Amazon Prime Free Trial Without Credit Card (Follow These Steps)

Amazon Prime has over 200 million customers regularly subscribed, allowing customers to take advantage of faster and more reliable shipping, as well as streaming Amazon Prime Video.

However, customers who would like to try Amazon Prime’s free trial without using their credit card may wonder how this is possible. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see our step-by-step guide!

How to Get an Amazon Prime Free Trial Without a Credit Card?

Customers who wish to try Amazon Prime Video for free without a credit card can use a temporary credit card service, which will work for the duration of the free trial. Additionally, they will be paused when the free trial is over to ensure customers are not being charged for a regular Prime subscription.

Keep reading through this article to learn what you need to get a free Amazon Prime trial, which temporary credit card services are available, and our step-by-step guide to getting a free trial without a credit card!

Which Services Can I Use to Get a Temporary Credit Card for Amazon Prime?

There are a number of virtual credit card services available that customers can use to create their free Amazon Prime trial. Some of these services are listed as follows:

  • Stripe
  • US Unlocked
  • Privacy
  • Wise
  • DoNotPay
  • Blur
  • Airtm
  • Advcash

Many of the above services are considered to be the best option when creating a virtual credit card, and sites such as Privacy don’t require customers to pay an additional fee for creating a card.

Steps to Getting an Amazon Prime Free Trial Without a Credit Card

If customers would like to create an Amazon Prime free trial, they can do so without a credit card by utilizing these below-listed steps:

Step 1: Choose a Virtual Credit Card Provider

Before customers can create their Prime membership, they must first choose which virtual credit card provider to go with.

It’s recommended that customers look through each service they find to ensure there are no hidden payments to prevent either being charged on Amazon or by the service itself.

Websites such as Privacy and DoNotPay offer virtual credit card services that are completely free of charge unless customers specifically request a package of virtual credit cards for around $10/ month, depending on the service.

Additionally, many credit card companies, such as American Express, offer virtual credit card numbers for cardholders.

Step 2: Create Your Virtual Credit Card

After selecting the company customers are going to use, they must follow the steps on the card website to create a virtual credit card.

Customers should note that they may require a credit or debit card in order to create an account for their digital card. However, they will not share customers’ credit card information with Amazon, allowing customers to keep their banking private.

When creating a card, customers must make sure to set the expiration date for 30 days, which is the duration of their free Amazon Prime Trial.

If customers don’t limit their card, they run the risk of being charged for a membership after their free trial has ended.

Step 3: Create Your Amazon Prime Account

Next, customers must log in to and go to the Amazon Prime Free Trial page. Afterward, select the Try Prime option and enter the details for the temporary card.

Once customers have signed up for Prime, they can enjoy a free trial of Prime for 30 days without worrying about sharing their credit card information with Amazon!

What Do I Need to Get an Amazon Prime Trial Without a Credit Card?

Which Services Can I Use to Get a Temporary Credit Card for Amazon Prime?

If customers would prefer not to use a credit card for their free trial, they can use a virtual credit card service to make a temporary credit card.

Temporary cards are free from many services, and customers can choose how long they’re valid based on the service to which they’re subscribing.

Customers subscribing to Amazon Prime can set their card for 30 days, and they will not have to worry about being charged once their free trial ends, as their card will automatically expire when the free trial ends.

These temporary cards will generate a random credit card number, which Amazon’s system will recognize as being a regular credit card, and will be automatically turned off by the company that issued the card.

Therefore, customers can create their Amazon Prime subscription without any worry of being wrongfully charged.

Additionally, many of these sites will allow customers to create additional cards, which customers may use to get multiple free trials for either Amazon Prime or another streaming service.

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