Amazon School Accommodation Policy (All You Need To Know)

Amazon has job opportunities available for all kinds of people and therefore is required to make provisions for parents, part-time workers, and students to accommodate their personal schedules.

However, a student wishing to work at Amazon may wonder what their accommodation policy is for students. If you’re curious about this as well, keep reading this article to learn more on this topic!

Amazon School Accommodation Policy

Amazon’s school accommodations state that student employees are allowed to cut as much as 10 hours out of their work schedule to allow for time in class and for studying. In order to request hour cutbacks, students are required to upload their class schedules with the course names along with their names on the schedule.

If you’d like to learn more about Amazon’s accommodations and requirements for students, keep reading this article for more useful facts and tips concerning scheduling, flexible hours, and more!

Does Amazon Have a Minimum Hour Requirement for Students?

If students are required to work part-time to accommodate their class schedule, Amazon allows them to work part-time at a minimum of 20 hours.

It’s possible that staff may be allowed to minimize their hours lower than 20, though this will depend on how many classes they’re taking as well as the discretion of their manager.

However, student employees should be aware that working below 30 hours may not qualify them for Amazon Benefits, which some students may require depending on their living situation.

Therefore, if students are concerned about receiving coverage for certain necessities, they are recommended to discuss their schedule with their Amazon manager.

Does Amazon Offer Flexible Schedules for Students?

Amazon does allow a level of flexibility for staff members who attend college.

However, students must meet certain requirements in order to obtain more flexible hours.

For example, students may not request to work on days that are outside of their normal schedule, unless they have discussed different workdays with their Amazon manager ahead of time.

They must have a copy of their class schedule available for Amazon to review.

If students do not have a valid copy of their schedule, then their requested cutbacks may not be approved for the hours that they need.

What Are the Student Benefits for Amazon Workers?

What Are the Student Benefits for Amazon Workers?

Amazon provides a number of benefits for its student employees. Currently, student staff members may take advantage of the following:

Student Programs

Students who are studying for a degree in fields such as software development, engineering, applied sciences, finance, and more are able to apply for Amazon’s Student Programs, which recruit students for internships and full-time opportunities.

Students are not required to have worked at Amazon before applying for the program, but rather it is open to all students who are studying in any of the aforementioned fields.

Career Choice Program

Students who work for Amazon can apply to the Career Choice program, which allows students to attend college while Amazon covers the tuition costs.

This program is open to students working toward Bachelor’s Degrees, High School GEDs, and ESL certificates.

Can Amazon Fire Students for Missing Shifts?

If a student working at Amazon is unable to fit their work schedule into their class load and misses a shift due to their schoolwork, Amazon reserves the right to terminate the employee.

Therefore, it’s recommended that students are upfront with their maximum availability during the week when applying for a job at Amazon, as Amazon generally requires their workers to be scheduled for specific days every week.

Is Amazon a Good Place for Students to Work?

Amazon is a good place for students who are working towards a degree in areas involving science and engineering, as Amazon provides a number of opportunities for such students for tuition and other important aspects of student life.

However, students who are studying in areas that Amazon does not support financially may have a more difficult time obtaining a good schedule for their class load due to the minimum hours that staff are required to work.

Therefore, it’s recommended that students carefully consider their school schedules before applying to Amazon, to ensure they can realistically meet Amazon’s 20 hour work week requirement.

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