different facility internally in [currentyear]. Also, there are instances where items from third parties could take longer to ship or your item wasn’t eligible for two-day shipping.

Do you have even more questions about why your Amazon order hasn’t shipped after a week, such as what you can do about it? Well, find out even more details about this issue below!

Why Has My Amazon Order Not Been Shipped?

There are several reasons why your Amazon order has not been shipped out even after a week, and it can be due to the following:

  • Bad weather such as icy conditions
  • Online ordering demand is high so it’s taking longer for Amazon to fulfill orders
  • Your order is still processing, which means the shipping clock hasn’t started yet
  • Third-party sellers may have less staff to fulfill orders or slower shipping methods
  • The item was out of stock and it needs to be replenished
  • Halfway through your order, the supply ran out
  • The item was ordered on a holiday or during the weekend
  • Your address is unclear or was entered incorrectly
  • Multiple items were ordered which requires the use of different warehouses to complete the order
  • Amazon Prime customers take priority, so your order could be on the back burner
  • Shortages of delivery drivers
  • You don’t live near a fulfillment center that delays shipping and other similar reasons

What If My Amazon Package Hasn’t Shipped Yet?

You have multiple ways to handle situations where your Amazon package hasn’t shipped yet, including:

  • Contact Amazon Customer Service
  • Contact the third-party seller
  • File a complaint with Amazon
  • Cancel the order

Additionally, the best step to take is to contact Amazon if it’s been over a week and the item was shipped and sold by Amazon.

For example, you can either chat, email, or call Amazon through the Amazon website and app and ask what the issue is with your order not shipping out after a week.

Also, you can contact the seller if it was someone other than Amazon by logging into your Amazon account and completing the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Go into “Your Orders”
  3. Find the order and select “Contact Seller”
  4. Find the dropdown prompt for shipping questions
  5. Send a message to the seller

Can I Cancel My Amazon Order If It Hasn’t Shipped Yet?

Can I Cancel My Amazon Order If It Hasn’t Shipped Yet?

In most cases, you can easily cancel your Amazon order if it hasn’t been shipped yet, and you can cancel the Amazon order in just a few easy steps, including the following:

  1. Go to the Amazon website or app
  2. Log in to your Amazon account
  3. Go to “Returns & Orders”
  4. Select the “Your Orders” page
  5. Find the item you’d like to cancel
  6. Select the “Cancel Items” option
  7. Find which reason from the dropdown menu matches your reason for cancellation (such as shipping issues or found it somewhere else)
  8. Make sure that you’ve checked the right box under the “Cancel Item” section on the right-side
  9. Select “Cancel selected items” at the bottom of the screen

You’ll receive an email saying that you chose to cancel and then will get a follow-up email if the cancellation was successful

However, it can take an hour or longer to receive the email confirming the cancellation was successful and it could take longer if the item was from a Marketplace or third-party seller.

How Can I Get My Amazon Package to Come Faster?

If you don’t want to wait a week or more for your item to be shipped out, there are a few things you can do that could speed up the process, including:

  • Change the shipping speed on your order by going into “My Account” and then clicking on “My Orders,” find the order you want, and select “Change Shipping Speed”
  • Sign up for Amazon Prime since Prime members get priority on Amazon for product inventory and delivery with two-day shipping
  • Use Amazon Locker instead of your residential address, which can help prevent delays in shipment
  • Choose to have your items delivered one at a time, as opposed to waiting until the entire order is put together before it ships
  • Sign up for Amazon Key if you’re an Amazon Prime member, which allows Amazon delivery drivers to deliver inside of your garage or another location
  • Try to order from Amazon instead of third-party sellers or the Marketplace since Amazon packages ship quicker and are coming from a closer warehouse

However, if you’ve tried to change the shipping speed for your item and you’re unable, it means that your item is on its way and cannot be changed at that point.

You may want to contact Amazon Customer Service to verify if your item has shipped out if you cannot change the speed and it’s not showing as shipped on your account.

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If your Amazon order hasn’t shipped within a week, it’s likely due to an issue with fulfillment, such as the item being out of stock or that your order is coming from a different fulfillment center.

Additionally, Prime members are a priority, so you could be pushed to the back of the line and other issues such as weather, product shipment delays, and driver shortages could be an issue.

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