Amazon Rehire Policy (All You Need To Know)

Amazon has a number of policies within its company that employees are expected to follow. Such policies are their ethics and code of conduct policy, as well as their time off policy.

However, former Amazon employees who would like to return to Amazon may be curious as to their rehire policy. If you’d like to learn the same thing, keep reading through this article to learn what information I gathered on this topic!

Amazon Employee Rehire Policy

According to Amazon’s policy regarding rehires, staff members who resigned from the company are generally welcome to reapply as long as they are in good standing (i.e. don’t have any write-ups or misconduct in their employment history). However, staff members who were terminated or had other disciplinary action may not always be allowed to reapply and do not qualify if they were given severance pay.

If you’d like to learn more about the Amazon rehire policy regarding employees who resigned, employees who were fired, and more related FAQs, continue reading this article for more facts and tips!

Will Amazon Rehire Employees Who Quit Without Notice?

If an employee quits Amazon without giving formal notice, Amazon may not allow them to reapply for a position.

When employees quit without notice, management is within their rights to ask for a penalty fee, and the resignation will go on record as a negative point for their employment history.

Therefore, Amazon staff who quit without notice and try to reapply should be aware that they may not be offered a second chance to return to the company.

Furthermore, Amazon staff who are planning on quitting are recommended to give their notice in case they wish to return to Amazon in the future.

Does Amazon Rehire Employees Who Were Previously Fired?

If an employee was fired from Amazon but wishes to return to the company, their being allowed to reapply will largely depend on their employment history and termination circumstances with Amazon.

The general rule for Amazon staff is that they are allowed to reapply one year after being terminated from their position, but this will depend on the reason why they were fired.

For example, staff who were let go for employee cutbacks, minor infractions, seasonal employment, or misunderstandings will normally be allowed to reapply with little question as to their previous firing.

However, staff members who were dishonest, continuously insubordinate, and a number of other serious infractions may have a more difficult time reapplying to Amazon.

Therefore, former Amazon employees who were terminated and wish to return to Amazon are recommended to consider the likelihood of their being accepted back as an employee before reapplying.

Does Amazon Rehire Employees Who Took Severance Pay?

Does Amazon Rehire Employees Who Took Severance Pay?

When Amazon takes action to terminate an employee, this person is usually given a choice between a direct firing with a severance package or a performance improvement course designed to improve their work ethic.

If the employee chooses the severance package, however, they are permanently cutting ties with Amazon and cannot attempt to reapply to the company in the future.

However, if employees were fired and not offered severance, they may be allowed to reapply depending on the circumstances surrounding their termination.

How Long Do Employees Have to Wait to Reapply at Amazon?

The amount of time former employees of Amazon have to wait to reapply will depend largely on whether they quit willingly or were terminated from their positions.

If a former Amazon employee quit their job with few or no infractions upon their employee record, the standard for reapplying to Amazon is usually 90 days.

However, ex-Amazon employees who were terminated from their positions are required to wait at least one year before reapplying, and depending upon the reason for being fired, their application may not always be accepted.

Furthermore, staff members should note that some employees at Amazon who were fired were able to reapply within the 90-day time requirement given to employees who quit their jobs willingly.

Therefore, former Amazon workers are recommended to contact the facility they used to work in to clarify the time requirements for reapplying, as some Amazon facilities may be less strict about the policy regarding reapplication.

Does Every Amazon Facility Have the Same Rehire Policy?

According to varied comments from current and former Amazon employees, not every Amazon facility follows the rehire policy to the exact specifications regarding rehiring times.

For example, one employee who quit their job said they applied to Amazon again seven months after quitting. Still, their local Amazon facility told them their application was not eligible.

Furthermore, an employee who was fired from their position was told by their local Amazon center that they only needed to wait 90 days to reapply, which is the standard for subordinate employees and not terminated ones.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that some Amazon locations are less strict or more strict on how they enforce Amazon’s rehire policy, and this may depend upon individual managers or extenuating circumstances involving the former employee.

Does Amazon Always Immediately Fire Insubordinate Employees?

While Amazon has strict rules regarding reasons for termination within its company, employees who are in the process of being terminated are often given a choice before they are officially fired.

Amazon gives staff the option to undergo a work performance course to improve their work ethic and attitude toward their job within the company. Employees can choose to take the course, or they can choose to be terminated with severance pay.

Therefore, in many cases, Amazon will not immediately fire its staff members, depending on the circumstances surrounding their pending termination.


Amazon’s rehire policies can change over time and may vary based on factors such as location and job role. If you are a former Amazon employee interested in returning to the company, it’s a good idea to contact Amazon’s HR department or check the Amazon Careers website for the most up-to-date information on rehire policies and procedures.

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