Amazon Teacher Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways Teachers Can Save)

Amazon is a very popular website for back-to-school shoppers and teachers purchasing supplies! Teachers can find classroom supplies at a lower cost and receive items within a week if they have a Prime account.

Many teachers who shop on Amazon may wonder if there is a teacher discount they can use. If you’d like to know the same thing, keep reading through this article to see what I found out!

Does Amazon Have a Teacher Discount?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer discounts for teachers and educators. However, there are many sales, and Prime deals teachers can utilize on Amazon, such as their Back to School sales, the Amazon Education Store, and Amazon Textbook rental. There are also regular sales on office supplies that teachers can use.

If you’d like to learn more about which deals, coupons, sales, and departments teachers can use on Amazon to save money, keep reading this article for more useful tips and advice!

What Deals and Coupons Are Available for Teachers on Amazon?

While Amazon currently doesn’t provide a specific discount for teachers, they do have a number of third-party sellers, sales, and Prime perks that teachers can take advantage of!

Teachers Stretching Dollars

Teachers Stretching Dollars is a #FoundItOnAmazon account that posts school and classroom supplies for cheap prices specifically for teachers.

This page posts deals on stationery brands such as Bic, Paper Mate, Sharpie, Elmers, and other relevant school products.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a 2-day sale during the month of June that features deals on merchandise for Amazon Prime members.

Teachers can receive discounts on books for their classroom, clothing for their school wardrobe, and many other relevant items!

Back to School Sales

Amazon begins its Back to School Sale in August, and they provide deals and discounts for the most relevant school supplies.

Teachers can receive up to 40% off on computers, printers, arts and crafts supplies, notebooks, pens and pencils, and other classroom supplies.

Amazon also sells its own discounted selection of school supplies called AmazonBasics which is generally featured in their Back to School Sale.

Many products in the Back to School sale are also eligible for free Prime Delivery!

In addition to these sales and discounts, Amazon offers daily discounts in their Deals/ Outlet sections on their drop-down sub-menu that teachers can utilize!

What Other Ways Can Teachers Save Money on Amazon?

What Other Ways Can Teachers Save Money on Amazon?

In addition to discounts and sales, there are a number of other ways teachers can save money on Amazon.

Some of these methods are as follows:

Getting an Amazon Prime Account

Prime members are given a 40% discount to unlock educational content through Amazon Kids+, which teachers can use in their classrooms for lessons and free time!

Additionally, Prime members have access to Amazon Prime Video, which features a number of educational shows for older students.

Finally, Prime Wardrobe allows teachers to find Prime discounts and deals for nice, professional school clothes. This allows Members to try on clothes and send them back for free!

Amazon Business for Education

Amazon Business for Education is a program that school Administrators can use to get tax-exempt purchases, discounts, and free delivery!

Multiple teachers can be enrolled on the same school account and may receive quantity discounts for school supplies and other classroom necessities.

Finally, teachers can obtain supplies in bulk, purchase industrial-grade equipment, janitorial equipment for school cleaning staff, and many other products essential for a school!

In order to create an account, teachers can go to and select the “Create an Account” button.

Amazon Education Store (Not Available in Canada)

Amazon’s Education Store provides quick links to relevant classroom and school supplies on Amazon’s website!

Teachers can use the Education Store to locate discounted and price-reduced products essential to their classroom and other work-related needs.

In order to access the Amazon Education store, teachers can look under the Departments section and select Home Learning Supplies for Educators and Parents.

Amazon Textbook Rental

The textbook rental through Amazon enables teachers and students to access up-to-date textbooks!

Instead of purchasing these textbooks, teachers can rent both ebooks and hardcover copies of the required text for their classroom.

This rental service enables teachers to access any recent changes made to the textbook assigned to their class so that their students can have more accurate lessons.

In order to utilize Amazon Textbook Rental, teachers can go to rentals and select the eTextbooks option.

Teachers can return their textbooks for free within 30 days, request rental extensions and qualify for free shipping.

Finally, if teachers or their students have a Prime Student account, they can receive their texts with 2 day Prime shipping!

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Amazon doesn’t currently have a discount for teachers.

However, they have many resources available for teachers to save money such as Amazon Business for Education, Amazon Education Store and their regular Back to School sale in August.

These resources contain discounted prices and price reductions on classroom supplies, stationery, clothing and other necessities for educators!

Teachers also have the option to rent textbooks through Amazon, enabling them to save on money for new textbooks!

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