Amazon VET Policy (All You Need To Know)

VET refers to “voluntary extra time,” which is the option of working extra hours on top of your regular shifts.

As more employers shift to offering voluntary extra time, you may wonder about Amazon’s VET policy. I thought it would be good to find this out, too, so I looked into it, and here’s what I can share!

What Is Amazon’s VET Policy?

Amazon’s VET policy allows employees to take advantage of voluntary extra time to work additional hours outside of regular shifts. Amazon employees can work VET and will receive their standard pay rate for these extra hours. Amazon offers VET at warehouses with strict fulfillment quotas, and more staff are needed to reach goals.

If you want to discover more about Amazon’s VET policy, including how to take VET and how much it pays, then keep reading for my complete guide!

How Does Amazon VET Work?

According to some employees, Amazon’s VET policy is outlined to employees when they first start on the job. That said, Amazon offers VET in fulfillment centers where demand and workload fluctuate by day and season.

Further, that’s why voluntary extra time works well for both Amazon and its employees, as the company can have additional help to get the work done.

Also, Amazon workers can choose whether they want to take on the extra time or not.

Additionally, Amazon VET is similar to Amazon VTO (voluntary time off) in that it’s optional and changes week by week.

When there’s more work to be done and additional shifts need to be filled, Amazon workers receive an official notification of available extra time. Then, employees can either claim these VET hours or ignore them through the AtoZ app.

Once signing up for VET hours, Amazon employees are expected to show up for work and cover all those hours, even if it’s not on their regular day.

Additionally, VET hours are like overtime but are entirely optional, so employees shouldn’t feel pressured to take on this extra time if they can’t do it.

For example, extra time can be additional hours in the morning or evening tacked on to an existing shift or an extra shift on a different day.

Essentially, it depends on the Amazon facility and the workplace’s demands.

Who Can Take Amazon VET?

Amazon VET is available for employees at over 100 fulfillment centers in the U.S., Canada, and internationally.

Although most Amazon warehouse workers will be offered VET at some stage, it’s based on each location and all the work that needs to get done.

So, if an Amazon warehouse is hiring and needs more hands on deck, it’s likely VET will be offered.

On the other hand, if fulfillment center staff get through orders faster than expected, the need for VET decreases.

Also, Amazon does place limits on VET to protect associates and ensure staff members are not overworked.

Therefore, 60 hours per week is the maximum number of hours employees can work, both regular shifts and voluntary extra time.

How Much Does Amazon VET Pay?

How Much Does Amazon VET Pay?

Amazon VET pay matches the standard rate of pay for Amazon jobs, which averages $18 per hour for new employees.

Also, the number of regular hours per week varies by employee, position, and department.

So, Amazon VET offers employees the chance to take home extra money, particularly during busy times like the holiday season or Amazon Prime Day.

Further, many Amazon associates at warehouses around the country have the opportunity to boost their paycheck with VET.

When thinking about how much money they can earn through VET, Amazon employees need to know they won’t be able to work more than six days in a row or over 12 hours per day following workplace safety standards.

Is Amazon VET Optional?

Yes, Amazon VET is entirely optional, and Amazon cannot force employees to work extra time.

Some employees love taking VET for the extra money, while many have other plans and may not want to work additional hours all the time.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the employee whether they want to sign up for Amazon VET.

However, it’s just important to remember that once an employee signs up for VET, they will be required to show up on time in line with Amazon’s attendance policy.

Employees on Amazon VET are committing to the company and its customers, so if they cannot make their shift for whatever reason, they need to inform management as soon as possible.

Showing up late, leaving early, or not coming in at all for confirmed VET hours could lead to employee penalties.

Therefore, that’s why Amazon employees should only sign up for the extra time they know they can do.

Is Amazon VET Worth It?

Many companies offer time and a half for overtime hours, meaning staff gets paid 50% more for additional hours they work.

Traditional overtime often comes up throughout the workday, such as when there’s a delay and workers need to stay late.

Because Amazon VET is offered and selected ahead of time, the retailer can pay its normal rates, although not all employees are happy with this pay policy.

Even so, Amazon VET is usually worth it for employees interested in extra hours and a bigger paycheck.

Also, it’s easy to check for VET opportunities on Amazon’s AtoZ app.

That said, employees can opt to receive text or e-mail notifications when VET comes up and then claim this extra time through the app.

Further, many associates consider Amazon VET simple to keep track of, making it a worthwhile option for employees.

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