Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes? (All You Need To Know)

If the postal service doesn’t deliver to your street or you want extra security for your mail, you probably use a post office box.

However, this type of address can sometimes make it harder to receive packages. To find out if Amazon delivers to PO boxes, keep reading!

Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes? and its marketplace sellers will ship certain items to a post office box. However, they often employ carriers that don’t deliver to PO boxes, so many products are excluded. Amazon shoppers can instead use General Delivery addresses or other workarounds to receive Amazon packages. 

If you really want to order a product online and your only mailing address is a post office box, all hope is not lost. Read on to learn why Amazon has this policy and discover various solutions to the problem!

Try General Delivery Instead For Amazon Orders

Although it may increase the risk of package loss, some Amazon shoppers with PO boxes successfully use General Delivery addresses to receive their items.

Just like a PO Box, you can pick up the package at your local post office (remember to bring identification).

Here’s how to format the shipping address when shopping on Amazon; be sure to use uppercase letters for “General Delivery”:

Your Name
City, State ZIPCODE

This USPS service was created to serve individuals who travel frequently or lack mailing addresses and still want to receive mail.

Nonetheless, anyone can use it to obtain parcels at a post office rather than a home or business location.

Additionally, before trying this technique, call your post office and confirm that they accept General Delivery packages.

If this method makes you nervous, consider sending items to a trusted friend or relative with a street address.

You could also rent a box at The UPS Store or another shipping center that accepts Amazon deliveries.

Amazon Locker Is Also a Great Solution

If you don’t like the option of sending an item to General Delivery, customers can also opt to send certain Amazon products to Amazon Locker locations.

Just like a PO Box, Amazon Lockers work in a similar way where a storage compartment is reserved for the person retrieving the item.

Additionally, this service is completely free and there are thousands of locations throughout the US.

As an added advantage, many Amazon Locker locations are available 24/7 for select locations, and the product is stored for 3 calendar days for pickup.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

Why Doesn't Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

Currently, Amazon uses UPS and independent contractors to deliver many items, but unfortunately, UPS doesn’t serve PO boxes, according to its website.

The same goes for shipping contractors and FedEx. While Amazon has stopped using FedEx, some marketplace sellers utilize its delivery service.

Amazon’s reason for choosing UPS or independent contractors for many deliveries is primarily financial.

While the postal service normally charges the lowest rates on small, lightweight packages, other carriers usually transport heavier items more economically (especially packages that weigh more than a pound).

Amazon makes a few exceptions to this policy. For instance, it will deliver cellphone replacements and upgrades to post office boxes within five weekdays. On the other hand, you’ll need a street address to purchase a mobile phone for a new line.

Additionally, if you want to order medications for delivery from Amazon Pharmacy, be aware that this service completely excludes PO boxes.

You’ll need a qualifying street address to obtain any products of this kind; no off-site pickup locations are eligible to receive prescription drugs.

Does Amazon Prime Ship To PO Boxes?

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime and have a post office box, you might still qualify for some of the membership’s free shipping benefits.

Amazon Prime covers most PO boxes in the continental United States when selecting qualifying marketplace sellers or buying items directly from

At the same time, Prime members with PO boxes don’t qualify for Amazon Day or release-date deliveries. You may also need a little extra patience.

The retailer downgrades some Prime orders to standard shipping rather than same-day or two-day delivery when customers have this type of mailing address.

Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes In Puerto Rico?

Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes In Puerto Rico?

If you reside in Puerto Rico or want to send a gift to someone who lives in this U.S. territory, further restrictions apply.

Amazon serves some but not all PO boxes on the island and the Amazon website will tell you if an address is eligible when you enter it during the checkout process.

Additionally, Amazon doesn’t provide priority or expedited delivery options for post office boxes in Puerto Rico.

It won’t ship certain large, heavy, or potentially hazardous products to this territory. The weight limit for a package sent to any address in Puerto Rico is 70 pounds.

Does Amazon Fresh Deliver To PO Boxes?

Unfortunately, shoppers with PO boxes can’t pick up their items at the post office. Fresh only delivers to qualifying street addresses. If you live near an Amazon Fresh Pickup location, you can collect your groceries there instead.

What Stores Ship To PO Boxes?

An alternative is to buy the same item from a different company. Like Amazon, numerous stores restrict shipments to boxes. Some retailers don’t offer overnight or two-day shipping in this situation.

Nevertheless, certain companies provide PO box delivery of any item:

Other stores will ship some types of merchandise to PO boxes. You’ll probably have better luck ordering small items.

For instance, Target delivers products to these addresses when they don’t exceed certain measurements or weight limits. Check the “Shipping” information under “Item Details” to find out if an item is eligible.

On the other hand, some retailers completely exclude post office boxes because they rely on UPS or FedEx for shipping.

These stores include Staples, Sears, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree. However, all four companies provide customers with the option to order items online and pick them up at the nearest store.

The bottom line is that Amazon only delivers a limited selection of products to post office boxes.

You can still order merchandise online if you use a commercial shipping center, General Delivery address, family member’s street address, or a different retailer that will send any item to a PO box.

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