American Airlines Stroller Policy (Can You Check Them In, Into The Cabin + Other FAQs)

Traveling with young children can be a handful. Preparing for a flight can get chaotic, and you have to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Knowing what to expect when checking in with a stroller on American Airlines is essential. Keep reading to learn more about the stroller policy and other frequently asked questions!

American Airlines Stroller Policy In 2024

American Airlines allows customers with infants to check in a stroller or car seat for free as of 2024. Strollers are generally not allowed into the cabin unless they meet American Airlines’ guidelines. Strollers over 20 pounds must be checked at the ticket counter. Infants can be added to a reservation, even after being booked.

Bringing a stroller onto a flight can be a hassle. If you’re flying with American Airlines, keep reading to learn all you need to know about traveling with a stroller!

Can I Bring My Stroller Into The Cabin At American Airlines?

Yes, American Airlines customers may bring their stroller into the cabin.

Also, the customer is allowed either a stroller or a car seat to check-in at the gate — both are not allowed simultaneously.

That said, the customer needs to check in their excess item at the ticket counter.

In some situations, American Airlines will not allow a stroller into the cabin. However, one way to bring a stroller into the cabin is to choose a smaller stroller in place of the carry-on.

For example, the stroller must meet the following requirements to be considered a carry-on:

  • Smaller than 22 x 14 x 9 inches (including wheels and handles)
  • The stroller must fit into the carry-on sizer at check-in

Are Strollers Free To Check On American Airlines?

On American Airlines, a customer is permitted either a stroller or a car seat to be checked for free.

However, only one may be checked at the gate if a customer has both a stroller and a car seat.

Additionally, any stroller over 20 pounds has to be checked in at the ticket kiosk.

Can You Gate Check A Double Stroller On An American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines requires passengers to check strollers over 20 pounds at the ticket counter.

Unfortunately, most double strollers are over 20 pounds and cannot be checked at the gate.

How Big Of A Stroller Can You Gate Check With American Airlines?

Strollers under 20 pounds can be checked at the gate with American Airlines.

Currently, there is no limitation to the measurements required for a stroller to be gate-checked.

Can I Bring A Stroller On A Plane Without A Baby?

Can I Bring A Stroller On A Plane Without A Baby? American Airlines

Technically, the answer is yes. However, American Airlines may charge passengers extra for having a stroller without a baby.

If a customer is flying with an infant, the infant will be issued a ticket, allowing the passenger to check-in one stroller and one car seat free of charge.

Additionally, customers can opt to bring a smaller stroller as their carry-on.

Is A Stroller Considered A Checked Bag?

If a customer is traveling with an infant (under two years old), they’re allowed one stroller to be checked for free. However, this free check does not count towards the checked bags.

Is A Stroller Considered A Carry On?

If a passenger chooses to bring a stroller in the main cabin as their carry-on, the stroller must meet the carry-on requirements.

That said, the stroller must be smaller than 22 x 14 x 9 inches and fit in the sizer at check-in.

How Strict Is American Airlines’ Stroller Policy?

American Airlines has had its fair share of viral travel stories involving parents and young children.

Not being aware of American Airlines’ stroller policy, parents have been stopped at the TSA line with strollers over 20 pounds.

American Airlines Charge For Checking A Car Seat

Ticketed passengers on American Airlines are allowed one car seat to be checked for free.

Also, it is worth noting that if a stroller has been gate-checked, the customer’s car seat must be checked at the ticket kiosk.

Further, if a customer wants to gate-check their car seat and have a stroller, the stroller must be checked at the ticket kiosk.

Adding Infants To Already Booked Flights With American Airlines

Customers need to call American Airlines’ reservation department to add a child to their reservation.

Additionally, customers can add a child at the time of booking online.

American Airlines Center Stroller Policy

Strollers can be checked in at the American Airlines Center. With that, strollers are prohibited from being used on escalators for safety reasons.

Also, if customers are located in a suite, they will be able to take their stroller into the suite.

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Customers are strongly advised to be educated on American Airlines’ most recent stroller policies to avoid any hassle during check-in.

That said, ticketed customers flying with American Airlines can check one stroller and one car seat for free.

However, American Airlines may charge customers for bringing a stroller onto a flight without an infant.

Moreover, a stroller does not count toward the checked bag limit, as a customer may check in a stroller and a bag for free (if eligible).

Also, a stroller does not count as a carry-on, but customers can choose to bring a stroller in place of their carry-on.

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